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Haunted Stories: One Step Ahead of the Reaper

Like everyone in this world, I will – one day – meet my maker, but for now I stay one step ahead of the Reaper. He’s been chasing me ever since I was a little boy, when I nearly died in the middle of a fever due to an infection. The doctor went as far […]

Ghost Stories: A Chilling Message from the Harbingers of Death

My family had never been particularly superstitious and certainly didn’t believe in ghost stories or the paranormal. That’s what made what happened to me an even more frightening experience, considering the bizarre circumstances. The first three decades of my life were quite average, having gone to college, marrying and having children. My wife and I […]

I Saw A Bloody Spirit In The Woods

Nothing is more terrible than losing a loved one. Everyone knows that. This reality hit home for me over 20 years ago when I lost the love of my life. We had been childhood sweethearts and we finally married several years later when we were both 21 years of age, but I lost him on […]

The Evil Spirit In My Bed

I’m an older woman now and I haven’t lost my penchant for true ghost stories, so when I found this site I was excited to have the opportunity to read other’s experiences and share my own story. To be fair, I have a healthy dose of skepticism but it’s hard to ignore a ghost when it’s […]

True Ghost Stories: My Night Terrors Are Real

Since childhood, I’ve had to deal with the real entities who come stalking during my frequent night terrors. It was so annoying and disappointing when the elders in my family tried to tell me that they were just nightmares. I felt that they were keeping secrets from me, palming them off as ghost stories or an […]

The Life-Ruining Forest of Lost Children Still Haunts Me

In the early years of my career as a Pediatric Nurse, I thoroughly enjoyed healing and helping young children. As time went by, I became increasingly troubled and dismayed with the sadder cases and occasional deaths. After a particularly sad case, I reached a point where I wondered if I could continue with my career […]

Creepy Story: There Is Something Wrong With My Son

It seems so pointless and ungrateful for me to even complain about what most people would say is nuts, but I have a theory that my fifteen year old son isn’t my son. I’m not saying that I think he was either switched at birth or that my wife cheated on me back then, but […]

Creepy Story: A Terrifying Secret In The Shed

My best friend Sasha committed suicide five years ago. At twenty seven, she was an identical twin to Sarah. Even though we’d never been that close, Sarah and I soon gravitated towards each other in order to cope. We formed an even closer bond than the one I had with Sasha, which has made me […]

Creepy Story: A Deadly Secret Wrapped In A Tarp

This happened when I was a teenager, living on the outskirts of a mid-western town with my uncle and his wife. Everything was boring back then and there was nothing to do for a girl who was home schooled after her parents passed away. My Uncle and Aunt were great, as they often left me […]

True Scary Story: The Day I Became Afraid of Water

I am aware that the title of my story seems a little over the top, however you’ll soon see why I chose it. It seems like a lifetime ago, when I was an eight year old and like many other children, I hated having to stop playing in order to take a bath. It meant […]

Creepy Story: The Day I Found Footage of my Fiancé’s Murder

This is probably risky for me to share, for reasons I may or may not reveal here, which is why I choose to remain anonymous. It happened some time ago and I’m still trying to make sense of it all. It started way before I found the video footage. When my fiancé Terry and I […]

Creepy Story: The Spider Contract

Since I was a boy, I’ve always been afraid of spiders. I freaked and screamed until Mom came in and carried them into the garden. She always had a respect for spiders that I never understood. Many years later when I moved to my own home, Mom passed away and I was almost comatose. Being […]

True Scary Story: Terror in the Woods

For many years, my husband Alan, his brother Sean and I have enjoyed getting into the great outdoors, which includes a lot of hiking and fishing, especially for my brother-in-law who considers himself a kind of expert in fly fishing. When we camped by a beautiful, secluded river last spring, Sean was ecstatic. Alan and […]

There Is Something Wrong With My Uncle John

The women in my family have always been competitive when it comes to cooking, especially when it’s holiday season. I can’t even remember a time when they weren’t all teasing each other way before November. Come to think of it, they’re competitive all year round – but especially when Thanksgiving approaches. This year, my Uncle […]

Evil Shadows over a Dark Christmas

Most people think of Christmas as the epitome of family holidays; wholesome, magical and shielded from anything nefarious, which is what makes my story a break from tradition. If it wasn’t true, I would’ve kept it to myself, for the sake of preserving the happy image of a wonderful day for those who love Christmas. […]

Something’s Coming For Me

Something’s coming for me. I know that sounds crazy but I feel it getting closer. I’m too scared to tell anyone I know because I’m afraid it will come true if the words leave my lips – which is why I’m writing it here anonymously. Just like the shadows, I am invisible here. I’ve never […]

Escaping the Forgotten Phantoms in the Abandoned Subway

I’m not proud of the fact that many years ago, I was a juvenile delinquent living on the streets of a major city. Having fled a turbulent home at the age of fifteen, I took off with my piggy bank and a backpack with high hopes. A month later I was scrounging for food and […]

Evil Spirit Lurks in the Basement

I still get chills when I remember the time I was stalked by a terrifying ghost years ago. This is the first time telling this story and even though I usually pay no attention to ghost stories, I decided that sharing it here might help exorcise the fear that still lives inside me. Besides, my Granddaughter […]

A Spirit Lured Me Into An Old Forgotten Church To Protect Me

My parents always called me spooky and sensitive, due to the fact that I would often stare off into space and could sense things before others did. When I was a child, I took their observations as a sign that I was different and that I’d be better off keeping these things to myself, for […]

Terrorized by the Ghost of a Psycho Nazi Doctor

No one ever believed me when I told them this story, but that never stopped me telling it. I don’t mean to blow my own horn, but I’ve always been considered a big, burly man who never backed down from a challenge. Privately, I don’t mind telling you I’m terrified when it comes to ghost […]

Haunted By My Dead Mother's Ghost on a Lonely Country Road

Sometimes ghost stories involve elements far more complex than your average spook rattling chains or things that go bump in the night. I should know. This event has continued to be the most haunting and troubling thing that ever happened to me. It was the beginning of Fall in 1998 and I was driving on […]

Stalked by "Something" on a Lonely Road

I was sitting here trying to figure out how to tell this story and it was difficult trying to get to the beginning. There were so many things happening in my life at the time when this event occurred. I guess I’ll just tell you about the actual night without all the boring details that […]

Coming of Age with a Poltergeist Haunting Me

Now that I’m an adult, I understand the energy behind poltergeist activity and going through puberty, but back then it sometimes felt like a war zone. I’ll admit, like any teenager I was often a pain in the butt, although ghost stories couldn’t have been further from my mind when I crossed over the threshold of adulthood. […]

Something Evil Possessed Us On Our Haunted Honeymoon

I’d like to preface this story by saying that I love my husband and don’t have any history of substance abuse or mental illness. Believe me, I’m not giving anything away by telling you guys this information. I just feel that when you tell people about this type of stuff, it’s important to start off with a good […]

Encountering The Displaced Spirits in the Haunted Hotel

I’ve always considered myself a sensitive person, in terms of being able to access the spirit world. By that I mean that I have often heard spirit voices and seen apparitions from time to time. I don’t like to call myself a medium, because my “gift” comes and goes. Also, I have a healthy amount […]

He Watched Me from the Woods

As luck would have it, I inherited a crappy piece of property in my early thirties when an Uncle passed away. I know that sounds ungrateful, but if you’d seen it you would’ve laughed – just like the rest of my family did. They teased me with countless haunted stories, due to the fact that […]

It Took Haunted Visions To Save Me From My Creepy Obsession

I just have to share my story. Not because I’m an avid fan of ghost stories, but because it’s a cautionary tale for those who might be travelling down the same path. This happened many years ago but the ripples are still affecting me to this day. It all started with a new colleague who […]

My Friends Never Saw the Ghost Who Was Stalking Me at Our Campsite

I was twenty five when this happened to me and it’s annoying that I was the only one who witnessed it. It was the mid-eighties and my best friends at the time, let’s call them Mark and Ray, always looked forward to October, when we would go camping. We had loads of fun fishing, having […]

Taunted by a Demented Spirit in an Abandoned Asylum

It’s funny for me to be telling this, seeing as I’m a perpetual chicken and usually afraid of haunted stories. A few years ago, my stupid brother dragged me along on one of his amateur ghost hunting trips. I know that makes me stupid for letting him do that, but he promised me a free […]

A Ghost Tried To Kill Me In An Abandoned House

I’ve always been a bit of a prankster and loved to play harmless tricks on people. It didn’t matter if they were family, friends, teachers or strangers. I’m not a bad person and my wife even calls me a sweetheart, but I wasn’t so sweet in my early teens. I'm also more sensitive to the […]

There is Something Living Under Grandpa's Bed

I guess you could call me a closet ghost hunter or at least an armchair enthusiast, because I enjoy all the shows and often use my EVP recorder when I find myself in new surroundings. Sometimes I use it when I feel that a place is creepy or old. Even though I’m a big fan […]

I Was Face To Face With The Ghost Of An Abused Little Girl

When I finally bought and moved into my own house at the border between town and country, I was ecstatic. Being a single woman without children and successful in my work set me apart from my neighbors, but I was happy. I was thirty five and having a blast setting up house, decorating and buying furniture to […]

I Was an Atheist Until the Day I Found Solace in a Ghost Church

We all have people and places we like to go to when in need of peace and understanding. Whether it be family, friends or counselling through the medical or religious fields, it’s a comfort to know where to turn when we find ourselves in a dark place. It’s devastating when you realize that you have […]

Haunted Stories: Dolls in the Attic

I was part of a cleanup crew when the city decided to tear down old buildings that had asbestos in the walls. The building I was assigned to was a toy store for at least fifty years, so it was indeed a sad affair. Once on site, I felt an unsettling vibe that was like a […]

Walking the Chilling Path to the Portal to Hell

I nearly didn’t share this story as I’m concerned about the effects in those who might be in the same position I was. Having isolated myself from friends and family after losing my job many years ago, I morphed into an angry woman. Slowly and surely, I descended into a mental state where fury and hatred colored […]

Creepy Story: A Terrifying Plea from Beyond the Grave

Growing up, our family farm backed onto the grounds of an old penitentiary that was finally closed down and vacant. As a child, I was warned to stay away from that part of our property and Dad even built a high wall to block it out. Seeing as our farm was twenty two acres with lots to […]

Ghost Stories: The Morbid Lament of the Suicidal Spirit

My business has me on the road a lot, so it wasn’t a big deal when I got a contract that took me far from home. I ended up having to book a room at a hotel close to the job, which pretty much cut my daily travel time by 70%. Being a building contractor, I had […]

Paranormal Survivor: The Forest Tried To Kill My Husband

I’ve always hated camping, being afraid of bugs, snakes and other nasty insects and creepy crawlies. I knew when I married my husband that I’d have to suck it up, seeing as he was an avid outdoorsman. He did his best to accommodate me, bringing a porta-potty and enough mod-cons to make me feel comfortable. One concession […]

Haunted Stories: Hide and Seek on a Haunted Field Trip

As a young child, I looked forward to field trips, due to being a nice deviation from the doldrums of the classroom. We were told that we were going on a nature walk, which excited me as I loved anything to do with the outdoors. I was eight years old and could hardly contain myself when I […]

Paranormal Survivor: A Ukulele for the Sinister Clown

When I was a child I spent many years in hospital due to a recurring issue with my upper respiratory system. I also suffered from many bouts of tonsillitis and when my family moved to another city, I had to get them out. My parents were thrilled to be able to admit me to a children’s hospital, […]

I'm Pretty Sure The Hitchhiker I Picked Up Was a Ghost

This happened almost 40 years ago when I was a young man in San Francisco, looking for work and having no luck. That is, until I met a guy at a pub who told me that he would pay me $200 and gas money if I drove a car to Seattle. At first I was concerned that […]

Paranormal Survivor: Trapped in the Hangman’s Web of Terror

The decision for me to share this story was a hard one, as it’s too easy for others to label you insane (or worse). The event I’m about to share happened a long time ago, when I was living a free and easy life as a transient hippy. It was nothing for me to be homeless or […]

Haunted Stories: The Lovelorn Ghost of the Cemetery

Seeing as my father was in the military, we moved around a lot, especially when I was in my teens. From the ages thirteen to sixteen, our house backed onto an old cemetery – which kind of creeped us out. When Mom and I did the dishes, we’d often look out the window and make up our […]

Haunted Stories: Disturbing the Solitary Spirit

Many families enjoy getting together for Independence Day, throwing parties, picnics and BBQ’s across the country. My family is no different as we made sure that every year, we celebrated by rotating the hosting responsibilities. When I was nine years old and my brother Mark was seven, it was my Aunt’s job to do the honors. Back […]

Paranormal Survivor: The Curse of the Witch

I’ve always had a deep love for nature and the outdoors, so I was thrilled when we moved to the country. My husband – Ron – had inherited the property after his grandmother passed away several months earlier. The property sat on over ten acres – with at least three acres covered in thick brush and a […]

Ghost Stories: My Son and the Ghost With the "Jumpy" Face

When my son was six years old, we went shopping for bunk beds so he could have his friends sleep over. At the time, we weren’t in a great financial situation and I was thrilled when I was able to locate one second hand. It was in an affordable antique store an hour’s drive away from home […]

Haunted Stories: Beastly Boy in the Bulrushes

Being an amateur photographer, I often stop when I see an opportunity for a great picture, especially in the country. Travelling on my own – against my mother’s wishes – I have the freedom to stop anywhere I choose, where possible. Never afraid of haunted stories or urban myths, I usually ignore people who try to frighten […]

Why Did The Man In The Mist Force Me To See The Darkness In My Future?

Most of us love to go for long walks, whether it be for exercise, sightseeing or a morning/evening stroll. For me, it was mostly to get the blood pumping or to meditate and think about whatever was troubling me. In the early 2000’s I was afforded the opportunity to travel to Greece with my husband on a […]

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