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The Dark Hidden Truth Of This Fort Davis Barn Is Proven To Drive Visitors Mad

Fort Davis, Texas, is an old settlement. At the turn of the nineteenth century, people began to flock there during the summer, but the habit has since been lost. Moreover, beyond the Fort Davis National Historic site, there isn’t much to see in Fort Davis that cannot be seen anywhere else in Texas. Updated 2/11/2020 – […]

10 Texas Waterfalls Where Drowned Children Call Your Name

Few things in the world inspire more awe than a waterfall; the majesty and splendor on display are hallmarks of this natural and beautiful phenomenon, and they have been impressing human beings since perhaps the dawn of time. But these cascading testaments to the fundamental nature of gravity often conceal other, more frightening truths. Updated […]

A Deadly Spirit Lurks Inside This Public Restroom in Amarillo

Amarillo is one of the most populated cities in the state of Texas and has over 50 recreational areas to keep its residents entertained. With that many parks, no wonder that some of them have terrifying paranormal things going on… Updated 2/11/2020 – Too bad for the ones that visit the skate park of the […]

Your Worst Nightmare: Paranormal Terror On The Canyon Lake Trail

Canyon Lake is a small lake town near San Antonio. Canyon Lake has more than 80 miles of scenic shoreline and is one of the deepest lakes in Texas. Canyon Lake is perfect for every type of water sport you can think of, from fishing to tubing down the Guadalupe River. Updated 2/11/2020 – Nearby, […]

Do Not Scream If You See The Ghost Hang Himself In This Old Abbott Barn

Sheila May’s childhood in Abbott, Texas was not one you’d see portrayed in feel good Disney movies. Her father was a raging alcoholic and was prone to getting violent towards Sheila May (Names changed for privacy) and her mother whenever he was drunk. To ten year old Sheila, school was a blissful retreat. Updated 2/11/2020 […]

Paranormal Truth: Evil Forces Lurk At This Hidden Nacogdoches Cemetery

Somewhere along the Eastern side of Texas, in the heart of the Piney Woods Region, stands the oldest town of the whole state. Updated 2/11/2020 – Nacogdoches, known for being founded by Spanish settlers more than 200 years ago, back in 1779, has been a human home for even longer: the Caddo Indians had already […]

Haunted Mesquite: The Wandering Ghost Girl at Hampton Inn

When Bryan’s sister gave birth, he knew that he would have to travel to Mesquite, Texas to pay an obligatory visit. Not wanting to bother the family (or lose precious hours sleeping) he decided to check into a hotel in town. A woman at the airport recommended the Hampton Inn, so he picked up his rental […]

Beware The Depraved Gatekeeper At This Paranormal Galveston Cemetery

It’s not often that one sees palm trees in a cemetery; indeed, it’s not often that one feels a cool sea breeze across one’s cheeks when one is in a cemetery. Lakeview Cemetery in Galveston, Texas, however, offers a little bit of both. And if you go during the day, you might even get out […]

10 Texas Roads Haunted by Hitchhiking Ghosts

As common as hitchhiking is in Texas, it can be dangerous. But not for the reasons you think. Updated 2/11/2020 – Several roads in this state are haunted by hitchhiking ghosts who won’t hesitate to possess your body or take your life. Bloodthirsty even when alive, these ghosts enjoy the thrill of the kill. And […]

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