Stalked by a Past Life

A long time ago, I was a first grade teacher in a private school, and I adored the job and the children.

I usually had two or three children who stood out each year – who I spent a little more time with, for various reasons.

One six year old girl, who I’ll call “Lisa” – was like someone out of one of the many haunted stories going around.

Haunted Stories: Stalked by a Past Life

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Updated 2/9/2020 – She had long, strawberry-blonde hair and the cutest freckles.

She also wore a heavy, hooded coat at all times.

This concerned me, especially in the warmer weather.

She’d sweat and sometimes even her breathing was affected.

I often tried to get her to take it off but even her parents said she would only remove it at home, behind closed doors.

One particularly hot day, I saw that she was almost fainting and I lost my cool. I took her into the back room.

After a lot of coaxing and many terrified tears from Lisa, I was able to wrench the dark grey coat off her back.

Her clothes were slick with sweat and they clung to her small body as she shivered – mostly in fear.

She hunched her shoulders and backed into the corner of the room.

I asked her what was wrong.

I shuddered when she replied, “I can’t stop her now!” I asked, “Who?” She cried out, “The Stalker!”

Moving forward to try and calm her down, the lights flickered as a pair of grey, grimy hands crawled over her shoulders.

The hands seemed to be coming from her back

Lisa was shaking and whimpering as the hands crept around to the front.

One of them grabbed her forehead.

The other hand reached around her chest and gripped her tightly while her screams reached fever pitch.

Freaking out and not knowing what to do, I instinctively threw the coat to her. She knelt down and picked it up.

Between screams and whimpers, she did her best to slip the coat on, but the hands refused to allow it.

I heard the classroom door slam open and knew I didn’t have much time. I ran to her and grabbed the coat.

My heart was beating wildly as I wrestled the coat over the arms.

They scratched me as I forced the coat on her.

Suddenly the door to the back room was pushed open.

Another teacher and some of the kids spilled into the room.

The coat was finally on and Lisa was sobbing in my arms.

I eventually explained the horrifying incident away.

Convincing the teacher that the commotion was due to Lisa not wanting to take her coat off, they left the room.

Hundreds of questions were flooding my mind, but Lisa was the first to speak.

“She followed me from my last life.

You’ve never heard any haunted stories like this one

Lisa did the buttons up and hugged herself tightly, as the back of the coat continued to move around.

“It’ll take a while for her to calm down.

She wants to take over my body.

I only let her do that at night.”

Staring at the little girl with my mouth agape, my logical brain tried to come up with reasonable answers.

It wasn’t just a figment of my imagination.

I saw what happened and Lisa was talking as plain as day about it.

“What happens at night?” I found myself asking.

She shook her head.

“I can never remember, but I know it’s bad.”

“Have you spoken to a doctor – or a priest?” I asked.

She started to weep again.

“It won’t work. She’s me.”

I held her close and told her that everything would be alright, but I couldn’t think of the first thing to help her.

The next day, she didn’t return to school.

Unfortunately, I never heard from her again.

Unbelievable scary stories can sometimes be more than just a story.

Trust me!

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