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10 Best Hiking Vacations In The World

Hiking vacations are a fabulous way to reconnect with yourself through nature. Where you don’t have to function in the techno-stress world we live in today. Time for you to unwind and get healthy; mind, body, and soul! Updated 10/4/2019 – Whether you are hitting the trails with your family, a group of friends, or […]

These 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California Are An Absolute Must-Do

Adventure vacations in California is a lot more than just beaches and movie stars. So much to do and so little time is what comes to mind! Exhilarating adventure vacations in red-hot California that you just can’t pass up! Updated 10/4/2019 – There’s stunning natural attractions, Disneyland and adventure parks, majestic mountains, wineries, and of […]

10 Amazing State Parks In California That Will Blow You Away

The parks in California are without a doubt amazingly beautiful! From the pristine Pacific Coast to the mystical desert valleys, you’ve got it all. Travelling to state parks is an excellent cost-effective way to enjoy nature. Updated 10/4/2019 – And hands down visiting the top 10 Amazing State Parks In California That Will Blow You […]

10 Out Of This World Hiking Spots In Southern California

Are you looking for amazing hiking trips in California? They are are a fantastic choice if you love it sweaty! Keep in mind shade, water, and elevation are absolutely worth considering in your hike plan. Murphy Ranch, Mount Baldy, and Switzer Falls are fantabulolus trails on your “TO-Hike” list! Updated 10/4/2019 – Whether you are […]

10 Best Hidden Hikes In California

Are you interested in hidden hikes in California? Out of all the trails in California, there are some beautiful hidden hikes that not everyone knows about. Updated 10/4/2019 – When you have the chance to take some hikes in California, you have to take the time to go on some of these walks, because they […]

50 Silliest Dogs To Ever Go Hiking

Do you enjoy seeing pictures of silly dogs? Do you like taking your dog on hikes? In this post you’ll get the best of both worlds! Hiking with a dog awakens your senses to the wonders of wild places. It’s as if you discover the world anew through your faithful companion. Updated 10/4/2019 – Seeing your four-legged […]

25 Pictures That Capture the Thrill and Danger of Summiting Mt. Everest

Ever wondered what an Everest expedition looks like? Wish you could feel the thrills and danger of climbing Everest… Updated 10/4/2019 – …from the safety of your home? Well, click through this gallery of Everest expedition images and you’ll get exactly that! Majestic Everest At 29,035 feet above sea level, Mount Everest is at the […]

25 Breathtaking Pictures From The World’s Deadliest Hiking Trail

Do you shun hiking tours? Prefer to go on your own to experience the hike in your own way? Maybe even enjoy a bit of danger here and there. The danger itself can stem from many things. It could the animal you encounter along the trail. Updated 10/4/2019 – Or perhaps you just hear them… […]

25 Most Treacherous Hiking Trails In The World

Are you interested in tackling hiking trails in dangerous places? Maybe you’d prefer to just view amazing pictures and let others take the risk? haha Look around and you’ll notice that our world is filled with spectacular natural wonders. Updated 10/4/2019 – Wonders so amazing we find ourselves drawn to them no matter how dangerous […]

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