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Embracing Responsibility as the Key to Self-Improvement

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson may be an unlikely YouTube celebrity, but tens of thousands of fans attribute a positive change in their lives to Peterson’s message of personal responsibility. His straightforward approach speaks to the young men of this generation, many of whom are struggling to find direction in life. According to the teachings of […]

How to Become a Healer (4 Simple Steps!)

Learning how to become a healer is important if you have spiritual healing gifts but aren’t yet sure how to use them. Healers, much like any professional, need to learn to fine-tune their gifts so that they can use them to their full potential. Then, you can look to the spiritual world to assist your […]

Third Eye Meditation: Expand Your Consciousness with Trataka

Your senses are powerful factors in how you think and feel and what you do. The eyes are possibly the most powerful, as everything you see can affect you mentally and physically. Just as you can train your brain and body through exercise, you can also train your eyes to become more focused to allow […]