The 5 Year Old Ghost In A Dirty White Dress

I was so excited when I signed the lease for my pottery store, even though it was in an old industrial neighborhood.

For the first few months – business was slow – but the day classes brought in enough money to keep going.

The building next door was a large, abandoned textile factory – complete with broken windows and a rusty roof.

Ghost Stories: The 5 Year Old Ghost In A Dirty White Dress

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Updated 2/9/2020 – Even though my participants told me many ghost stories, all I ever heard or saw was the occasional cat fight.

One afternoon I decided to stay back and wait for the final firing to complete, as I wanted to see the results.

Making a cup of tea in the back room, I stared blankly out the window and was distracted by a small figure next door.

It seemed to be the shadow of a child and then I was startled by the sudden crying and pleading: “Please!”

Straight away I felt my protective side rise up and I ran out the front and over to the building next door.

I was able to worm my way through the loosely chained gate and found myself running over to a large open dock.

The crying was louder but eerily distant

I tried to follow the voice and even called out for whoever it was to let me know where they were.

It was baffling.

Moving into the building, I saw several critters racing away, and felt an oppressive sensation washing over me.

Then a chill ran down my back and something told me to turn around.

I saw a little girl at the end of a corridor.

She was about five years old and was dirty – wearing a grimy, white dress and barefoot – with long black hair.

I called out, “Hey – it’s okay!” and started moving towards her. As I got closer I saw that she was afraid.

I kept talking to her and telling her that I would help her find her Mommy, but she ran into the next room.

When I followed her in, she leapt up onto the window sill and turned back to look at me. Her face twisted demonically!

I gasped and stepped back, then she jumped out.

Looking like an evil spider-monkey – she began climbing the fence.

I realized – in horror – that she was making her way to my pottery store.

Then I saw her scramble through my window.

Ghost stories aren’t supposed to be real

Now shaking terribly, I wondered what to do. Stay put – where I was supposedly safe – or go back and flush her out?

As I stood there, trying to build up the guts to race back to my store, my blood froze. She appeared in my window!

She was staring right at me – over the fence and then suddenly – with no face at all!

Creepy laughter came out of nowhere and I squealed when I saw her leap out the window and climb over the fence.

When I saw her horrifying face appear in the window in the room where I was – I let out a blood-curdling scream.

Even though it sounds bizarre, there seemed to be many faces superimposed where hers should’ve been.

She started to scramble – again like a spider-monkey – but slowly now, making her way towards me.

That was my cue. Petrified and with the laughter almost deafening, I raced out of the building and onto the street.

I never returned to the store for fear of coming face to face with that terrifying, demonic girl.

Even though I lost a lot of money, I’ll never go back.

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