A Ghost Tried To Kill Me In An Abandoned House

I’ve always been a bit of a prankster and loved to play harmless tricks on people.

It didn’t matter if they were family, friends, teachers or strangers.

I’m not a bad person and my wife even calls me a sweetheart, but I wasn’t so sweet in my early teens.

I’m also more sensitive to the spirit realm than most and thought I was safe from dark entities…but that changed forever when I explored an abandoned house.

You never know what's inside until you go inside.


Updated 2/9/2020 – I grew up in an industrial area which was hit badly by the economic status at the time.

There were many abandoned buildings and houses so kids had a lot of opportunities to explore.

My gang were a harmless bunch of boys and we came across a particularly creepy house with all windows smashed in and the front door missing.

We were so freaked out about the house that we ended up drawing straws over who should go in first.

I was the oldest at thirteen years of age and I wanted to prove how tough I was.

I pushed them all aside and barged through the entrance, followed by my best friend Mark, who was twelve.

Right away I felt like something was wrong.

Call it sixth sense or whatever, but I felt like I had stepped into a tomb.

It was noticeably chillier than outside and I definitely sensed someone or something watching us.

I was so nervous but I didn’t want to show it.

I decided to show off by freaking Mark out, making ghostly noises and teasing him.

I turned around and saw Mark’s terrified face

That set me off into a new attack.

I know it sounds like I was a bit of a bastard but I was egged on by my own fear.

You know what boys are like, right?

Thinking back now, I think Mark was the one who had more guts.

I stopped and whispered like I was terrified.

Did you hear that?

There’s a ghost here who wants to eat your face!


I laughed when he screamed on the top of his lungs and scrambled to get out of there, but as soon as he was gone I felt strangely dizzy.

Standing in one of the main rooms which was filled with broken furniture and rubble, I heard a low chuckle right next to my left ear.

I spun around and fell over an empty bucket!

The chuckle was louder now and I tried to get up, but I kept falling over.

I can’t explain why I was so clumsy.

Maybe it was panic and fear.

When I finally got to a standing position again, I had to reach out and steady myself by holding onto a chair.

I freaked even more when the room suddenly grew dark and the air became even colder.

Slowly and surely I became a believer in Haunted Stories!

I opened my mouth to call out to my friends but my voice came out hoarse.

I was also worried about the fact that I couldn’t hear them playing outside and wondered if they’d deserted me.

I jumped when I thought I saw a shadow flying through the doorway.

I hate to admit it but I started crying like a baby!

It’s funny how, when you’re in a panic, you don’t think straight about how to do the most basic of things, like walking carefully or keeping your wits about you.

I tried to run out of the house but I kept tripping over debris and crashing into upturned tables and chairs.

I heard more laughter and I wonder if I imagined the icy hands on my back!?

It seemed like it took forever to get out of that house.

I felt like the house was sucking me back in like water down a drain! One more laugh rushed at my right ear – like a “Ha!” as I ran through the front doorway and into the street.

My friends were nowhere to be seen and I ran all the way home – crying and screaming.

When I got home and told my folks about what happened, my Dad laughed and told me that I’d asked for it.

Mom berated me for playing near that area as she’d always warned me about dangerous and “nasty” people lurking there.

Well, for the record – they might’ve been nasty but they certainly weren’t people – alive, anyway!

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