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The 10 Best Ghost Tours In Savannah, Georgia (Thrilling & Spooky)

Have a thrilling time on these spooky ghost walks in Savannah. Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in America. It possesses a variety of haunted locations… …a cemetery with mass graves, rich voodoo history, dark shadowy streets and multitudes of apparitions and sinister paranormal activity. Get ready, because you’re about to discover the best Savannah ghost […]

The 2 Best Rem Pods For Sale Today (Detects Real Spirits!)

One of the most important tools to have in your paranormal inventory is a REM pod. Why? Because it’s useful when trying to detect the presence of spirits, especially if you’re not getting any EVP responses or other evidence. Sometimes spirits don’t know how to use their energy to communicate, which is where this device comes in handy. Creating […]

10 Best Underappreciated Horror Movies That Will Make You Lock Your Doors

Prepare to be terrified. Photo: Aëla Labbé/flickr The best underrated horror movies don’t rely on overused elements such as splatter and gore. True terror comes from the unseen. When a movie forces you to use your imagination and exercise your mental faculties, the thrills and spills are heightened to a point that makes them far more memorable. Now […]

The 7 Best Ouija Boards To Buy On Amazon (Contacts Real Spirits)

Looking for the best Ouija board to buy on Amazon? Start by reading this article so you know what you’re doing. And remember to only invite spirits who dwell in higher vibrations. Choose wisely and see what resonates with you, especially from this list of beautifully designed and thoughtfully produced divination tools. Buyers Guide How […]

10 Best Thermal Imaging (IR) Cameras for Ghost Hunting

Want to capture authentic paranormal activity? Then you need the best thermal cameras on the market. But hold on! It’s important to do your homework, due to the fact that the cost could set you back a significant amount of money. Serious paranormal investigators understand that purchasing an infrared camera is a serious investment, which can […]

10 Best Haunted House Movies That Will Terrify You

Do you love horror movies? And do you love haunted houses? Well then, what could be better than a terrifying horror movie that involves a haunted house?! The best haunted house movies can make you nervous in your own home, no matter how cozy and secure – especially if you’re watching in the dark and on […]

The 10 Best Horror Audiobooks of All Time (That Will Terrify You)

Listening to the best horror audiobooks is a whole world of difference to reading them. While listening to a trained voice describing the horror and mayhem, you’d be forgiven for freaking out as your imagination runs wild. Try and see if you’re brave enough to listen with the lights off. – Updated 2/9/2020 Horror Audiobooks […]

The 5 Best Spirit Boxes (Communicates With Real Ghosts!)

There are several factors to take into consideration when looking for the best spirit box. It all depends on the level of investigation you’re deciding on. If you’re an armchair enthusiast who wants to check out an abandoned house, then a simple, cheap spirit box is your best bet. Otherwise, if you’re a serious paranormal […]

The 5 Best DVR Surveillance Systems For Hotel Room Ghost Hunting

Are you a serious ghost hunter? Are you looking to add something new, and effective, to your paranormal inventory? Something that will help you capture real spirits in hotels rooms and homes? Well then, DVR surveillance systems should be on the top of your list of equipment. The ability to capture compelling evidence is enhanced dramatically with […]

The 10 Freakiest Body Horror Movies That Will Keep You Up At Night

There are many sub genres regarding the best body horror movies… …such as supernatural, science fiction and thriller. Some have twisted story lines while others have surreal elements. What they all have in common is a terrifyingly freaky streak which makes our flesh crawl. Try not to cringe when watching these bizarre movies. – Updated […]

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