The Eyeless Nurse In The Shadows

Getting your tonsils out isn’t exactly a nightmare, unless you’re already afraid of hospitals or blood.

At the age of eleven, I was afraid of both – notwithstanding real scary stories – one of which happened to me.

After three years of recurring bouts of tonsillitis, I was admitted to hospital amid promises of ice cream and jello.

Real Scary Stories: The Eyeless Nurse In The Shadows

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Updated 2/9/2020 – I awoke in the recovery ward – completely alone and still drowsy – wondering where the nurses were.

Hearing a noise at the other end of the ward, I turned my head, only to see a silhouette in the shadows.

I could make out the figure of a woman – seemingly dressed as a nurse – but there was something strange about her.

Before I could gesture to get her attention, she slowly turned and started creeping towards me.

I felt the chill in the air as she approached – with her hands outstretched – murmuring quietly to herself.

It wasn’t until she reached my side and looked down at me, when I realized – she didn’t have eyes at all!

There were strange markings all over her face – like she had been decorated with war paint – or streaks of blood.

I tried to scream but my throat was so sore.

I thrashed about as she bent down – her face only inches away from mine.

I thought that my life was over.

I could smell the blood and saw that the streaks were still fresh, but something else came to mind.

She seemed to be a native or tribal warrior – but what tribe or what place?

I couldn’t be sure.

What chilled me to the bone was the fact that there seemed to be eyeballs moving under the skin!

With one last thrash the lights suddenly came on – and she was gone.

A “real” nurse came over to me and admonished me for thrashing around – telling me to get some sleep.

I tried to tell her about the nurse from the shadows but before I knew it – my own eyes were closing up.

Not realizing that I had been given a sedative, I slipped into what I thought would be a welcome sleep.

It wasn’t until I came to – standing at the foot of my bed – when it dawned on me that I was now the Shadow Nurse!

I could just make out the shape of the bed and heard my own muffled screams coming from my sore throat.

What was stranger still, was that I now had the perspective of the Shadow Nurse. I knew what she wanted.

Real scary stories: More than just a story

I could feel the blood drying on my face and felt the eyeballs rolling around – desperately trying to see.

A curse had been placed on me and I knew that I had to take control of this young body in order to break the spell.

As I leaned over my own body, I was afraid for my own, endangered life – yet felt the Nurse’s need to escape.

Just as I felt my new persona filter towards my writhing body on the bed – the lights came on again.

In a flash, I was back in my body – sitting bolt upright and looking everywhere for that Nurse in the shadows.

I slept with the light on from that day forward. I never saw her again.

I’d prefer to think of it as one of the real scary stories people like to tell.

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