The Faceless Man at Lassen Peak

I can’t really explain this, but I’ve always been able to see weird things other people can’t.

As I child growing up in my house, I would experience things my sister and parents weren’t able to.

Sometimes I could catch a shadow figure in the hallway when I knew no one else was home.

True Paranormal Stories: The Faceless Man at Lassen Peak

Photo credit: flickr/LoganZlllmer

Updated 2/9/2020 – Or I’d notice things were moved, like a pot or pan not being, but nobody else would pick up on it.

I’m not saying I’m clairvoyant or anything, just that I’m able to notice these activities when no one else can.

About a year ago my wife and I decided to take a trip to Lassen Peak to do some hiking.

I like to take hikes in the woods, although my wife usually doesn’t like the experience.

She gets bored very quickly.

My idea of a good time is going fishing or camping.

Her idea of a good time is playing on her laptop and drinking red wine.

Somehow I convinced her to take a couple days off from work, and she agreed to go hiking with me.

We decided to take the journey during the winter, as I like how the scenery looks in the cold months.

I’ve been hiking at a lot of great trails since I moved to California a couple years ago, but I’ve never been to Lassen Peak.

I had heard the views from the top were really breathtaking, as you can see the areas from where it had erupted in the past.

We got to the trail later on in the afternoon.

It was five miles long so I figured we could get it done in about two to three hours.

I remember starting the trail, and I couldn’t shake this feeling like someone was watching us.

I kept turning around thinking I’d see somebody staring back at me.

After I did this a few times, my wife asked me what I was doing.

When I told her I thought someone was watching us, she said I was just being paranoid.

About a couple miles into the trail my wife and I would stop to take in the scenery.

As I looked around I saw a figure slowly walk behind some trees and then disappear.

Ghost in forest

Photo credit: flickr/loganzillmer

I told my wife, but again, she said I was just being paranoid.

The farther we walked on the trail, the more I felt like there was a presence stalking us.

After a while we were on the last mile and nightfall was approaching.

This is when I started to hear voices, whispers really that sounded like they were coming from the woods.

I asked my wife what they were and she said she couldn’t hear anything.

Just as the whispers stopped, I saw a faceless figure appear just up ahead of the trail!

And I mean faceless, he had no eyes, a nose or a mouth!

He was right in front of us but my wife was standing there like nothing was happening.

When I looked back at the man he was gone.

When I asked my wife why she didn’t seem alarmed, she told me she didn’t see anybody on the trail!

To this day I know I saw something, it wasn’t just my imagination running away from me.

There was someone, or something, else on the trail with us, what it was exactly I don’t know.

– Jonathan R.