Oranum Psychic Reviews 2020: Legitimate Readings, or Scam Network?

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Oranum is pretty good, however, in my experience the absolute best psychic service is Kasamba. There are also the cheapest! Get this special offer from Kasamba now:

Looking for real Oranum reviews?

You're in the right place.

Maybe you have questions about your relationship...

...and that's why you're thinking about contacting a psychic at Oranum.

Or perhaps you’ve been lonely for so long you’re starting to doubt if you’ll ever meet Mr. Right.

Maybe it's money problems.

Perhaps something else. 

Whatever it is, you need answers, and you need them now.

I understand where you’re coming from.

I've been there too.

You want true and accurate answers so you can finally get some clarity in your life.​

​You’ve heard about phone psychics before, but maybe that’s not your thing.

You’d rather use chat because you want to put a face to the voice.

Perhaps you thought of using the Oranum service because it offers just what you need with webcam readings.

You’ve seen some reviews online. But you’re still unsure.

Well, don't worry. Because I’m here to tell you the truth about the service without fluff or bias.

Let me show you what my in-depth research revealed.

My In-Depth Oranum Review

Our Oranum reviews will help you discover the truth you've been looking for.

You’re about to discover the truth you’ve been looking for.

Before we dive in, let’s think about what you need to know first.

I want to help make sure that it’s the right thing for you.

Points to Consider

First, don’t feel ashamed to ask for help.

We all need a helping hand sometimes.

You’ve made the first step by reading this article.

You’re that much closer to getting the answers and peace of mind you deserve.

Who This Is Good For: 

An open mind is essential.

You’re going to learn new things about you and your life. You might feel a bit scared about finally knowing the truth.

Are you ready to get answers? Then, this is good for you. You’ve made the right decision.

Who This Is Not Good For:

Fear can close your mind to the opportunities and knowledge that a reading can bring you.

A closed mind is a huge roadblock to that clarity and truth. If that sounds like you, you’re not going to get the positive experience that it can offer.

You may end up feeling more frustrated. In that case, this is not good for you.

What Is Oranum?

Poland-based Oranum is a global spiritual community that takes a different approach.

Rather than offering phone readings, you can get the answers you need through email, webcam, or video chat. In fact, it’s the only live webcam platform of its kind. However, if you don’t have a webcam you can still get a reading; Just type your questions into the chat box.

Oranum is one of the newer psychic networks out there. It has already established itself as a leader in the field. Their service includes several features that make it unique from others of its kind. It is open to anyone with a psychic gift to share.

Note: To see an in-depth comparison of psychic sites, go here: Best Psychic Readings Online (Highest Rated in 2020!)

Psychics offer both free and premium content. Members can follow or subscribe to their favorite psychic’s fan club to access exclusive services.

They make the registration process easy with a great promo to get new users started.

Watch this brief video for more information:

Oranum is ok, however, in my experience the best and most accurate service is Kasamba. There are also the cheapest! Get this special offer from Kasamba now:

How Does Oranum Work?

Registration is free.

Once your account is set up, you can browse through the entire list of over 200 experienced psychics or by a particular service.

You will see a picture of each one along with their specialities, the languages they speak, and their online status.

Oranum wants you to feel comfortable with your psychic. You can use the service for free first before paying for a reading to make sure it’s a good fit.

Then, you can add credits to your account. Your private reading starts when you hit “Start Consultation.”


  • Free before you pay for a no-risk option
  • Psychics are screened for their abilities when applying
  • Free credits when you register
  • Global community with a broad spectrum of services
  • Guidelines for video sessions enforced with 24/7 online support available


  • No phone reading service
  • Pricing information not shown on homepage

Is It Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. Your interaction completely secure and private.

If you don’t want the advisor to see you, you have the option to hide yourself so you can see them but they can’t see you.

Do The Psychics See You?

Yes, they can see you. It’s a face-to-face video sessions. However, if you prefer not to be seen you have the option of staying hidden.

How Accurate Are Their Psychics?

Have questions about getting a trustworthy reading? This in-depth study of Oranum will answer everything.

Have questions about getting a trustworthy reading? This in-depth study of Oranum will answer everything.

They are very accurate. In my experience, their psychics are accurate 85% to 90% of the time.

If you would have asked me this question a couple years ago, the answer would be very different. Because back then their predictions would miss the mark a noticeable amount of times.

I’m not sure what they’ve done since then to improve so much, but whatever it is, I’m very glad they did. lol.

Over the past 2 years they’ve come a long way and have really surprised me with their accuracy.

From things like love predictions or money issues, to the clothes my grandmother wore before she passed or the name of my childhood pet, they have just been so right on.

Oranum is now my top pick for the most accurate psychic readings you can get online.

Types of Psychic Readings Offered

Because it’s a worldwide community, you’ll find a wide variety of services so that you can find answers by the means that you prefer.

It’s a great opportunity to try new specialties with over 30 different services offered. Here are the types they offer:

  • Love & Relationships
  • Tarot and Cards
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Rituals and Energies
  • Home and Family
  • Clairvoyance

Love & Relationships

Is there something wrong in your relationship?

Are you afraid that he’s seeing someone else on the side? Or maybe you’re still single wondering if you’ll ever find love in your life. Learn the truth with the psychics at Oranum.

You’ll find many online love psychics who specialize in getting the honest answers you need to your most pressing questions. You needn’t continue to live with uncertainty. The truth is waiting for you now.

Tarot and Cards

A live tarot card reading can offer insights into what the future holds for you.

Whether you have a question about your career or relationships, you’ll appreciate the accurate and real answers you’ll receive. You can also get readings with rune, gipsy, or angel cards.

Dream Interpretation

Sometimes the answers you need are right in front of you.

You just need someone to guide you to the truth. You can learn what your mind and instincts have been trying to tell you with an accurate interpretation of your dreams.

Rituals and Energies

When your problems are overwhelming, you need compassionate healing to get your life back on track.

I know; I’ve been there. On Oranum, you’ll find the help with a variety of rituals including chakra and crystal healings.

Perhaps you need help with something others might think is a bit out there, but for you is very real and urgent. Something like seeing shadows, entities, and/or dark spirits. Well rest easy, because the psychics at Oranum can help you with this too.

Home and Family

Home life is supposed to be a place where you can find peace.

But if family issues are getting in the way, you may feel stressed and worn out. This type of reading can help you see through the emotions and find real solutions for your problems.


Clairvoyants can help you find answers by tapping into the hidden insights of your future.

They can bring clarity and direction to solve problems in your life. Oranum’s network of gifted psychics also includes clairaudients and clairsentients.

Clairaudients can hear things that you and I may not. Clairsentients can feel things that others are unable to do. Both types of psychics offer guidance through their enhanced sensory perception.

Sizing Up Their Best Psychic Advisors

Contacting one of the best Oranum psychics will improve you life

Contacting one of the best Oranum psychics will improve you life.

Want to know who the 10 best Oranum psychics are?

You're in the right place.

Over the years I've received readings from a lot of different psychics on the Oranum website.

Some were good...

Some were not so good....

And some were wonderful.

In order to give you a review that's as thorough as possible I felt I should point you towards the premier psychics on Oranum.

"Best" is always subjective of course...

But this list is based on my experience as well as the experience of customers, just like you, who have submitted their own independent reviews to Backpackerverse.

The readers at Oranum are ok, however, in my experience the best and most accurate psychic readers are at Kasamba. There are also the cheapest! Get this special offer from Kasamba now:

1) AlyciaRose - My #1 pick for best Oranum psychic

AlyciaRose - Our #1 pick for best reader in Oranum

Alycia Rose has given over 22,000 readings and has 30+ years of experience.

She specializes in helping you with love and relationship questions.

She is also adept at giving Magikal advice, spiritual guidance, and helping you with the paranormal.

If you have questions about your love-life, friends, or family - or if you want help with spells, spiritual matters, or the paranormal contact AlyciaRose now.

2) VisionaryGu

isionaryGu - Uses tarot to help you reach your goals

VisionaryGu has over 16 year’s experience, more than 12,000 readings and 4 years on Oranum.

She will give you Tarot readings using the Lenormand deck (based on an old German card game) - she also utilizes Runes, I Ching and Reiki.

She's a Clairvoyant who uses her skills and tools to answer your questions and help you reach your goals.

Contact her if you want a reading about money, career, or your life-path. She can even answer your questions about court cases. 

3) Heera123

Heera123 - Will channel energy to heal you

Heera 123 is a natural born psychic who will use channeling to heal your psychic wounds and assist you with your questions about your path.

Her abilities include clairvoyance, intuitive and empathic skills with straightforward and authentic style.

If you need healing or want clarity and guidance, contact Heera 123.

4) Lizb65

Lizb65 - Priestess will give you deep insight

Lizb65 began reading for others when she was 12 years of age.

Her heritage links back to the island of Hispaniola – the Dominican Republic and Haiti – with an aunt as High Priestess and her mother as a Priestess in her own right.

Because she's so on-point with her predictions you'll likely come back to her for more readings.

If you want profound insight into your life get in touch with Lizb65.

5) Countessstarella

Countessstarella - Prophetess who reveals secrets to you

Countessstarella is a prophetess who has been on TV and Radio.

She is also an author, a musician, and a counselor that has been working since six years of age to bring joy to the world.

She's known for helping to bring enlightenment to people just like you.

If you want the secrets of the universe revealed to you, get in touch with Countessstarella now.

6) Marina5

Marina5 - Gives you spiritual diagnosis

To Marina5 honesty is number one.

She uses clairvoyance, channeling, mediumship, Reiki and Empathic skills.

She will connect with God and allow herself to be guided to the right answers and advice for your life.

If you’re looking for helpful spiritual diagnosis with a compassionate reader, Marina5 is for you.

7) Inspirebymee

Inspirebymee - Shines light on your life-path

Inspirebymee is a tested 3rd generation psychic.

Aware of her abilities at an early age, she has many years of feeling the emotions and thoughts of those around her.

This led her to studying many spiritual paths with the help of her guides. And now it allows her to help you.

If you want a natural healer, who uses Clairvoyance, Numerology and Astrology, reach out to Inspirebymee.

8) Sensei


Sensei is a reader with many talents, including being a natural claircognizant, clairsentient and clairaudient. He does not use tools in his readings.

His friendly demeanor will calm, relax, and uplift you.

He can help you with a variety of topics but if you need answers about your finances or life-path right now, I recommend you contact him asap.

9) Kalium

Kalium - Gives you clarity through divination

Using a wide range of divination techniques, Kalium offers a unique session where he seeks guidance from the divine to bring you the answers you are seeking.

Some of his methods include the Tarot – including Lenormand (a German/French deck), Symbolon, the Pendulum and crystals.

If you're looking for clear meaning about your life from the other side, Kalium is your guy.

10) Master L.

Master - Astrologer gives you answers

Master L. enjoys helping those in need.

His style is known as being genuine and on-point.

He is an experienced astrologer who also uses Tarot to give you precise readings. He has helped over 6,000 people just like you.

If you want answers revealed through Astrology, get in touch with him now.

Things I Like About Their Website

  • Easy Search Function
  • Live Status Filter
  • Top 100
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Oranum’s Blog

The Oranum website (www.oranum.com) is easy-to-navigate to get you started on your journey for truth fast. I’ll point out a few of its unique features.

Easy Search Function

You can quickly filter through its lineup of psychics by specialty and even sub-category with certain services.

You can filter by language spoken and user rating. Information about each psychic is presented up front including a picture and average rating.

Live Status Filter

You’ll know which psychics are available when you need someone with the live psychic filter.

You won’t have to wait for the peace you need. You can sort by the most recommended (default), most popular, or newbies.

Top 100

Users can rate psychics in this spiritual community.

A real-time list of the Top 100 psychics can help you find the proven leaders in their specialty. You can view their profile and history along with a calendar of their availability. If they are online, you can begin your private chat right away.

Intuitive Navigation

Everything you need to get around on the website is right there up on the top.

You can buy credits, check your messages, or go straight to your favorite psychics with one click.

Oranum’s Blog

Stay up to date with instant access to the Oranum blog on the top navigation bar.

The blog is packed with free and useful information like weekly money and business horoscopes. The handy search function helps you get the information you need within the site’s archive.

Investigating Oranum’s Unique Points

Oranum brings the ancient knowledge to the digital age with a number of unique features that set it apart from other networks.

  • Free Reading with Registration
  • Webcam Readings
  • Community Feel
  • Free App
  • Credits for Services
  • Psychic Screening
  • Community Guidelines

Free Reading with Registration

Oranum helped me discover the joy in my relationship

Oranum helped me discover the joy in my relationship. It all started by signing up to get free credits.

You’ll get a free reading up to 10 minutes when you sign up so that it’s risk-free for you.

I’ll fill in you in on more details in the Pricing and Special Promos section.

Community Feel

Oranum creates a sense of community where members know each other.

It creates a feeling of trust that makes you feel welcome. You can view each psychic’s profile before you begin a session so that you will have a good idea if you two will connect.

Free App

Connect with your favorite psychic anytime or on the go with Oranum’s free app available on iTunes.

You can receive instant notifications when they go online. You can use the app to follow live streams and even go on a private session.

Webcam Readings

Oranum takes psychic readings into the 21st century with webcam readings.

Video sessions offer a more intimate setting.

You can connect more easily with your psychic advisor with a face-to-face meeting.

You can also opt for an email reading if you prefer.

Here’s a brief video that give additional reasons why a video psychic reading is helpful:

Credits for Services

You can use the Oranum network securely with its use of credits for paying for services.

And they go to extra lengths to make sure your data and account are protected.

Oranum acts as the middleman with all transactions between you and the psychic. Oranum uses both McAfee and VeriSign to check for website vulnerabilities and ensure secure e-commerce.

Psychic Screening

Oranum is one of the few networks that screens their psychic applicants before they go online.

You’ll know that every psychic meets their high standards for spiritual abilities and passion for their gift.

Community Guidelines

Oranum’s mission is to help people connect.

To ensure a safe and welcoming environment, it has its set of guidelines that includes no drug or alcohol use. Only registered users can appear in the live video feed. Members can report violations instantly with online support staff available 24/7.

Considering the Customer Complaints and Bad Reviews

I’ve been pretty impressed with the Oranum but a couple things I’ve had issues with are:

  1. Once, the psychic I chatted with seemed to go really slow
  2. Their satisfaction guarantee is a bit unclear

Regarding point 1: I’ve read similar complaints from people on Sitejabber. Those users wondered if the reading was purposely done slow to get them to pay again.

In the past some of the other sites I tried turned out to be…let’s say, less-than-reputable, lol. And at those sites (I won’t name them here) I really got the sense that time was being wasted on purpose.

However, with Oranum I didn’t feel like that at all. It just seemed like maybe the psychic was having an off day. So, the slow reading was understandable, even if a bit inconvenient for me.

Regarding point 2: This really hasn’t been a big problem for me because I haven’t had to request help from support yet. But my friend did once.

She contacted support and they quickly and painlessly issued her a credit. So it was pretty straightforward and easy, but it would it be nice if they would just say “Satisfaction Guaranteed” right up front.

To sum it up: I give them a big thumbs up. Even with a couple of these negative aspects my experience with them has been really good. And lately, it’s been getting even better. Time and again their readings have been really accurate.

Oranum has quickly become my favorite site for strictly online psychic readings.

Analyzing How Much it Costs to Get a Reading

Typically, the psychics on Oranum will charge $1 to $10 per minute. Check their personal rates to see what they charge before you sign up for a session.

Special Offer

Get Free Credits

You can get a free reading up to 10 minutes. All you have to do is register a new account and you’ll get $9.99 in free credits just for validating your credit card.

This one-time special is available for new members only. The prices vary with the type of service you choose and the psychic.

Oranum is alright, however, in my experience the best and most accurate psychic readers are at Kasamba. There are also the cheapest! Get this special offer from Kasamba now:

What Does ‘Get 10 Free Teasers’ Mean?

It refers to the free minutes you have. 10 free teasers = 10 free minutes

Taking a Look at Their Satisfaction Guarantee

Unfortunately, their guarantee isn’t clear. However, they state that if you aren’t happy with your reading you can contact their customer service to request a credit to your account.

Inspecting Reviews Around the Web

Positive user reviews were easy to find when I scoured the internet for information about what users thought of its network. Here is a sampling of a just a few that I found.

Oranum User Reviews and Ratings 1

Oranum User Reviews and Ratings

Oranum User Reviews and Ratings 3

Comparison to Similar Online Psychic Sites

To give you the full picture, I’ll quickly compare a few sites similar to Oranum:

Oranum vs AskNow

AskNow is similar to Oranum in that there a variety of psychics to choose from with full profile and pricing information available up front. You can also get one free question answered by a psychic. They offer three introductory packages with five free minutes.

Oranum vs Psychic Source

Psychic Source offers both phone and online sessions. You can choose the type of service and type of reading you want through its network of trusted psychics. It offers a satisfaction guarantee and three free minutes with your first paid reading. It offers a free daily horoscope.

Oranum vs California Psychics

Founded in 1995, California Psychics has delivered over five million readings. You can choose from three price tiers that vary by the charge per minute. Like Psychic Source, detailed information on the psychics is presented up front including pricing. However, while they do have some of the best psychic readings by phone, they don’t have chat.

Conclusion – Are They Legit or Fake?

Updated 2/9/2020 – I know you need honest answers to your questions. And you need them now so that you can move forward today.

You may have wondered about whether Oranum is real or fake. After reviewing Oranum in-depth, I can tell you that not only are they real, but they’re accurate too.

Over the course of several years I’ve chatted with more Oranum psychics than you can shake a stick at! I’ve asked them questions about my relationships and career that no one else could have known. They always give me honest answers.

There are couple issues I mentioned before which could be improved (sometimes slow readings and the satisfaction guarantee not being stated up front). But even with those two minor things, the vast majority of the time their predictions are on point.

No psychic service will give spot-on answers 100% of the time, but Oranum comes as close as I’ve seen at 85 to 90% accuracy on a consistent basis.

Their psychics are understanding and compassionate. I’m confident they’ll give you the same warm treatment and trustworthy guidance I’ve received.

If you have an open mind and are ready to learn the truth, I highly recommend you visit Oranum and start your free session today.

19 Independent Reviews and Ratings

Oranum is alright, however, in my experience the best and most accurate psychic readers are at Kasamba. There are also the cheapest! Get this special offer from Kasamba now:

Is it just me or...

Does Oranum inflate the review numbers on their site? Someone told me that and seems like maybe they do but I'm not really sure. And am I the only one who trouble with their site..? lol seems like my connection is constantly dropped. I've had good readings with Lizb65 and AlyciaRose and a few others but the site seems so bad to me that I can only give them 3 stars. Hopefully they change it so I can give them 5 stars in the future.
- Natalie R.

Looooove it!

REcently got an Oranum reading and I loved it. Felt really good both during and after. So I knew I had to leave a review. I did have to sort through a bunch of psychics before I found one I really like but it paid off.
- Hannah K.

Keep your eyes OPEN!!!

Most readers are here are really helpful. Simply a pleasure to get a reading from. BUT LOOK OUT FOR THE FRAUDS. I have come across a couple. I can’t prove it but it seems like they are NOT legit. Just want to get that out of the way because it’s such an important thing. But if you keep your eyes, ears, and heart open, you can find truly fantastic readers.
- Nadine M.

No thanks

The reader seemed to rush me and nothing they said has come true. Will not contact them again.
- Mike C.

Skeptic turning believer…

Hiiii. Leaving this review after several readings with AlyciaRose. Wow. She really seems to always know what I’m going through. Always feel really connected to her. There’s still a small part of me that’s a skeptic but she’s so accurate I think I may become a total believer soon!! Anyway, during the last reading she said someone special would make themselves known to me within 2 months. If she’s right about that, I WILL be a total believer. Can you tell I’m excited?! lol
- Jenine M.

So good

Fantastic experience with Oranum. Here are my favorite readers: VisionaryGu Countessstarella Inspirebymee Masterlove
- Terry B.

Not perfect, but really good

If you want to contact the other side talk to Kalium. He’s always been the most accurate for me. He’s also really compassionate and understanding. That’s pretty important to me since reaching out to passed loved ones is a hard thing for me to emotionally. But Kalium is always so patient and kind, it really helps. If this rating was just for him I’d give 5 stars, but since I’m leaving this review for the whole site, I give it 4 stars. Why? Because some of the readers aren’t so patient and don’t really try to connect with me. But overall, my experience has been pretty great.
- Tessa C.

How hard can it be

Felt like my Oranum reader was reading from a script. Not personal at all. If that's all there is to, I might as well get paid to be a psychic. On the plus side, she was nice. But that's it.
- Jeffrey S.


Wasn't sure who to get a reading with so I looked up the top ten list. Went with the top recommended advisor AlyciaRose. So happy I did! I was feel down for about my love life. Lonely...you know? AlyciaRose told me that I'd receive an invitation from someone I'd normally not talk to. So I should keep an eye open. This might sound weird, but the next week my mailman asked if I want to join him and his friends for coffee. Usually I just wave hello to him and he waves back. I was never attracted to him. But when he invited me I remember my reading! I went for it. That night I found out we are both big time scrapbookers lmao. We've been happily seeing each other since then.
- Rita M.

Find the right reader first

Years ago I got a reading from psychicloeve9…I think the name is right, lol, it was a long time ago. Anyway, I was told that I had a curse put on me and was convinced I should buy more credits otherwise there wouldn’t be anough time for the full reading and I’d stay cursed. At the time it made sense to me but looking back I think I was just manipulated. That’s not to say Oranum as a whole is bad, it’s not. I love it. But there are a few bad apples in the bunch. Spend the time to dind a reader you really connect with. It’s worth it.
- Nora T.

Good but still a little unsure

Great experience with a couple of the Oranum readers but I did leave negative feedback one time (the reader was pushing a bit too much for buying more credits) it didn’t show up. Was my feedback erased??? I’m not sure but because of that I will only give them 4 out of 5 stars.
- John G.

Feeling clear

For the most part I love the psychics on Oranum. Although I hvae had some bad ones (not going to name names, but you know who you are). Things like saying innaproppriate remarks and doing make up. But even so, those experiences are rare. The vast majority of readings I’ve had have been incredible. Makes me feel clear and ready to face the world each time. I love it.
- Jordine C.


The reading I got about my son (he was diagnosed with Leukemia) really helped put my mind at ease. Both myself and my wife are thankful. The Oranum site though needs an upgrade or something. It’s hard to navigate. I sometimes end up wasting a bunch of time trying to find a psychic I like.
- Gus J.

From the heart

I had reading with Lizb65 and it really opened my eyes to some things. My grandma always claimed to be a preistess, similar to Lizb65, but I kinda shrugged it off. But after she died I felt compelled to learn more. After my session with Liz I feel I understand my grandmother better and am a bit more at peace with her deat. Love you ma-ma, you’ll always be in my heart.
- Rico H.

Thought it would be better

The readings can be a bit hit or miss and it feels like they put too much focus on making money. You get free credits but it's like they do everything they can to get you to buy some and it's overpriced imo. I think overall the readers are ok, although I did have great experienceds with AlyciaRose, VisionaryGu, and Heera123, so I give them 3 stars.
- Carly B.

More than I expected

I was thinking about getting a reading with Oranum for a while but kept putting it off. My husband didn't help, lol. He kept saying it's a waste of money. But I finally jumped in. The reading went better than expected, giving me a prediction about my husband that came true two days later (that he would take us on a romantic getaway). I'm a believer now but my husband thinks it was just a lucky guess LOL!!!
- Abby G.

Fantastic reading!

Got a reading and was kinda shocked at how much she knew about me. A couple things she predicted have already come true. Pretty spooky in a good way.
- Tina H.

Ready to Fly

Im ready to start dating again but my psychic says its too soon after my divorce (its only been a few weeks). I feel ready to move on but maybe i Have some emotional baggage t deal with first. We will see.
- Kelly C.

Crazy in love

I've been single for years, but thanks to the courage I got after my reading with AlyciaRose, I've finally stepped away from the office long enough to fall for the guy who just may be the man of my dreams.
- Amanda R.

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