Trapped in the Cemetery

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always been fascinated with death and the darker side of life.

When I was a teenager and very much a Goth girl, I didn’t think twice when I was invited to visit a graveyard.

My boyfriend enjoyed telling creepy stories and he set the tone as we made our way well after midnight.

Creepy Stories: Trapped in the Cemetery

Photo credit: flickr/Jon Hudak

Updated 2/9/2020 – Seeing as it was just the two of us, I was a little apprehensive but the adrenaline was pumping.

Once we climbed over the low fence we ran amok, laughing and trying to freak each other out.

After about forty five minutes, we started to check out several tombstones – reading out the epitaphs.

I was particularly taken by one which was very old and nearly completely covered by ivy.

As I pushed the leaves aside, my boyfriend whispered, “Can you hear something?” I asked, “What?”

I stood up and strained my ears.

At first, I didn’t hear anything.

Then a strange groan came out of thin air.

Before I could even scream, my boyfriend took off.

I was shocked that he’d left me to my own devices.

Rooted to the spot, I was suddenly alone.

That was until I saw an eerie apparition peek out from behind a tree!

I’ll never forget the terrifying, hollow eyes.

I fell backwards as I finally screamed, not realizing that I’d landed on a grassy grave.

Scrambling to get up, I yelled my boyfriend’s name and noticed the wind picking up and swirling around me.

As I took off – running here and there while screaming for my boyfriend – I felt like someone was right behind me.

I turned to look, but no one was there.

Now I was crying and freaking out more than I ever had before that night.

The groaning started up again, propelling me into more of the crazy zig-zagging through the cemetery.

I felt like I was trapped in a terrifying maze – being chased by strange winds and disembodied voices.

My boyfriend was nowhere to be found and I was horrified that I couldn’t find the fence – no matter where I ran.

It was almost impossible for me to calm down enough to stop and try to get my bearings.

At one stage, I heard sepulchral laughter followed by whispering and bizarre chattering. I was absolutely petrified.

I began to cry as I stumbled around – confused and afraid that I would never find my way out.

Creepy stories: like nothing I’d ever encountered.

I was furious at my boyfriend and already knew that I would break up with him for leaving me alone and vulnerable.

Then my flesh froze as a chilling voice whispered into my ear, “Stay right there!”

I spun around and saw what appeared to be a mist in the shape of a woman – from the waist up!

Her face was twisted in a snarl and I didn’t wait to see what would happen next. I bolted as I screamed blue murder!

It felt like I was running for hours.

Sobbing now and my legs so heavy and shaking, I finally saw the fence.

In a single leap I made it over the fence, then twisted around.

As a final blast of frozen wind hit my face, I knew I was finally free from the cemetery!

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