Stalked by “Something” on a Lonely Road

I was sitting here trying to figure out how to tell this story and it was difficult trying to get to the beginning.

There were so many things happening in my life at the time when this event occurred.

I guess I’ll just tell you about the actual night without all the boring details that led up to it..

Updated 2/9/2020 – It was around 7 years ago when I was in the country with my mates.

A friend was getting married in a posh church and the reception was even more posh, so we got out of there and found a cool pub about a mile away.

When I say cool, I mean it was way cooler than the reception, even though it was kind of empty.

I have to be honest, I don’t remember much after getting there, because we all started drinking heavily, playing darts and whatnot until the proprietor kicked us out at about 1 a.m.

When we started staggering back to the car, I ended up falling over my own feet and passing out.

My friends left me there – would you believe?!

I figured that out around two hours later when I woke up outside the pub – in a ditch!

I pulled my phone out of my pocket but couldn’t get any reception, so I began walking down the road with a mammoth headache.

After about thirty minutes I heard a car behind me and I figured that I might as well try to thumb a ride.

The headlights had an eerie glow as the car approached.

I watched the vehicle get closer and I realized that it was aiming right at me!

The lights blinded me and I stumbled backwards onto the grass.

Sitting there, I started to yell obscenities but then I realized that the car was nowhere to be seen.

Just like that – it disappeared into the night – no noise whatsoever.

Even though I was hungover, I was sober enough to know that something weird just happened to me, but I got up and continued walking down the road, trying to get a signal.

No luck.

I was pissed at my mates and even more pissed at whoever just narrowly avoided hitting me head on.

I continued walking down the road when I saw headlights way ahead of me.

I wondered if it was the same car because the lights were creepy – like demonic eyes bearing down on me.

Something told me to run over to the grass and as soon as I did, the car picked up speed and raced towards me at a hellacious pace.

I was really pissed by this stage, so I jumped over the wire fence and looked back to see the car still barreling towards me.

I started to run into the field.

The wet grass seemed to be slowing me down.

My feet were dragging and my jeans were soaked.

I turned around and saw the headlights still coming!

What was freaky was that the car had come through the fence without breaking it or tearing it down.

I was so shocked that I just stood there while the lights came right at me.

I screamed and ducked, waiting for impact – but all of a sudden and once again – it disappeared.

I looked up and only saw darkness.

No car.

I didn’t wait to give it a second chance.

I ran over to a farmhouse and I was lucky they were nice people.

I told them what happened but I guess they didn’t believe me, but they called one of my mates for me and let me wait on their front porch.

When my mate turned up he laughed and said “You look like you’ve been through Hell!”

Even though I was still pissed at them, I told all my mates once we got back to the hotel.

We couldn’t find anything on the internet about that stretch of road and they decided that I’d just hallucinated the whole thing.

I promise, that ghost car was no hallucination and I am not lying.

I still have nightmares about it.