The Best Online Psychics of 2020 – Get The Most Accurate, and Real, Chat Reading

Does your path ahead seem unclear?

Are you confused or unsure about the way forward?

Do you have burning questions that you need answered right now? 

If this describes you in any way, you’re not alone.

best online psychic chat readings

Many people find themselves confused by life and uncertain about how to move ahead, leading them to seek out psychic advice online to get the answers they’re looking for.

Whether you need advice regarding a relationship, help to process the loss of someone near and dear to you, or are simply looking for answers about what your future has in store, an online psychic reading could give you the peace of mind you require to start moving in the right direction.

The best psychics online can give you genuine clarity and answers. However, finding the right advisor on your own isn't easy. 

Want Quick Answers?

If you're in a hurry, I'll tell you right now, my favorite psychic service is Kasamba. They are the most accurate and cheapest! Here's their current promo, check it out:

Updated 2/9/2020 - While there are many legitimate psychics out there who truly want to use their ability to benefit others, there are equally as many fake mediums on the internet.

These illegitimate mediums dish out false advice and predictions while you turn over your hard-earned money to them.

The good news is, you can get accurate online psychic chat readings, which will give you the answers you need. What’s the secret? Knowing how to tell legitimate companies apart from false mediums that are only there to take your money.

But, how do you find genuine psychic readers on the internet? That’s where I come in. 

A Little About Who I Am and Why You Can Trust Me...

Hi, I'm Sarah. It's great to meet you! I'm sending you love and positive vibes over the net. :-)

My name is Sarah Baker, and I know a thing or two about online psychics and mediums. In fact, I’ve been getting readings online for the past 9 years.

Believe me, I’ve tried just about every type of psychic reading you can think of over the years, and have learned my share of lessons along the way. From online readings, phone readings, tarot, and astrology, to dream interpretation, chakra balancing, and beyond - you name it, I’ve tried it.

Through the process of trial and error, I’ve discovered how and where to find the very best psychic readings online that are 100% legit. I've also learned how to stay away from scam artists and fraudsters.

If I’ve learned anything over the past 9 years it’s this: the level of ability and talent between different online psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants, varies significantly!

During my journey, I’ve tested just about every psychic network out there. Some services were exceptional and provided me with incredible knowledge and insight.

Unfortunately, others gave inaccurate or faulty predictions, while some were just completely false.

Trust me when I say that genuine psychics on the internet do exist. They are not just some hocus-pocus. The important thing is to know where to find them, which is precisely what I will show you how to do today.

Keep reading to discover how to get a real psychic reading over the internet that is 100% authentic, how to avoid scams, my in-depth list of the top online psychics, and so much more.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

The Best Psychic Networks For Online Chat Readings

Use this table to quickly compare the best online psychics.




Learn More

  • Most accurate live psychic readings by online chat
  • All psychics tested and certified authentic
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Low rates: 70% off first session + get 3 free minutes

5 stars


  • Online chat readings with live psychic 24x7
  • Readings available in English and Spanish
  • Special offer:  15 Minutes for $10

4.5 stars


Psychic Source

  • Psychic chat readings 24/7/365
  • All psychics verified real
  • 10 minutes for $10 + 3 extra minutes for free

4.5 stars



  • Cheapest deal: 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Connect and chat instantly through the Keen app
  • Over 43 million readings since 1999

4 stars



  • Live psychic readings via face-to-face webcam
  • 9.99 in free credits after you sign up
  • Live sessions completely secure and private

4 stars


Hollywood Psychics

  • Live chat readings 24 hours a day
  • Some readings offered specifically for men
  • Intro offer: $10 for 10 minutes + get 3 free minutes

3.5 stars


Before we go further...

I know you might be wondering about the accuracy of psychics on the internet. So please allow me just one moment to answer this important question:

Are Online Psychic Readings Accurate?

Yes. In fact, an online psychic reading can be even more accurate than a face-to-face reading. Here’s why:

  • You’ll probably be more comfortable about sharing what’s really on your mind during an online session and being honest about what’s really happening in your life.
  • The online psychic won’t be influenced by your physical appearance or body language, instead of being forced to depend on their extrasensory perception and intuitive abilities alone.
  • Many of the best psychics prefer giving spiritual readings online over face-to-face sessions because they are more convenient for both parties involved.

And now, here are the reviews you've been waiting for...

Online Psychic Reading Reviews: My Top Recommendations

Check out my top recommendations for stellar providers that offer psychic chat online.

1) Kasamba

Kasamba gives the best physic reading online

Kasamba is my #1 favorite psychic network. Why? Because they give the most accurate psychic readings online - hands down.

Previously called LivePerson, newly branded Kasamba has been serving clients since 1999, with more than 4 million satisfied customers in the books since then.

With the Kasamba network, you can chat with a medium 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the real-time platform. You can also request an email reading, where you send Kasamba your list of questions and receive a prompt response back with detailed answers.

Kasamba’s network includes psychics with a range of skill sets, including tarot readers, love experts, fortune tellers, astrologers, clairvoyants, and more.

Each and every advisor at Kasamba is vetted for authenticity, so you can rest easy that any psychic you talk with is genuine and will give you a true psychic reading.

I have personally used Kasamba countless times and am never failed to be impressed by the accuracy and knowledge of the platform’s mediums. The psychics I’ve spoken with have given precise readings that are right on point.

Additionally, I love that Kasamba offers a fantastic introductory package for new clients, with affordable readings for first-time customers. As a new client, the first 3 minutes of all live chat sessions are completely free of charge, plus you get 70% off your first session. This gives you the opportunity to get a sense of the psychics, and to feel comfortable with them before hiring.

In short, if you’re searching for the very best online psychic chat readings at a price that won’t break the bank, I recommend Kasamba.


  • Online chat available 24/7
  • Accepts PayPal
  • Psychics continuously tested and re-tested to ensure authenticity
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Cheap psychic readings: 3 free minutes + 70% off your first reading

2) AskNow

asknow phsycics is my #2 pick for getting readings online

Another excellent network is AskNow. In fact, they are my second favorite place to get a reading with an online psychic. They are a company that has been in business since 2005, and are trusted around the world.

I’ve got readings from them on numerous occasions and each of the psychics I’ve chatted with have been among the creme of the crop. AskNow’s spiritual advisors are very warm, personable, and friendly, exhibiting true compassion and honesty in each session.

Once you start your session, it is apparent in mere minutes that these psychics are the real deal.

The top element that really sets AskNow apart from the competition is its incredibly stringent screening procedures for the psychics on the platform. AskNow is so picky about who they accept into its network, that the company only accepts 1 in 20 of the psychics who apply.

In reality, this is great news for clients, because it means that whenever you get a reading from AskNow, you can rest assured that you are chatting with one of the best mediums in the world.

Whether you are seeking guidance regarding a relationship, your career, your love life, your finances, or any other part of your life, you can rely on the trusted psychics at AskNow for genuine, spot-on advice and insight.


  • Available 24/7 via online chat
  • You can obtain readings in either English or Spanish as you require
  • Exceptional love readings
  • All psychics are thoroughly vetted for accuracy and authenticity
  • AskNow offers an introductory special of $1 per minute and 5 free minutes with a top psychic in the company’s network

3) Psychic Source

online phychic you can trust

Psychic Source is one of the most respected and oldest names around. The company has been in the psychic reading industry for over 30 years and has thousands of top-notch, 5-star reviews from happy, satisfied customers.

Inside the Psychic Source network, you’ll discover hundreds of mediums and psychics with a wide range of skill sets and abilities.

From mediums, love experts, and tarot readers, to energy healers, empaths, and clairvoyants, you’ll have no trouble finding a trusted psychic for your needs.

They have some of the world's best psychics, which is fantastic. However, it creates a bit of a dilemma at times. Due to the popularity of their most experienced psychics, they are frequently booked. This can sometimes make it challenging to get a hold of them.


  • Psychics are available 24/7 by live video or online chat
  • Psychic Source offers a special offer of 10 minutes for $10, plus 3 additional minutes for free
  • Their highest rated psychics might not be available due to being in high-demand.
  • Over 30 years in business serving clients
  • The company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t love your reading it’s totally free

4) Keen

Keen online network of psychics spans the globe

My next favorite place to chat with a psychic online is Keen. They are one of the largest networks of spiritual guides on the entire globe! The company has been offering satisfied customers psychic and love advice since 1999, with over 43 million chat conversations so far.

The primary aspect that really sets Keen apart from the competition is their extensive network of psychics that extends beyond 1,700 readers. Also, you have the freedom to choose your own psychic with an instant online connection through the Keen App.

After you set up your account with Keen, you can look through and filter the list of the network’s highest-rated psychics based on category.

Whether you’re looking for answers regarding life questions, love, relationships, are searching for a premier online tarot reading, or wish to chat with an advisor, you’ll have no problem finding the right psychic for you.

The psychics at Keen have the freedom to set their own rates, so the cost of a reading will vary based on their level of talent and popularity on the platform. After you find a psychic you like, you can keep going back again and again.

Keen allows you to chat with your favorite psychic(s) with total ease - so you can get an instant psychic reading online. You can also schedule a callback time if you reach out to your reader and they are helping another client.

If you’re on the hunt for the best online psychic readings, Keen should be a strong contender on your shortlist. In my opinion, Keen offers one the of the best deals out on the web today, with a 10 minute reading for just $1.99.


  • Keen’s online psychics have given over 43 million readings since 1999
  • The network has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for clients
  • Special Intro Offer: Get a 10-minute reading for only $1.99
  • Chat directly with a psychic online or through the Keen App
  • Experts at giving readings about relationship, love, careers, and so much more

5) Oranum

Oranum makes it on this list because they have incredible psychic readings via live video

With a network of clairvoyant's and online psychics around the globe, Oranum has declared itself to be the “world’s largest spiritual community”. Their mediums offer readings by chat or via a live webcam platform, making them easily accessible to clients around the world.

The Oranum network has psychics with a range of specialties and abilities, including Reiki healing, dream interpretation, horoscopes, astrology, numerology, tarot cards, and beyond.

I have personally used Oranum many times and I am almost always impressed.

A few features that really sets Oranum apart from the competition are:

  1. They only offer readings via chat or live webcam. They do not offer phone readings.
  2. Because it's an online spiritual community it has more of a social, and much more personal, feel than the alternatives.
  3. You get free unlimited chat. Yes, chat as much you want without having to pay a cent. On top of that, new users can get a free reading up to 10 minutes

Something to note is that just about anyone can sign up and offer readings. So, this allows individuals with psychic gifts and abilities to share their skills with people all over the globe via the Oranum network. However, because anyone with psychic powers can sign up, there is some potential for fake psychics.


  • Get $9.99 in free credits when you sign up
  • Free live chat so you can ask questions of the medium before you purchase a full session
  • One of the only networks that offers webcam readings with a live psychic online
  • Live psychic readings completely secure and private
  • The platform has a Top 100 List so you can see the top psychics in Oranum’s network

6) Hollywood Psychics

Hollywood psychics offers a 100% guarantee, setting it apart from other psychic services online.

In contrast to other psychic networks, Hollywood Psychics offers online chat in a more streamlined way.

Rather than offering a huge variety of online mediums to choose from, they handpick their top readers. This means you'll have less advisors to choose from but the quality of readers is very high. It also means you'll get your online readings faster and easier because you won't end up getting lost navigating the website!

Hollywood psychics offers horoscope readings, tarot, clairvoyant, dream interpretation, mediums, spiritual guidance, astrology, pet psychics, and career guidance.

A unique thing that I haven't seen elsewhere yet, is that they offer a category of reading that is specifically geared towards men.

Right now Hollywood Psychics has special for new members who sign up online: $10 for 10 minutes, plus you get 3 minutes free on your first paid reading. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you don't want to be confused by a lot of choices or information, this could be a great network for you.


  • Chat readings 24/7/365
  • Streamlined experience
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Offers a category of online readings specifically for men
  • Special Offer: $10 for 10 minutes + 3 free minutes

Choosing the Best Online Psychics - Things You Should Consider

These are the top factors you should consider when deciding which psychic network is best for you.

Do They Give Accurate Chat Readings?

The very first component you must take into account when hunting for top-rated internet psychics is the accuracy of the medium you'll be working with.

It might seem like an obvious point that the accuracy of your reading will be a deciding factor in the spiritual advisor you pick, but finding a good psychic online that gives an accurate psychic reading by chat is not as simple as sounds.

After all, when you ask,  "Will he propose to me?", and other important questions, you want to be reasonably sure you're getting good information. 

A spot-on chat reading can bring you the happiness you've been waiting for.

accurate online medium

How accurate your psychic is will depend on a wide range of elements, with the primary factors being:

  • The experience of the reader
  • The level of ability and skill set of the reader
  • How open and honest you are willing to be with your reader

The sad truth is that not all online mediums are accurate. However, the clairvoyants that offer online chat will definitely be accurate more often than not. If you pick any of the networks I reviewed previously, you can rest assured that your reading is in good hands.

The important thing to remember when looking for psychic help online is that even the best internet mediums give an inaccurate reading now and then. Your advisor could be having an “off” day, or perhaps the connection is not as strong as you would like it to be.

If you sense these kinds of issues during a session, it is completely acceptable to politely terminate the reading and contact the customer service team to request a credit to your account.

Most services that offer the top psychic readings online will provide an account refund if you’re dissatisfied with a session. Of course, you can always try again by getting a reading from another psychic.

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Does the Company Have a Good Reputation?

The next factor you need to consider is the company’s reputation. If the company is not well respected and regarded in the psychic industry, I recommend you stay far away. Don't risk your hard-earned money on them.

There are a plethora of respected, authentic, and reputable online psychic networks out there, so don’t waste your time and money settling for a company with a less than desirable reputation.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to assess the reputation of a psychic network online:

  • How many years has the company been in business?
  • Does the website appear reputable and trustworthy?
  • Does the website contain links to the company’s social media pages? What do the followers have to say about the network?
  • Does the company have a satisfactory Better Business Bureau rating?
  • Does the company have a positive reputation and good reviews from within the psychic industry?

Do They Have High-Quality Ratings and Online Reviews?

When choosing a particular psychic in an online medium network, the clairvoyant’s ratings and reviews are important factors to consider to ensure you get top-notch readings.

You should assess your reader based on what past clients have to say because this will tell you whether they are worth your time and money or whether you would be wise to move on to a different psychic.

Most online networks show the testimonials and ratings of their psychics on each medium’s profile page, so you can separate the advisors who give the top online psychic readings from the sub-par ones pretty quickly.

These ratings and reviews of the best online psychics will help you decide who to pick

The best psychics will have excellent ratings and a wealth of positive feedback from past clients.

Based on my experience, I would recommend that you only pick someone with a minimum of a 4-star rating or above. An online medium with just 1 to 2 stars is a bad sign, and you should avoid psychics with these low ratings at all costs.

Even if a psychic appears to have a good profile with years of experience under their belt, low client ratings tell the real story.

I've published other psychic reviews on this site, here are some of them:

Do They Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

If a psychic network’s website does not state specifically that it has a satisfaction guarantee on the homepage, the company probably doesn’t offer one.

Some people naturally look for chat readings that have the cheapest price. This is understandable, but a common, and costly, mistake is failing to look for a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What might happen is you get the super low price in the beginning, but then get poor quality readings and/or want a refund but they won't give it to you. So you end up paying more than if you went with a higher quality site.

satisfaction guarantee

So just keep this in mind: If a company that provides psychic services online doesn’t give a satisfaction guarantee to clients, this speaks volumes about the network in general and its level of service.

The absolute best online psychic sites offer an iron-clad guarantee to clients because they are completely confident in the skill and ability of their readers.

Do They Have Reasonable Prices?

The affordability and price of a reading is another key point to keep in mind when looking for real psychics to chat with. That said, you should know that readings by online chat can come with a decent price tag depending on the network you choose.

Price should be one element you consider when assessing a network, but most certainly not the only deciding factor. Just because a reading is costly though, doesn’t always mean that it will be more accurate than a cheaper reading would be.

Here’s what you need to think about when looking at a psychic network’s prices:

  • Does the company offer discounts to first-time clients? All the networks I recommend, up above, do.
  • Does the network offer free session minutes at the start of a reading so you can get a feel for your psychic?
  • Does the network charge on a per-minute basis or do they require a flat fee for a set window of time?

What Psychic Ability is Best Suited to Answer Your Question?

In addition to components like reviews, satisfaction guarantees, and affordability, you’ll also want to consider the type of psychic ability you’re looking for when choosing a good internet psychic.

When you’re searching a network for psychics, you’ll be able to filter through the different readers based on their area of expertise and ability. Think about the type of session you need to ensure you pick the right reading for your particular situation.

For instance, if you want to reach out to a loved one that previously passed away, you will need to chat with a medium

If you want to get a physic reading online here's how to know which medium you should chat with

A medium has the ability to interact and communicate with the spiritual realm, both to send and receive messages between you and your departed loved one.

Likewise, if you need advice regarding your love life or a certain relationship, you’ll need to hire an online love psychic to obtain the clarity you seek.

The most common types of psychics include:

  • Empaths
  • Mediums
  • Intuitive
  • Clairvoyants
  • Tarot Readers
  • Astrologists
  • Energy Healers

Why Using An Online Psychic Network Is Better Than Visiting a Medium Near You

By this point, you might be wondering what advantage there is to chatting with a real online psychic vs. simply visiting a medium in person.

Here’s what you need to know.

They Have Accountability

The primary advantage of getting your future read online vs. an in-person session is the fact that most psychic networks have an excellent level of accountability that independent and freelance mediums don’t.

A psychic network has a strong reputation to maintain. In order for a company to grow its psychic business and attract repeat clients, it must ensure its reputation is exceptional.

If a company is providing subpar or inaccurate readings, chances are the business won’t last for very long.

The top psychic networks online are accountable

The problem with choosing a freelance psychic over a medium from an established network is that you have absolutely zero way to hold them accountable.

A freelancer doesn’t have to worry about their reputation, as they could shut the business down one day and open it up in a different name the next, with no one being the wiser. Such business models are the very definition of a scam, and often the exact way scammers work.

Within the psychic industry itself, there isn’t any type of regulatory board or licensure required for mediums to give readings. The next best thing to a regulatory board is a trusted psychic network that vets and screens its mediums before accepting them to offer readings to clients.

You Can Choose from a Large Variety of Psychics

Another huge benefit of opting for online chat psychics is that you’ll have a very large selection of mediums and clairvoyants to choose from. A network provides way more options than you would ever have by just searching for local psychics.

With an online video or chat session, you can literally get in touch from any location around the globe.

In addition, because an online network offers such a wide selection readers to pick from, you’ll have a much easier time finding the right advisor for your needs. Most psychic network websites allow customers to filter through readers based on criterion such as:

  • Price
  • Ability
  • Area of expertise
  • Reading type
  • Client reviews
  • Method of communication (live video, email, or chat)

It's Super Convenient

Online medium readings are also so valuable and popular because they are incredibly convenient. You can get your reading from the ease and comfort of your home, with a steaming cup of coffee or tea in hand and your favorite fuzzy slippers on.

What could be better?

Thanks to the beauty of modern technology, getting a legitimate, genuine reading you can rely on is faster and more convenient than ever. This means you can get psychic readings online now. As in, right now, this very instant, if you want.

Another amazing thing about chatting with a psychic online is that you can message a reader from anywhere and at any time.

No need to stress about waiting long periods to chat with your psychic or commuting long distances just to get a reliable reading. You won’t even have to feel anxious about speaking face-to-face with a medium.

Most networks have mobile apps. So you can download the app on your smartphone, check to see which readers are available, and chat right away.

The apps even allow you to send an email if your favorite reader is held up with another client. No matter where you are in the world, the app lets you connect with a psychic online and find the answers you’re seeking.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed - So No More Scams!

Another great thing is that most online providers offer satisfaction guarantees to customers.

There are two common types of satisfaction guarantees you should keep an eye out for when researching a provider to see if they are worth your time and money:

  • The network will refund your account for the full cost of a session if you are dissatisfied
  • The network will credit your account with session minutes so you can simply chat with a different reader

Since most freelance psychics don’t offer satisfaction guarantees, you will have little to no recourse if you’re unhappy with your reading.

Internet Psychics Are Screened and Tested For Authenticity

The top networks put each online medium through a stringent vetting and screening process to ensure the best quality and most accurate readings for clients.

These companies evaluate the psychics in the network based on a range of factors, including their:

  • Accuracy
  • Commitment to helping clients
  • Skillset and ability level
  • Honesty

Your Psychic Won't Be Influenced by Your Physical Appearance

One reason I recommend online chat readings so highly is that the psychic won’t be influenced in any way by the client’s physical appearance, which could otherwise potentially throw off the predictions.

When you speak with a medium in person, they could be influenced by factors such as:

  • Your actions
  • Whether or not you are wearing a wedding ring
  • How affluent you appear to be

However, over the internet, the mediums won’t have the option to make preconceived judgments based on your physical appearance. Instead, they must depend on their spirit guides, intuition, and extrasensory perception alone to gain clarity and find the answers you seek.

What this means, is that a prediction through online chat is often significantly more accurate and dependable than an in-person session.

What Are Online Psychic Readings and How Do They Work?

Back in the day, the only way to get a legitimate psychic reading was to visit a spiritual advisor and sit down for a face-to-face session. In the modern day and age with the plethora of technological advancements available, you can get a reading in any number of ways.

Options include:

  • Online chat
  • Live video
  • Email

Keep reading for my review of the different types readings so you can determine which approach is right for you.

Online Psychic Chat Readings

As you might have already guessed, an online psychic chat reading occurs via instant messenger. 

You can communicate with your spiritual guide through a private chat room, allowing you the opportunity to ask any questions weighing on your mind and get answers right away.

Providers typically charge clients on a per-minute basis.

For each minute of your session, the cost is deducted from your provider account as the reading continues.

online psychic

Chatting with a psychic on the internet can quickly get to the heart of the matter - so you get the happy life you deserve.

Here’s a quick overview of the top things you need to know before choosing an online psychic for chat readings:

  • Most online psychic networks let you save your message transcript once the reading is over. You won’t have to worry about taking notes during your session, and can go back and look at the transcript later for additional clarity.
  • Your advisor will not have or be given your personal information. You can rest assured that each session is 100% private and anonymous.
  • Some people are slow typists, but most readers you’ll connect with through online messaging can type pretty fast.
  • You will have the ability to chat with your physic online from your laptop or via your mobile device, which means you can obtain a reading from anywhere in the world. You just need to have a quality internet connection.

Live Video Readings via Webcam

Another option is to get a live video reading with your medium via a webcam.

The two-way video chat function is similar to online messaging, except that you and your psychic will be able to see each other during the reading, enhancing the connection.

If you’ve ever wondered how an online psychic can get an accurate read on your vibrations and energy during a live video chat, the process might astound you.

During a real-time reading, the psychic will leverage his or her natural gifts (such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.) to obtain information from the spiritual world. Then, the reader will provide you with accurate guidance and specific answers to your problem.

Live video readings via webcam have become an increasingly popular method because clients can enjoy the personal connection of an in-person reading while enjoying the convenience and comfort of an online setting.

Example Questions to Ask an Online Psychic

If you're not sure what to ask, here is a list of example questions you can ask your online advisor. They cover a variety of topics.

If you want to ask a psychic online about love, good questions include:

  • What is the universe attempting to tell me about my love life?
  • What can I do to find true love?
  • What is the universe trying to reveal to me about my current romantic partner?
  • I want to heal my relationship with my partner. What guidance can the divine offer?
  • I want to learn how to follow my heart and live my best life. What wisdom do the spirit guides have for me?

If you are seeking guidance about your family, here are some questions you could ask:

  • What new information does the divine want me to know about my family?
  • Is there anything I can do to secure lasting harmony and balance in my home life?
  • What is the divine trying to tell me about the current needs of my loved ones?
  • I’m wish to heal my home. What wisdom can the universe offer me to accomplish this?
  • I want to achieve better things for my family. What guidance does the divine have for me?

If you need guidance for your career, ask things such as:

  • What are the spirit guides trying to tell me about my career growth and financial situation?
  • What are some actions I can take to find a meaningful career?
  • What do my spirit guides want to tell me about my current position, colleagues, and work environment, and how can I rise through the ranks at work?
  • I’m striving to improve my current job situation. What guidance can the divine offer for this?
  • I want to know how I can achieve my best life career and finance-wise. What guidance does the divine have for me?

Can a Real Psychic Do an Online Reading?

If you're wondering, "Are online psychics real?" and if they can really give an accurate reading, allow me to answer:

 Of course!

As I mentioned previously, not only are they real, but online readings actually have the potential to be significantly more accurate than in-person sessions.

That is because your medium won’t be influenced by certain physical factors such how you act or how wealthy you appear to be.

Are internet psychics real? Here's the answer

Real internet psychics can shed light on the issues you face.

With an online reading, a skilled psychic relies solely on their connection with the spiritual realms and their intuition to receive the information you’re seeking and pass it on to you.

Here's How to Tell If Your Online Psychic Is Real or a Scammer

Remember, even the most trusted, verified psychics aren’t magicians.

They can’t foretell your future, nor are they mind readers.

Instead, skilled clairvoyants channel the wisdom of the spirit guides to offer you the answers you’re looking for. 

The sad truth is, there are fake psychics and mediums on the internet so it’s critical to understand how to tell the frauds from the real deal.

Here's how to know if an online clairvoyant is a fake

Use the information in this review to get legitimate predictions and avoid sneaky scams.

Keep reading to discover how to do exactly that.  

Legit Internet Psychics Won't Offer To Remove a Curse

It might seem like whimsical fancy spun from a fairy tale, but there are actually psychics out there who fraudulently claim to have the ability to remove curses. Legit internet psychics would never make such a claim, and “psychics” who promote this fallacy are scammers.

The scam typically involves the medium declaring that your family has been cursed and they need extra payments for crystals or medallions to remove the ugly curse.

Curses don’t exist, and any psychics that claim they do are almost certainly frauds.

Genuine Online Psychics Won't Encourage You to Rely on Them

A major red flag to look for is when a psychic encourages you to be dependent on their readings for each and every decision you make in life. A genuine online psychic will never encourage this type of dependency.

A legitimate spiritual advisor is there to offer you advice and guidance when you require it, but you shouldn’t rely on readings alone whenever a challenge arises in your life.

These are 3 key signs of psychic dependency to watch out for:

  • You can’t seem to make any decision in your life without feeling the urge to chat with a medium first.
  • You are in debt due to the costs of your readings.
  • You struggle with obsessive thought behaviors in regard to communicating with your psychic and you are completely focused on what they might have to share with you.

An Honest Chat Psychic Won’t Try To Trick You With Cold Reading Techniques

Cold reading is a method that some internet mediums, fortune tellers, mentalists, and scam artists use to give the appearance that they know more about the client than they really do.

A dishonest reader might utilize this technique by posing vague queries to the customer until they reach a certain truth. Examples of questions a scammer might ask include:

  • Do you know someone who seems dishonest to you?
  • Who in your family is nearing old age?
  • What have you recently lost?

Legit psychics don’t ever ask a bunch of leading questions at the beginning of the reading. In reality, when a chat session starts, you should be the one asking all the questions.

The Greatest Online Psychics Won't Offer Free Readings

If you’ve been searching for the premier internet psychics, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of websites purporting to offer free video, email, or chat readings. Often, this is just a ploy to draw clients in.

With this type of “business model”, the psychic will let you ask a free question, but you’ll likely only receive a vague, scripted answer in return.

Once you ask more questions for clarification, they’ll ask you to give over your payment details to sign up for a full session and get the rest of your questions answered. It’s not uncommon for unauthorized charges and hidden fees to pop up in these types of circumstances.

The best online psychics with true skill don’t offer free readings to draw in customers, because they know that their reputation and abilities are enough to bring in clients.

Real Psychics Online Won’t Ask You to Send Them Money via Wire

If a psychic ever asks you to wire transfer money, run, as fast and as far as you can, because this is a definite sign of a fraud attempt. Genuine mediums on the internet won’t ever ask you to send them money via Western Union or a wire transfer.

Whenever you pay for a psychic reading, you should only pay with a credit card or through your PayPal account. This will protect you from fraud and allow you to get your money back in a worst case scenario.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Check out my answers to all your burning questions about online psychic networks.

How Do You Choose Good Psychics Online for Accurate Readings?

The video below contains excellent advice for a renowned medium named Gail Trauco. Check it out for some helpful tips for choosing a good online psychic, plus the top mistakes to avoid.

Can Psychic Predictions over the Internet Ever Be Wrong?

Your spiritual guide may offer information about an event that could potentially take place down the line, but you should never go into a chat session expecting the clairvoyant to predict your future 100% correct.

A psychic can help give you insight into your life’s purpose and what steps you need to take at this juncture in your life, as they glean information from the spirit guides. Also, remember that some psychics are more in-tune with the divine and have sharper abilities than others.

Just because a psychic offers a prediction that has not happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t occur in the future.

What Is the Average Cost of a Good Psychic Reading Online?

Typically, the average cost of a good reading from an online psychic ranges from $1.99 on the cheaper end up to $6.99 and beyond per minute for more experienced psychics. The price of your session will depend on the experience and abilities of the medium. Charges are per minute.

On the other hand, a face-to-face reading generally costs between $25 and $65 per hour!

So an online reading is a pretty darn good deal.

Which Online Psychics Take PayPal?

The online psychics at Kasamba, AskNow, Psychic Source, Keen, and Oranum take PayPal.

Having said that, in my experience it's easiest to use Paypal with Kasamba. You basically push a couple buttons and you're done. Super easy. Whereas the process is a bit more confusing and complicated with the other psychic networks.

On top of that, I feel that Kasamba has the best online psychic chat, hands-down. Their readings are always on-point. I tell all my family and friends to get a chat reading with them.

To sum up:  If you want to use PayPal to pay for an online reading I recommend Kasamba. They accept PayPal and give the most amazing psychic readings online.

How Do Online Psychics Get Their Information?

An online psychic is gifted with a unique ability known as Extrasensory Perception (ESP), which enables them to gauge, feel, and perceive details and information that the rest of us are unable to.

Common types of ESP include:

  • Clairaudience
  • Clairvoyance
  • Claircognizance
  • Clairsentience

Because of these psychic abilities, an internet psychic can connect with the information and energy transmitting through the spirit world. They can perceive, know, and receive information straight through their consciousness that no one else would be aware of or notice.

Is It Okay to Get an Online Psychic Reading When You Have a Live Psychic Advisor?

100%, yes it’s okay! Some people think there could be a conflict of some sort but this isn't the case.

Each time you work with a psychic a personal connection is created that is unique to that session. Even though there might be some overlap in the things two, or more, psychics sense about you, it won't interfere with the reading.

Also, as discussed earlier, an online reading is often more clear and more accurate than an in-person session with a live advisor. So sometimes after a person gets a face-to-face reading from a nearby psychic, that same person will then chat with a psychic online to gain additional clarity.

How Often Should You Get a Psychic Reading Online?

Updated 2/9/2020 - How often you get your psychic readings online is mainly up to you. Some individuals prefer messaging mediums often and building a relationship with their reader. Others just prefer to check in with their advisor from time to time.

You should consider contacting an online psychic if you:

  • Are struggling with your love life and relationships
  • Are preparing to make some major life changes
  • Are concerned about your money, career, or finances
  • Feel stuck in a scenario and don’t see a way out
  • Are dealing with a tough life situation, like a divorce

Remember, you should never be dependent on any psychic for every life decision you make. A reliable psychic is there to offer you guidance when you need it, but only you can know when the time is right to seek that help and wisdom for your life.