He Watched Me from the Woods

As luck would have it, I inherited a crappy piece of property in my early thirties when an Uncle passed away.

I know that sounds ungrateful, but if you’d seen it you would’ve laughed – just like the rest of my family did.

They teased me with countless haunted stories, due to the fact that the property was in a wooded area in the middle of nowhere.

He Watched Me from the Woods


Updated 2/9/2020 – I decided that I might as well go out and take a look one weekend, but no one was available to go with me.

Mom was afraid for me and made me promise to call every night, seeing as I left Friday afternoon and planned to come back on Saturday.

I drove a van so I decided that I’d sleep in it, even though there was a self-contained cabin there.

Unlucky for me, I was advised that there was no running water, but I’d already resigned myself to fixing the place up and selling it – even if I got a low price for it.

When I pulled up to the driveway on the four acre property, I felt shivers going down my spine.

I couldn’t put my finger on why that happened, but I ignored it and continued to drive.

The trees were so thick that I imagined myself getting lost, but soon I saw the cabin – which seemed too new in the shabby surroundings.

There were a couple of abandoned old cars and a haphazard pile of rotting wood near the shed which was next to the cabin.

When I got out of my car, I felt icicles running through my veins.

Maybe it was nerves, but I was sure I saw a shadow in the woods

I felt stupid, but I called out “Hello?”

Of course, nothing was there and the shadow disappeared.

I actually thought it might’ve been a bear so I raced to the front door and fiddled with the keys, eventually unlocking the door and letting myself in.

There was no furniture apart from an old table and only one chair!

It was obvious that my uncle had started doing the place up but his death intervened.

Thinking of him, I worried that his ghost might be haunting the cabin.

Little did I realize at that time, the scariest things were to happen outside.

I started to wonder if I would stay at all, but found myself dragging my bags and air mattress in.

I sat at the table and ate a makeshift meal, making mental notes about what I had to do to get the place ready for sale.

Then I heard a metallic noise not far from the back door.

I couldn’t be sure, but it sounded like a knife or axe being sharpened.

Fair enough, I do have an overactive imagination, but the sound was very real to me.

Haunted stories usually don’t scare me one bit

When I looked out the back window, there was nothing to see – at first.

As soon as I moved to go back to the table, something caught my attention out of the corner of my left eye.

I gasped when I turned back and saw what I thought was a huge, hulking silhouette staring at me from the edge of the woods.

It was too small to be a bear, but why would there be a person out here in the middle of nowhere?

I moved over to the window and had a second look, but it was gone.

I could’ve kicked myself for not bringing a weapon with me.

I didn’t even have a multi tool gadget.

Even though I’m female and was quite tough at the time, I’d been a tomboy all my life.

I always had tools on me, but all I had at that time was a flashlight.

Deciding not to be brave, I stayed in the cabin and wrote notes in my journal.

I froze when I heard the metallic sound again.

This time I was sure that it was inside the cabin!

I got up and nervously crept around, yelling, “Who’s there?!”

Believe me when I tell you that I jumped out of my skin when a shadow walked past the window!

The frightening thing was, I couldn’t tell if the shadow had been in the front of the window or outside.

In a panic, I ran over to the window and once again – I saw a huge silhouette – closer to the cabin, but still at the edge of the woods.

Rooted to the spot, I stared and barely blinked – trying my best to see if it was real.

It seemed like hours went past, but eventually I had to blink.

When I did, the shadow disappeared.

I really thought that a crazy man was watching me and I decided that I had to leave, but what if he was waiting out the front?

I gathered up my things and ran to the front door, but I stopped when I heard something fall over in the next room.

Was he inside?

I had no way of knowing and I didn’t want to find out.

I opened the door and ran as fast as I could to the car.

I was so grateful when the engine started immediately.

While driving off, I looked in the rear view mirror and I swear I could still see the outline of a person, but when I slowed down for one last look, he – or it – was gone.

It might sound odd, but I actually gave the property away to my Dad – who hasn’t had any issues there at all.

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