Have you witnessed ghostly activity while at a restaurant?

We asked a few of our readers one simple question:

“Have you witnessed ghostly activity while at a restaurant?”

Here are their deliciously scary replies:

Haunted pub on the corner

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Updated 2/9/2020 – “So a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I thought we would try this new sushi place that opened up down the road.

I’m not a big fan of eating raw fish, personally I think it’s gross.

But my girlfriend kept telling me I should try it, “Oh once you eat it, you’ll love it!”

Eventually I caved and we went on a Friday night.

It was pretty busy when we went in, being that the place was so new and all.

The waiter showed us to our table and my girlfriend took the liberty of ordering our food, since I didn’t know what any of this stuff was.

Shortly after the waiter came back with the first sushi roll.

I was super hesitant at first but after a while I started to enjoy myself.

That is until about ten minutes later when I started to get nauseatingly dizzy.

I didn’t know if the food was having an effect on me or what.

Not wanting to seem like a wimp, I told my girlfriend I had to use the bathroom.

Instead I went outside in the alley to get some fresh air.

That’s when I started to feel cold, like an icy wind had just brushed by.

I turned and looked down the alley, and there standing at the end was a dark hooded figure with black smoke twisting around him!

His face was concealed in the shadows and it looked like the smoke was getting bigger around him.

I quickly closed my eyes and rubbed my face and looked back at him, but there was nothing there.

I don’t think I got food poisoning, my girlfriend never got sick and I felt fine when I went back inside.

The event seemed completely real to me, and I haven’t gone back to that restaurant since.”

 – James P.

After you read Vicky’s experience below, you may never use a restaurant bathroom again.

“I’ve got one that’s pretty freaky.

My friends and I all go to this local bar and grill after work.

We’ve been going there for years and nothing weird has ever happened.

A couple months ago while we were eating I went to the bathroom.

There was nobody else in there when I entered.

I went into the stall and locked the door behind me.

After a couple seconds, the stall door to the right of me suddenly burst opened and slammed against the wall.

I was completely startled.

Then, my own stall door burst opened!

I let out a terrified scream, and then realized there was still no one else in the bathroom.

I quickly rushed out of there and when I told my friends it didn’t seem like they believed me.

After a week or two I went back, but I still refuse to use the bathroom.”

 – Vicky H.

Ghost of woman in doorway

Photo credit: flickr/dianepowers

And Sammy’s reply below may make you second-guess your choice of pubs.

“Once or twice I week I like to go down to the pub close to where I live.

I’ve always heard that the place was haunted, and weird stuff happened but I never saw anything.

I’m not the kind of guy that worries about stuff like that.

On this night there weren’t many people in the place, just a couple younger guys playing pool.

I sat at the bar and was greeted by the bartender who I’m friendly with.

After my first drink I noticed that the TV kept switching stations, but there was no one around to change it.

The bartender apologized and kept switching it back.

About the third time he switched it, a beer mug fell down from one of the racks and smashed on the floor.

Okay that was kind of weird, and there was no one in that area who could have knocked it over.

The bartender cleaned it up and I went back to the basketball game on TV.

All of a sudden the TV went out, and for a split second, I saw a disturbing black and white face that was distorted staring back at me out of the screen.

It looked like it was hysterically laughing, and its mouth and eyes were in a sickening slanted gesture.

The TV then flickered and the basketball game quickly came back on.

When I asked the bartender if he saw anything, he told me that he’s seen the face before, and that it was the ghost that haunts the pub.

Needless to say I’m taking some time off from drinking.”

 – Sammy H.

How about you, what ghostly phenomena have you seen while eating at a restaurant?

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