My Disturbing Slender Man Encounter in Mendocino

I believe we are all born with an inherent sense of good and evil.

What drives us to go in either direction is the influence of outside forces, some more powerful than others.

A couple of years ago while I was living in Mendocino, California I had just dropped off my younger sister at karate practice.

Slender Man sighting in Mendocino California

Updated 2/9/2020 – It was later on in the evening, the moment where the sun just starts to set and the sky ignites in purple and golden colors.

It seemed like a nice night for it, so I decided to go on a short drive while my sister finished her class.

I knew the county fairly well but decided to drive down some back roads I didn’t recognize.

I figured why not, right?

After a while on this one particular road I started to notice that I could no longer spot any houses or other cars.

It seemed that the road was getting thinner and thinner as I rolled along.

I decided to turn around, and as I came to a slow my radio suddenly cut out.

Strange…that never happened before.

I started fiddling with the dials but all I could get out of it was silence.

This is when I started to feel creeped out and decided to make a U-turn.

As I stopped my car, I jumped at the sight of a mysterious figure standing in the middle of the road.

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The man was enormously tall and had the longest limbs I’ve ever seen.

His arms were almost like tentacles, absent of any bone.

He was wearing a black suit and tie, and as I looked up I became horrified to learn that his face had no features.

No nose, no mouth, no eyes. Just a complete void.

I couldn’t put the car into drive I was so shocked. Just at that moment a voice entered my head of a man whispering.

It told me to run my car into the man and kill him. It repeated the words, “kill him” over and over, all the while the man just ominously stood facing in my direction.

All at once I screamed and slammed my foot down on the gas.

I ignored the call of the voice and sped off in the opposite direction, eventually making my way back into town.

A week later I opened the newspaper to learn that a car had veered off the road near the area where the incident happened to me.

The passenger in the car died on impact.

I’m convinced that the tall man had accomplished his goal, and convinced that driver to go off the side of the road and wind up with a fate that could have happened to me.

– Xavier G.