Hollywood Psychics Review 2020: Fake? Real Readings? (Exposed!)

Searching for answers? You'll find them in this Hollywood Psychics review.

Searching for answers? You’ll find them in this Hollywood Psychics review.

You have so many questions.

Maybe you’re unsure about your man.

Is he the real thing?

Or perhaps you feel stuck in a dead end job that is going nowhere. You need answers now.

I understand how you feel. I’ve had a lot of the same doubts too.

You’ve thought about consulting a psychic, but you’re unsure. Is it all a scam? Can you trust them?

Maybe you’ve heard about Hollywood Psychic before. You’ve looked around a bit on the internet to find out if they’re legit. It shouldn’t be so hard to know the truth.

I can help.

I did a lot of research for this Hollywood Psychics review. I can tell you what you need to know. Let me show you what I learned.

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A Critical, In-Depth Review of Hollywood Psychics, Their Readings, and Promos

Points to Consider

Let’s first take a step back before jumping into the review to think about a few things about getting a psychic reading. I want to help you have a positive experience.

Who Should Get a Psychic Reading

You’re going to learn a lot when you get a psychic reading. Finally learning the truth can be scary. You have to have an open mind to what you’re going to hear. If you’re ready for the answers, a psychic reading is a good choice for you.

Who Should Not Get a Psychic Reading

If you have a closed mind, you’re not going to get the accurate reading and answers you need. You may even end up with more questions and confusion. If you’re skeptical, a psychic reading may not give you the help you need.

What Is Hollywood Psychics?

Hollywood Psychics offers psychic readings via phone or online chat. Their psychics have a wide range of specialties from which to choose including dream interpretation, tarot card readings, and more. They offer a no-hassle satisfaction guarantee. Psychics are available 24/7.

Hollywood Psychics operates like other reputable psychic networks like California Psychics and Oranum. However, California Psychics only provides phone readings, and Oranum only provides Video and Chat readings. In comparison, Hollywood Psychics offers online chat in addition to calls.

Hollywood Psychics offer some great promotions to make getting started easy and affordable. Hollywood Psychics’ updated website makes it even simpler to find the right psychic with a handy filter and compare functions.

When you know what's in your future, it's easy to relax and enjoy life.

When you know what’s in your future, it’s easy to relax and enjoy life.

How Does Hollywood Psychics Work?

Registration is fast and easy with Hollywood Psychics. You’ll first need to set up an account which you can do online or by calling customer service. Then, you can browse through the profiles of the available psychics to find one that matches your needs.

When you’re ready, you can add time to your account. You are in control of how many minutes you buy. There are no hidden fees or surcharges. You can start your online chat or phone call anytime.


  • Satisfaction guarantee or your money back
  • Powerful search function to find the right psychic
  • One per minute price for all psychic readings
  • Extensive article and resource section
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Must sign up to get daily horoscopes
  • Home page doesn’t provide many details about psychics
  • Lots of conditions with its policies, so read the fine print

Watch this brief video for more information:

In my experience, Hollywood Psychics is ok, but the best, most accurate, and cheapest, is Kasamba. Here is Kasamba's current promo, check it out:

3 FREE Minutes + 70% Off your first session with Kasamba

Types of Readings And The Benefits You Get

Hollywood Psychics offer many types of readings which you can filter by the type of tools and gifts that a psychic advisor has.

Family and Friends

Do you and your family have trouble communicating these days? Are you arguing about the same issues? A psychic reading can help you see your situation more clearly and give you insights.

Sex and Love

Are you tired of being lonely? Do you wonder if your significant other really cares about you? The experienced advisors at Hollywood Psychics can help you find the clarity you need in your life with honest answers to your most pressing questions.


Do you often wonder how you got where you’re at now? Do you have doubts about whether you’re on the right path? An astrology reading can help you find your way based on your birth chart drawn from the time, date, and place of your birth.


Are you worried about what your future holds? Do you wish you had some guidance to make better decisions? Cartomancy is an ancient practice of divining the future through cards. Hollywood Psychics use a variety of tools such as angel cards or tarot to give you answers.

Dream Interpretation

Do you often wonder what your dreams are trying to tell you? Maybe you have recurring dreams that make no sense to you. A dream interpretation reading can provide you with answers to the personal meanings of the things you dream about and how to use this information in your life.

Psychic Medium

Do you long for closure after the passing of someone you cared for? Does that unasked question still bother you? A psychic medium has the gift of being to communicate with the departed. They can help you get the answers you need to move on with your life.


Are you so stressed and confused that you find it hard to concentrate? Do you find it hard to make sense of your emotions? An empath can help provide insights into the areas of conflict in your life so that you can find peace in all the chaos.

Pricing and Special Promos

One of the things I really like about Hollywood Psychics is its one tier pricing. You don’t have to pass on an advisor because you can’t afford them. It offers some great promotions, but even its regular pricing is more affordable than a lot of other networks.

New members get a special introductory rate of $1 per minute. You can choose 10, 20, or a 30-minute package. You’ll also get three free minutes on top of that. Regular pricing is $5 per minute.

In my experience, Hollywood Psychics is ok, but the best, most accurate, and cheapest, is Kasamba. Here is Kasamba's current promo, check it out:

3 FREE Minutes + 70% Off your first session with Kasamba

Their 10 Best Mediums

Best Mediums on the Hollywood Psychics Website

This list of the best Hollywood Psychics, will show you exactly who to talk to.

Wondering who to get on Hollywood Psychics?

You want to talk to the psychic that’s best for you, right?

I get it.

When you need answers for your problems and questions, you don’t want to talk to just any advisor.

You want to speak with the one that best matches with you.

There are a lot mediums with a variety of skills and levels of experience, so it can be hard to choose.

But you’re in the right place because I’ve done all the legwork for you.

In order to give you a review that’s as in-depth as possible I felt I should point you towards the premier readers on Hollywood Psychics.

Even though “Best” is subjective, this list is based on my experience and I’m confident it will help point you in the right direction.

Ok then, let’s get to it!

In my experience, the psychics at Hollywood Psychics are alright, but the best, most accurate, and cheapest psychic readers are at Kasamba. Here is Kasamba's current promo, check it out:

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1) Judy - My #1 pick at Hollywood Psychics

Judy - Hollywood Psychics

Judy is my top pick for Hollywood Psychics mediums to contact.

She comes from a long line of psychics on her father’s side.

Judy has a wide variety of skills and she is reknown for her ability to give trustworthy guidance. 

If you need immediate answers get in touch with Judy now.

2) Susan

Susan - Hollywood Psychics

Susan is a Tarot reader who has clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts.

She is especially gifted at money/career concerns.

Susan prefers to use the Rider Waite deck as it speaks to her.

If you're looking for a tarot reading about money or career, Susan is your go-to girl.

3) Mattie


Mattie is a popular medium who is gifted in multiple abilities.

However, her specialty is giving pet readings - as she is able to link to their auras.

If you have questions about your pet, like determining their health, or knowing their feelings about their specific environment, talk to Mattie now.

4) Aiko

Aiko is a Hollywood Psychics reader who can perform readings in Spanish, using Astrology, Numerology and Tarot along with her gifts of empathy and clairvoyance.

This medium is a lifetime student of Comparative Philosophy and Religion, Science and Metaphysics – as well as facilitating events, lectures and workshops.

If you want a reading using Numerology, chat with Aiko.

5) Alexis


Alexis uses her healing abilities to nurture your spirit, body, and mind. 

To hone her abilities even further she has taken Reiki classes ensuring she gives you the best session possible.

If you want a healing session that will give you goosebumps, Alexis will help you

6) Cambria


Cambria is an empathic medium who wants to help you.

She’s had out of the body experiences since she was young and often sees things before they happen.

If need your future made clear to you, get in touch with Cambria.

7) Alex


Alex is a medium who focuses on issues about ur mind, body, and spirit.

By contacting his spirit guides he will give you wisdom and compassion.

He believes that there’s no such thing as bad news, seeing as it all depends on attitude when it comes to problems in life.

If you are in need of wisdom and serenity, get in touch with Alex.

8) Terri


Terri has a knack for helping you find lost objects.

Her gifts also include being an empath, clairvoyant and clairsentient and she speaks in a direct style.

She is so sensitive as an empath she can literally feel your pain – physical, mental and spiritual.

If you need to locate something that has gone missing, or if you need compassion and empathy from someone who really can feel your pain, contact Terri now.

9) Clair

Clair uses her skills as an empath, clairvoyant and clairsentient, together with Tarot, Astrology and Numerology to reveal your future.

Since she was a teenager, she has been using her psychics gifts to help people just like you.

If you're ready to be helped, Clair is ready for you to speak with her.

10) Abigale


Abigale has a direct style and answers your questions about a variety of issues, but is especially good at knowing the meaning of your dreams.

She has been communicating with spirit and working with spiritual energy since she was 12 years old.

If you need dream interpretation, Abigale is the one for you.

Website Features and Benefits

The Hollywood Psychics website is so user-friendly that you’ll find it easy to get the information you need. Let me tell you about some of its best features.

Are you so stressed and confused that you find it hard to concentrate? An empath readings can help.

Are you so stressed and confused that you find it hard to concentrate? An empath reading can help.

Psychic Details

When you click the “Our Psychics” button on the top of the page, you’ll see the first page of psychics with lots of information to get you started on your search. Each listing includes the specialties, gifts, tools, and style of every psychic. You’ll also see each psychic’s rating.

Robust Filter

You can narrow your search quickly by checking the appropriate boxes on the left sidebar. It’ll save you time rather than simply browsing the profiles of the over 2,000 psychics on their website. I especially liked the style option so that I know what to expect with a reading.

Listen Function

You should trust your gut when it comes to picking the right psychic for you. Sometimes just hearing their voice can help you decide. Each psychic profile includes a “Listen” button so that you can hear how they sound. It’s an excellent way to see if you two will connect.

Compare Option

Can’t decide between a few psychics? You can use the compare option to look at the profiles of up to four psychics side-by-side. If you don’t pick four, the site will suggest other advisors for you to consider. It makes the process of choosing an advisor that much easier.

Articles & Video Section

The Hollywood Psychics website include an extensive library of articles and videos grouped by specialty. There is also a large selection of informative videos so that you can listen to your favorite psychic online anytime.


Hollywood Psychics makes it easy to see who’s available. You can see a psychic’s real-time status next to their profile with buttons for phone readings or online chat. There is also a pull-up menu on the bottom of each page to find available advisors anytime.

What Makes Them Unique

Hollywood Psychics has several interesting features which set it apart from other psychic networks that are worth a look.

Membership Perks

Hollywood Psychics is one of the few sites that rewards its members with perks. You can get 5 bonus minutes for every 10 readings you get. You can start earning perks as soon as you register. The more you use the site, the more you save.

Favorite Advisors

You can easily favorite the psychics you connect with the best. You can access your list anytime. You can also add private notes about your advisors that only you can see. It’s a great way to keep track of the answers your advisor has given you.

Psychic Screening

Hollywood Psychics network screens every advisor on its website so that you know you’re communicating with a legit psychic. You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off when using their services.

Helpful Psychic Comparison

It’s hard to know what to expect when you get your first reading. I know. I was nervous too. That’s why the style filter is so helpful. You can choose between compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, or wise reading styles. No unfortunate surprises when it comes time to connect.

Hollywood Psychics makes it easy to find an advisor who is right for you. You can view ratings by the connection type. Each profile includes a detailed schedule for availability and a candid Q&A section to help you get to know your advisor.

Social Media Presence

You’ll find most psychic networks on Facebook or Twitter. But Hollywood Psychics takes it one step further with profiles on Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. I loved having so many options for ways to connect with the site.

Love Match Guide

Hollywood Psychics offers a free Love Match Guide so that you can check the compatibility of you and your partner based on your zodiac signs. I was impressed with how accurate it was when I entered me and my significant other’s info.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The best psychic sites offer a guarantee for their services. Most offer it in minutes with another advisor. Hollywood Psychics gives you the choice between minutes or your money back. The one condition is that you must make your request within one business day of your last reading.

Hollywood Psychics User Reviews and Ratings

Just like you, I wanted to find out what others think of Hollywood Psychics. So, I searched the internet and found some positive reviews. Here’s a couple I want to share with you:

Hollywood Psychics User Reviews and Ratings 1

Hollywood Psychics User Reviews and Ratings 2

Alternatives to HollywoodPsychics.com


AskNow is a similar psychic network. It offers both phone readings and online chat. Prices per minute vary with the advisor. It also has a satisfaction guarantee up to five minutes. You can ask a free question to try out their service before you buy.


Kasamba operates like Hollywood Psychics only it also includes email and online Q&A in its ways to connect with advisors. On the downside, its services aren’t cheap. The pricing for some psychics is over $10 a minute.

California Psychics

If you’ve done any searching for psychics, you’re probably familiar with California Psychics. It is one of the oldest networks out there and gives some of the best phone psychic readings. However, they don’t offer online readings like Hollywood Psychics does.

Review Conclusion

Updated 2/9/2020 – At this point, you’re probably asking is Hollywood Psychics fake or real? The short answer is that they are real and legit. During my Hollywood Psychics review process, I got numerous readings for myself. I asked questions about my family and love life that no one would know.

I received true and accurate answers consistently. Their psychics treated me with compassion and warmth. I felt at ease talking with them and asking the most private questions.

If you need peace of mind and relief from the burden of stress, you should consider giving Hollywood Psychics a try. With their great promo pricing and money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Your open mind will lead you to the guidance you need to find the truth.

In my experience, Hollywood Psychics is ok, but the best, most accurate, and cheapest, is Kasamba. Here is Kasamba's current promo, check it out:

3 FREE Minutes + 70% Off your first session with Kasamba