Haunted Stories: Dolls in the Attic

I was part of a cleanup crew when the city decided to tear down old buildings that had asbestos in the walls.

The building I was assigned to was a toy store for at least fifty years, so it was indeed a sad affair.

Updated 2/9/2020 – Once on site, I felt an unsettling vibe that was like a mixture of nostalgia and forgotten memories.

There was something else in the mix which I couldn’t put my finger on.

Needless to say, it was creepy.

I’d heard a lot of haunted stories and until then, I never paid much heed to them.

I was soon to be proven wrong.

There were seven of us in the crew and after suiting up, we set off to our designated areas.

Mine was the attic.

I wasn’t that impressed with my assignment but I pulled my equipment up the stairs and prepared to work.

When I first entered the space, I had to fight many cobwebs and a variety of boxes, crates and cabinets.

The prep crew had neglected to clear it all out so I started to move and pack all of the items.

I tried to ignore the freaky giggles and sniggers

Thinking that the laughter was either coming from downstairs or from the toys in the boxes, I soldiered on.

It wasn’t until a doll’s arm fell on the floor – right in front of me – that I began to feel I wasn’t alone.

I felt like it hadn’t been thrown, but rather – it had dropped from above.

I looked up, but there was no way it fell.

There were only beams and roofing slats – nothing that the arm could’ve fallen from.

It was confusing.

As I picked up the arm and tossed it into a box, I heard a deep growl from somewhere in the back of the attic.

I spun around and saw that something had disturbed the thick dust, which billowed up in a big cloud.

I yelled, “Who’s there?!”

Silence first – then a cackle like an evil witch.

I slowly crept towards the back.

I stopped when I saw a dirty old doll with matted red hair – standing against a chest of drawers.

The eyes were closed.

At that point I was losing my temper, even though I was still feeling uneasy.

I stomped forward and snatched the doll up.

Haunted houses are one thing, but haunted dolls?

I’d already decided to toss the doll out but nearly fainted when the eyes suddenly flew open!

Then they rolled back.

I dropped the doll in shock and then a moldy old monkey started clashing its cymbals. Childish giggling ensued.

I was angry so I kicked the doll and threw the monkey in the trash, but then a small ball came bouncing towards me.

I kicked that too and felt like a frightened child having a tantrum.

It was bizarre but very powerful.

Feeling like something was trying to come over me – like a possession or something – I heard more evil laughter.

Now I was terrified and screaming, “STOP!



Then a box fell off the dresser and I started hearing whispers.

To hell with that!

I ran out and resigned on the spot.

I don’t care what anyone says, you can’t pay me enough to deal with that kind of thing.

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