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A Beginner’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming: Easy Tips & Techniques for Fast Results

While lucid dreaming wasn’t formally recognized by the scientific community until the late 1970s, the idea has been around for centuries. The first recorded description of lucid dreaming dates back to earlier than 1,000 BCE, where ancient Hindu writings describe consciousness within dreams. There are also writings from ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and in the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Astral Projection

For millennia, humans have yearned to transcend the limitations of the physical body. Studies of religion, theology, and philosophy all help to bring us closer to our existential meaning, but they’re also a relatively shallow interpretation of a deeper meaning. Astral projection, on the other hand, offers a more hands-on approach to self-discovery, giving us […]

7 Psychic Books That Will Develop Your Powers Overnight

Want to quickly develop your psychic powers? Wondering which psychic books will help you quickest and easiest? You’re in the right place! One of the best ways to develop your psychic abilities is to learn more about the psychic arts. Though the internet is undoubtedly a fantastic resource, another great option is reading books by […]

How to Re-Awaken Your Spirituality to Reconnect with the Natural World

The key to your health and happiness may lie in how spiritual you are in your daily life. In fact, research regarding religion, spirituality, and health by Dr. Harold G. Koenig found that people who were more spiritual fared better regarding mental health over their lifetimes. – Updated 2/11/2020 ​ What is Spirituality? The definition […]

The 12 Most Inspiring Spiritualist/Psychic Vacation Destinations

The world is full of spiritual destinations that can enlighten travelers, renew the spirit, and refresh the mind. Whether you’re looking for a psychic vacation destination to harness its psychic power… …or a spiritualist destination to feel more at one with your body and soul, you’re in the right place. Why? Because the places in […]

The Science Behind Testing for Psychic Abilities

About 41% of Americans believe in extrasensory perception (ESP), and 55% believe in psychic or spiritual healing. But, scientists find it difficult to test for psychic ability to learn if it’s plausible or a made-up piece of one’s mind. In general, scientists don’t consider psychic ability to be an exact science and many don’t consider […]

Simple Methods of Divination Using Playing Cards

Whether you’re strapped for cash or don’t want to learn how to read Tarot cards, you can discover simple methods of divination using playing cards, officially known as “Cartomancy” – right here! Read on to learn about the fascinating history of Cartomancy and many other interesting facts about divination. – Updated 2/11/2020 ​ What is Divination? […]

What Is Clairscent (Paranormal Smells) And How Does It Affect You?

Have you ever experienced phantom scents and wondered where they came from? You may have clairscent abilities, where you detect aromas filtering through from the other side. Sometimes they are signs from the deceased but there are occurrences where the origins are sinister. Learn how being clairscent can affect you. – Updated 2/11/2020 ​ What Does […]

How to Develop Retrocognition in 5 Steps (Easy Intuitive Telepathy)

Learning how to develop retrocognition involves talents that you might already possess. If you’ve experienced déjà vu – where you arrive in a place, experience something or meet someone you feel you’ve known before – you will most likely have success in practicing the fascinating skill of retrocognition, also known as postcognition. – Updated 2/11/2020 […]

5 Simple Steps to Read an Object (Developing Psychometry Made Easy)

Building your psychic repertoire wouldn’t be complete without developing Psychometry. It’s where personal items or objects are sensed or read for information about the history of the owner or person attached to the object. Read on to discover how to perform this fascinating skill using and building your sixth sense. – Updated 2/11/2020 ​ What […]

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