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How to Declutter Your Mind (Including Advice From Spiritual Leaders)

“A person might be an expert in any field of knowledge or a master of many material skills and accomplishments. But without inner cleanliness, his brain is a desert waste.” -Sathya Sai Baba In the era of social media and smartphones, it can be easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of […]

Angel Readings: What They Are & How They Work (Truth Revealed!)

Want to learn about Angel Readings? You’re in the right place. Those who are becoming more spiritually aware may be discovering all sorts of new ways to tune into your true self. One of those ways is to look for guidance through angel card readings. So, angel readings: what are they? Angel cards are a […]

How To Keep Ghosts Away (4 Simple Steps To Protect Yourself)

A haunting can be a scary experience between the unusual noises, voices, and apparitions that might occur. The good news is that most ghosts are harmless and will leave if you use a few items or simply talk to the spirits. If you are wondering how to keep ghosts away, it is time to give […]

“The Veil Is Thin” – Discover What It Means and Why It’s Important

Here in the U.S., those studying all things spiritual know that the veil is thin closest to Samhain. The connection to our world and the supernatural grows stronger during this time, but what exactly is the veil? Why does it matter if it becomes thinner or not? Keep reading, because you’re about to discover why… […]

Spirit Portals: What They Are And How To Identify Them

Have you ever seen spirits moving in and out of one place ? Or maybe you’ve felt something like a strong shift in temperature… If so, chances are you’ve encountered a spirit portal. It’s easy to be alarmed or to confuse having an open portal with thinking your home is haunted, but there’s no reason […]

Seeing Shadows? (Discover What It Means and What You Should Do)

It’s not an uncommon experience to catch a glimpse of something dark out of the corner of your eye. Most often, upon turning towards the glimpse of dark, you no longer see anything. But you did see it in the first place, right? Though it’s easy to feel crazy if you start seeing shadows, that […]

Seeing Orbs Of Light: What They Are And What It Means

Years ago, seeing orbs of light was only possible after the fact. We’d develop a roll of film from a family gathering, for example, and thumb through the photos only to find a bright, reflective orb floating across the image! Today, thanks to our digital cameras, we see orbs almost instantly now. It is undoubtedly […]

How to Find Your Starseed Markings (Truth Revealed!)

Starseeds have incarnated from previous lives in the universe into this dimension and planet. Starseeds may have lived before on earth, but more likely they’ve experienced life elsewhere on other plants or in other planes. Are you ready to learn how to find your starseed markings? Today, we’re learning more about starseeds, their purpose, and […]

Seeing Faces When You Close Your Eyes? (This is Why!)

If you’re asking, “Why am I seeing faces when I close my eyes?” you aren’t the only one. These faces can be surprising at first, especially if you stumbled upon your spiritual awakening without any practice. While you may be a bit nervous, this isn’t anything unusual – it’s actually something you should celebrate. These […]

How to Recognize Your Soul Mate (6 Sure-Fire Signs!)

Do you want to know how to recognize your soul mate? Whether you’re in a current relationship and want to know if your partner is The One… Or you’re still on the hunt for your perfect match, these tell-tale signs should help you figure it out. Now get ready, because you’re about to discover the […]

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