The Ghost in the Tunnel Needs a Ride Home

The most disturbing event in my life happened when I was a young child.

Before I first saw the ghost in the tunnel – on my way to Summer camp – I barely knew what haunted stories were.

My father and I were singing and chatting, until we started driving through a long, dark tunnel.

The fluorescent looking ghost in the tunnel seems angry, but not at you. Have you heard the haunted stories about her?

Photo credit: flickr/hodachrome

Updated 2/9/2020 – The atmosphere was creepy and almost surreal, as I gasped when the air inside the car became harder to breathe.

My father continued talking but I became increasingly disturbed with the pale, fluorescent lights bouncing off the walls.

Then I saw her – a terrifying specter with no pupils; her eyes glowing white as her somber face watched us go by.

I screamed and Dad turned around, yelling, “What? What’s the matter with you?”

I couldn’t explain further than, “The ghost girl!” as I pointed to the wall of the tunnel.

She seemed to be travelling with us as we moved through the tunnel – impassively staring right through me.

Dad craned his neck to see.

“There’s nothing there! You’re imagining things – calm down!”

he advised.

As the car finally came out the other end, the air became normal again and I looked back – but she was gone.

I almost forgot about the ghostly girl – until:

My father picked me up at the end of Summer camp and we made our way back home.

Like a typical kid, I excitedly told Dad all about the camp, but I stopped talking when I noticed the familiar tunnel.

“Are you asleep, sweetheart?”

he asked. I swallowed the lump in my throat as the darkness descended.

The air once again became thick as the fluorescent lights appeared.

This time, it was like I was seeing visions inside my own mind.

A rainy night, skidding tires and a car in flames.

Then the ghostly girl appeared.

Her eyes were frightening: white and unblinking as she stared right through me.

Somehow I understood that she had been killed in that accident, but it didn’t make it easier to see her scary face.

She seemed angry, although not at me.

It almost felt like she was trapped in time – haunting the tunnel forever.

I struggled to breathe as I felt her presence start to move inside the car!

I couldn’t be certain – but it felt like she was trying to come with us – to escape her fate that had already been set.

As she passed through, like a chilling wind whipping through the car, I watched her being pulled back into the tunnel.

I never understood haunted stories until that day.

She seemed to be trying to tell me something, although my young mind couldn’t grasp what that could be.

As we approached the end of the tunnel, I noticed that her frightening – although sad eyes – looked away.

Like a vacuum sucking her back in – the tunnel swallowed her up and we pulled away as we drove on.

I couldn’t shake off her face and as the years rolled by, I tried to research her story – to no avail.

We moved to another state and I never saw her again.

I wonder if it was a dream, as my Dad doesn’t remember.

Sometimes her haunting face enters my dreams, beckoning to me with her sad eyes.

Now my experience is one of the many haunted stories to be shared!

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