13 True Stories Of People’s Terrifying Encounters With Evil

We often have readers submitting their own stories describing terrifying events that have happened to them. Everyone has at least one scary story, and some of them are actually true. We’ve collected some of the most terrifying true scary stories that have been sent in, and compiled them in one place to terrify and haunt your mind to the core.

13 Terrifying True Stories

The Creepy Man at the Playground

The creepy man at the playground, I don't know if he was ever caught or not?


This happened many years ago, when I was 12 years old. It was the 1990’s and my brothers and I decided to get on our bikes and go to the local playground. Those were the days when parents left us to our own devices, so not many parents – if any – were there at the park that day.

We dumped our bikes and ran over to join the other kids. I got on the whirly merry go round and there were other children on board – girls and boys. A man came out of nowhere and I assumed that he was one of the parents. I remember his creepy comb-over, thin mustache and wrinkled clothes.

He pushed us around and we all laughed, but I noticed that whenever I came around to him, he grabbed me by the hips and squeezed as he pushed us faster and faster. He kept his eyes trained on me and I knew that he was a dangerous pervert. I instinctively got off and went to the wooden playhouse.

I climbed up the ladder and played with the other children – even though I was a little older. The man followed and went underneath the level we were on. I realized that he was looking up through the slats of the wooden floor – looking up our skirts. Again I escaped and ran over to my brothers.

I told them about the man and other kids overheard and agreed that he was a pervert. We all ended up yelling at him and saying that we were going to call the cops. It was funny to see him run off but as we left to go home, my brothers pointed to a tree, where the man was climbing up after a young boy.

We yelled out again but he ignored us. The boy in the tree was climbing higher and higher to get away from him. As soon as we got home we told our parents and they called the cops. We never heard about him again but I’ll never forget that evil look in his nasty eyes.

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