My Last Night as a Ghost Hunter

I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal so it made perfect sense for me to become a Ghost Hunter.

I nearly didn’t follow my dreams when I discovered that none of my friends or family shared my passion.

Not one to be bothered trying to join another group, I eventually decided to set out on my own.

Have you ever gone hunting for ghosts and regretted what you found?

Photo credit: flickr/Gali Stein

Updated 2/9/2020 – What’s ironic is that I’ve always been afraid of ghost stories, which is why I wanted to do my own research.

I wanted to go about proving to myself that ghosts aren’t real, but I had the proper equipment – just in case.

After many years of checking out several real haunted spots, I had only captured mostly questionable evidence.

One night proved to be a turning point for me, where I discovered – to my horror – that ghosts, spirits, and the afterlife are indeed real.

I’d heard about a dilapidated building where a cult leader had ruled over his subjects like a ruthless messiah.

Many of his subjects perished in a fire – along with their leader – in the old building which was now condemned.

I conducted my investigation with trepidation

I hadn’t received any written permission to conduct my investigation, so I was a little nervous to begin with.

When I set foot on the property that fateful night, I had a hunch that it was going to be more than I bargained for.

I could hear a variety of different voices and sounds, capturing most of them via EVP recorder and with my video camera.

Using my most reliable EDC flashlight to navigate the unsafe building, I moved from room to room, recording anything strange.

Once I made it to what appeared to be a meeting room, I froze in my tracks as I sensed a presence via electromagnetic frequencies.

I held out my EVP recorder and asked out loud, “Is there anyone here with me tonight?”

At first, there was no response, but then I saw a light like a swirling mist filtering down from a hole in the roof.

Thinking that the light was coming off a streetlight, I started walking over to check it out – but soon stopped.

Something was beginning to form in the mist – like a large man in white robes – with his hands outstretched.

Being a Christian, I became excited, thinking that Jesus was appearing before me – but something told me “No!”

Ghost stories have nothing to do with Jesus

This might seem to be a contentious statement, but my whole history with Ghost Hunting had been a deviation.

I felt something root me to the spot, then suddenly the figure pointed to me and began to boom in an evil voice.

He said, “Join us – Sinner!”

Then I heard disembodied laughter coming from all corners of the room.

In a panic, I dropped the EVP recorder and bent down to try and find it, doing my best to keep my eyes on the ghost.

While the laughter got louder, I saw the ghost start floating towards me, so I pointed the camera straight at him.

His face contorted into a malicious sneer and he pointed his finger at me again, then yelled, “SINNER!”

I was so scared, so I left my recorder and started to pray as I bolted out of the room, leaving the camera on.

I raced through each room, tripping and scrambling to find the exit, while the ghost continued to scream at me.

Chanting had started somewhere in the background as I sensed the ghost closing in – but I finally made it out.

I was convinced that I’d been touched by the Devil, so I destroyed all the evidence from that night and swore on the Bible never to hunt ghosts again.