There is Something Living Under Grandpa’s Bed

I guess you could call me a closet ghost hunter or at least an armchair enthusiast, because I enjoy all the shows and often use my EVP recorder when I find myself in new surroundings.

Sometimes I use it when I feel that a place is creepy or old.

Even though I’m a big fan of ghost stories, I do at least try to use a healthy amount of skepticism.

Updated 2/9/2020 – This event happened earlier this year, when my Grandpa was put in a nursing home.

He suffers from dementia but for the most part can still hold an intelligent conversation.

That’s what makes this story so frustrating for me, because it’s hard to try and sort through what actually happened and what I perceived, based on what I was told.

You see, my Grandpa did not want to be put in the home and my relatives all agreed that he was too hard to handle, so I put his stories down to an excuse to try and get out.

Still, I did my best to keep a clear head while I prepared to investigate the nursing home, after Grandpa told me that someone was hiding under his bed.

Every time I visited him, I saw that he had an elaborate ritual for getting out of bed, using the chair to crawl on and jump away – essentially skipping the part where his feet would be situated at the side of the bed.

He said that there was a crazy man waiting, laughing and teasing him through the night!

I told Grandpa that he’d listened to too many ghost stories!

I wanted to alleviate his fears but truth be told, I was also trying to calm myself down!

Even though I’m a thirty two year old man with a certain amount of machismo, the idea of a crazy ghost haunting my Grandpa gives me the creeps.

One night, I decided to stay a little later to see what I could capture.

We were sitting at the table near his bed when I asked Grandpa if I could check the bed out.

For some reason, he freaked out and left the room, telling me that he didn’t want to be present for whatever happened. I was annoyed but at the same time also happy to get a chance to check it out without him getting in the way.

As soon as he was out of the room a chill came over me, but I chalked it up to nerves.

I went over to the bed and flicked the switch of my EVP recorder on, noticing that the chill was worse the closer I got to the bed.

You know that electric charge you get when you’re scared?

Ramp that up to 1,000 % and you’ll get the idea about how I felt.

I jumped when I saw the sheets billow about

They were touching the floor and at first I thought the air conditioning was moving the sheets, or maybe a draft.

But the icy air near the bed seemed to be contained in a certain area.

I slowly got down on my knees and felt an even colder blast of air on my face, just as a hissing noise came from nowhere!

I screamed and quickly crawled away, then looked back at the bed. I was pissed that I didn’t have a flashlight, because it seemed like something was under the bed.

I wondered if it was a rat and in a temper, I threw one of Grandpa’s towels under the bed.

What freaked me out was that the sheets were dragged in a little further!

Just then, Grandpa and the nurse came back in, so I looked a little foolish.

I got up, but right away the hissing noise came back – louder this time.

Grandpa yelled, “That’s it!

He’s back – I told you!” but the nurse told him he was imagining it.

She went over and yanked the sheets back.

Nothing was there!

What was even more annoying was that I didn’t capture anything, but I really felt like Grandpa was telling the truth.

Funnily enough, he got to move to a different room, where he feels safer.

The thing is, we never found out what exactly was under the bed.

It seems silly to think it might follow him to his new room, but if I’m honest, it does concern me a bit.

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