The Day I Found Footage of my Fiancé’s Murder

This is probably risky for me to share, for reasons I may or may not reveal here, which is why I choose to remain anonymous.

It happened some time ago and I’m still trying to make sense of it all.

It started way before I found the video footage.

When my fiancé Terry and I met, I knew that it was meant to be and that we were kindred spirits.

Updated 2/9/2020 – I was very passionate and so deeply in love with Terry, so when he went missing you can bet I was beside myself with grief.

His parents and I searched for months and the police held me under suspicion for ages.

They didn’t leave me alone for over a year but when the case went cold, I had to move on.

Two months ago Terry’s mother asked me to return whatever items I had that belonged to him.

At first I was annoyed but I understood, seeing as he was their only child.

While I was packing his books I came across an unmarked DVD in a flimsy, plastic sheath.

I was curious enough to slip it into my drive.

At first I recognized the forest where we used to go camping and hiking.

It brought back memories and emotions I’d deliberately pushed back to the farthest recesses of my mind.

I could hear our laughing as we made our way up a path through the woods and then the camera was trained on Terry.

He laughed into the camera and said, “Are you ever going to switch that thing off?”

“Soon!” I said teasingly.

I got a lump in my throat watching him as we peaked and began setting up our camp.

Then the video went fuzzy and my stomach lurched when I saw Terry strapped to a camping chair, gagged and bound.

He was naked apart from his boxers and muffled screams came from behind his gag.

I watched the video in horror as I taunted and teased him, seeing my hand shoot out occasionally, stabbing and slashing at his flesh while he sweated profusely, screamed and grunted.

I was laughing and circling him as I continued the onslaught, saying the most outrageous things.

“He’s coming, Terry!

We have to feed the beast, Terry.

This is what you get for cheating, Terry!

The Demon is hungry, Terry!”

As I continued circling, slashing and taunting him – the sound of something crashing through the trees caught my attention.

Laughing maniacally, I trained the camera on the forest.

A huge, black mass came out into the clearing.

I’m shivering with excitement as I write this.

The creature was glorious.

A 6 foot tall, hunchbacked, “thing” slowly crept towards us on hind legs.

Its wet lips and, mottled fur were visible in the moonlight, along with its bloodshot eyes.

The camera was placed on a stump, pointing at the scene which included Terry still screaming in the chair.

Then I saw myself crawl on hands and knees towards the beast.

It leaned over and stroked my hair before straightening up and focusing on Terry.

“You’ve done well, my little pet.”

The entity praised in a deep, dark voice.

Then he stomped over to Terry and pealed the skin from his face – skinning every part of his tortured body.

The video went fuzzy again and eventually stopped, after a long period of high-pitched, unholy wailing.

Needless to say, I didn’t hand that DVD over to Terry’s mother.

It all came flooding back after I watched it and I marveled at how quickly and completely I’d blanked that night out.

I was glad – and I’m still glad – that I remember now.

It answers so many questions and leaves me free to reconnect with my Master.

If you ask me, Terry asked for it and I regret nothing.

I could never substantiate the cheating story, but I was certain he’d betrayed me.

The Demon told me so.