What’s the Closest You’ve Come to Seeing a Ghost?

We asked a few of our readers one simple question:

“What is the closest you’ve come to being visited by a ghost?”

Here are their chilling answers…

Woman ghost on road

Photo credit: flickr/mynamesdonny

Updated 2/9/2020 – “One day when I was young, probably 8 or 9, I went shopping with my mother.

I remember it being extremely cold out that day, and very windy.

The wind was so bad that I remember it whipping against my face and ears, making it hard to hear anything outside.

We parked the car and then quickly went inside the store to buy some things for dinner.

When we left we pushed the cart over to where our car was, trying to keep our heads down from the cold.

As I was placing the bags into the trunk, I looked up and saw a family from across the street trying to cross.

I don’t know if they didn’t hear it because of the wind, but a car came barreling down the road and hit one of the younger girls of the family.

I remember seeing the collision and then hearing my mother from behind me scream.

As we walked over I remember seeing the girl sprawled out in the middle of the road, perfectly still.

As the wind whipped against my face, I could hear the faint whisper of something.

I looked up and there was another figure of the same girl standing from behind the crowd.

She slowly turned around, walked away, and then disappeared.

I believe what I saw that day was the girl’s spirit leaving her body, as she died there on the street.”

– Laura K.

If that wasn’t creepy enough, check out this submission from Cedric P.:

“Here’s one.

When I was a kid my grandfather died from kidney failure.

I was super young at the time so I don’t really remember him all that well.

A few weeks after the funeral I was lying in my bed late at night playing Gameboy when I heard footsteps creaking from the hallway.

Thinking that they were my parents I quickly put away the game and pretended that I was asleep.

The door opened and someone entered the room, which I thought was weird because my parents didn’t usually do that.

I cracked open my eyes, and there standing in front of me was a person who looked exactly like my grandfather.

I quickly closed my eyes again, then heard the person leave and quietly close the door.

After a while I ran into my parent’s room and asked them if either had come into my room.

They both said no, and said that I had a bad dream, but I know that what I saw was my grandfather’s spirit visiting me one last time.”

 – Cedric P.

And perhaps creepiest of all is this submission from Jake W.:

Ghost boy with black eyes

Photo credit: flickr/88487233@N03

“About a year ago I went on vacation in Pennsylvania with my brother and my cousin to visit family, and we stayed at this bed and breakfast.

The house was old but not rundown, in fact it was quite nice.

That night I remember waking up and seeing what looked like a young boy with black eyes at the foot of my bed.

Frozen, I just looked straight at him.

Then his mouth started to contort and something started to come out of it.

I couldn’t tell what it was but I lost it.

I just freaked out and started screaming and flailing around.

The boy disappeared and I thought I was just imagining things, or that I was lucid dreaming.

When I woke up the next morning there of course was nothing there.

Laughing about it I went downstairs for breakfast and told the incident to my cousin.

His face turned deathly pale, and then he told me that the same thing had happened last night in his room. WTF?!”

 – Jake W.

What about you, what’s the closest you’ve come to seeing a ghost?

Tell us in the comment section below.