Encountering The Displaced Spirits in the Haunted Hotel

I’ve always considered myself a sensitive person, in terms of being able to access the spirit world.

By that I mean that I have often heard spirit voices and seen apparitions from time to time.

I don’t like to call myself a medium, because my “gift” comes and goes.

Also, I have a healthy amount of skepticism running through my veins.

Updated 2/9/2020 – It’s not that I don’t believe in haunted stories.

I prefer to apply reason and to explore events from a variety of different angles in order to arrive at an intelligent conclusion.

Having said that, I found myself floundering when I went along to one of my fiancé’s jobs, where he was a contractor at the site of a crumbling hotel.

They were rebuilding and repairing the hotel, which was erected 150 years beforehand.

The roof had been ripped off in a tornado but luckily the rest of the building was intact, notwithstanding the cracked walls and nature taking over.

As I walked around the site, I sensed many voices whispering to each other.

My fiancé told me to wear a hard hat and made me promise that I wouldn’t go in the areas that were cordoned off.

I set off to explore the hotel, feeling drawn to what had been the lobby.

While standing in the center, I heard the whispering voices louder now, with one in particular breaking through.

It was disturbing and quite emotional.

I heard the voice ask, “What’s happening to our home?”

I turned this way and that, trying to figure out where the voice came from.

It was distinctly female, but I was distracted by more voices coming through, seeming to be asking the same kind of questions.

I soon realized that the restless spirits still inhabiting the hotel somehow knew that something was going on with the repairs.

Feeling a duty towards the worried souls, I said aloud “It’s alright, your home is being repaired!”

Then I heard movement behind me.

I spun around, expecting to see a ghost, but one of the workmen was standing there with a quizzical look on his face.

Embarrassed, I laughed and waved before taking off to another part of the hotel.

As I wandered through the hallways, it became increasingly obvious to me that I was being followed by many spirits.

My sensitivities were on high alert as the voices continued whispering to me.

I marveled at how they responded intelligently to my thoughts.

Every time I noticed the workman’s progress, they asked what was happening.

Haunted stories are sometimes subtle and hard to define

The most amazing element of my story was that it was the first time I actually saw – or at least perceived – a spirit.

I was in one of the guest rooms, looking into a cracked mirror, when I thought I saw a woman looking back at me.

She was quite regal and blonde, wearing a lovely, white ball gown that was tattered at the edges.

I turned around but she wasn’t there, so I looked back at the mirror and was surprised to see many different faces now peering back at me.

Far from being afraid, I smiled and introduced myself.

Even though I felt silly for doing so, it seemed to be the right thing to do.

I was surprised when they collectively said, “Thank you!”

Then they left the mirror and I was staring at my own reflection.

I heard the workmen doing their job all over the hotel and realized that the voices were now quiet, with the exception of an occasional gasp or statement about the repairs.

Somehow I knew that the residents of the hotel were finally satisfied that they still had a home.

I know that most people are uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a ghost or entering a haunted place, but I’d like to share this experience in order to show that they too were human once and have the same concerns and emotions that the living do.

I’ll always remember that day with great fondness and appreciation for the world of spirit!

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