Psychic Source Reviews and Ratings: Good, Accurate, and Real Readings – or Fake Network?

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Psychic Source Reviews and Ratings: Good, Accurate, and Real Readings – or Fake Network?
4.4 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.

Promo Offer - Updated 2/9/2020

In my experience Psychic Source is ok but they aren't the best, nor the most affordable. My favorite is Kasamba because they are the most accurate and the cheapest! Here's Kasamba's current promo offer, check it out:

Are you looking for real psychic source reviews?

Have you wondered if their advisors are a bunch of scammers?

Are you struggling to find some clarity in your life, but want to know how you can be sure the hard-earned money you’re going to shell out for a psychic reading is money well spent?

These are all questions I asked myself. I bet you’re asking yourself some of these same questions.

Well, I believe you shouldn’t have to worry about this type of stuff.

I believe you should be able to get a reading with the peace of mind of knowing you’ll get the answers you need today.

That’s why I took a deep dive, creating this comprehensive review for you – so you can finally get the clarity and happiness you deserve.

Let’s check out what I found.

My In-Depth Study of Psychic Source

If you're looking for clarity, reading real Psychic Source reviews is an important step in moving forward.

If you’re looking for clarity, reading real Psychic Source reviews is an important step in moving forward.

Before we take a closer look, let’s talk a bit about what you need to know before getting a psychic reading and whether you’re a good candidate for a reading.

Points to Consider

  • Find the right service and psychic for you through research
  • Ask for a referral from friends or relatives who have received a reading from an online psychic
  • Try and find an advisor who specializes in the reading type you’re in need of
  • Don’t be afraid to end an session if it doesn’t feel right

Who Should Get a Psychic Reading

Are you ready to approach your reading with an open mind?

Are you prepared to learn new things about yourself, your love life and your professional life as well?


In that case, you should consider getting a psychic reading.

Who Should Not Get a Psychic Reading

On the other hand, if you’re not ready to approach this experience with an open mind, you should not be considering a psychic reading.

If your mind is closed and you’re unable to connect with your advisor, then you’re not going to receive an accurate reading.

You’re practically just throwing money away at that point.

What is Psychic Source?

Psychic Source is a network of psychics that are available for psychic readings over the phone, or through chat on their website.

They’re one of the most reputable groups of online psychics, and they offer a money back guarantee on all of their readings.

Thanks to the special offers available for new customers, and their impressive money back guarantee and customer service, they are an even better option for a reading than they have been in the past.

Watch this brief video for more information:

In my experience Psychic Source is ok but they aren't the best, nor the most affordable. Kasamba is the best. Why? Because they are the most accurate and the cheapest! Here's Kasamba's current promo offer, check it out:

How Does Their Psychic Reading Process Work?

They are completely online, or over the phone. To use their service, you create an account. From there, you just add money to your account with a credit/debit card, PayPal, gift card or money order.

Next, you choose the advisor you’d like to receive a reading from, and at the conclusion of your reading, the cost of the reading is deducted from your account.

Do Their Psychics Share Information?

No. There is no file or information kept on clients for the psychics to read. The only thing they can see is the client name, amount of time and their feedback.


  • Over 25 years of experience
  • You can receive a reading on your time, whenever you’d like, from anywhere you are
  • $1/min introductory rate for new customers
  • Money back guarantee
  • Membership rewards of at least 3% reward dollars on each reading
  • A dedicated customer service team is standing by to handle questions or concerns


  • Psychics are only available via phone, web chat, or video, so you’ll never have the opportunity to meet in person
  • Readings with the top advisors can be expensive – up to $12/minute after introductory rate

How Accurate Are Their Psychics?

They are pretty darn accurate a large amount of the time, but they aren’t completely on point; I have had some inconsistent readings and results with them.

Having said that, I can’t knock them too much because most good psychics are only right about 70% of the time.

I recommend all my friends jump on the $1 per minute + 3 free minutes offer.

Exploring The Types of Readings They Offer

There are a few different types of readings depending on the types of life questions you’re looking to have answered. They are:


Few things are more difficult than dealing with the loss of a loved one. If you’re like most people, then there are at least a few loved ones that you’ve lost who you wish you could’ve had more time with, or one more opportunity to tell them how you felt about them and their impact on your life. This is where a medium comes in.

Mediums can harness their gifts to communicate directly with those who have passed on. A reading from a medium is perfect if you’re looking for closure after losing a loved one.

To give you an idea of just how amazing these types of readings can be, here's a video of a Medium giving a reading to a news anchor on live TV; it brings her the closure and relief she so desperately needs:


Are you single and curious if you’ll find true love? Are you and your significant other going through a rough patch, and you’re wondering if you’ll make it out the other side? If so, a love reading may be helpful.

There are many different psychics who specialize in love and relationship readings, and they can provide you with the clarity and peace of mind you’re looking for.


Outside of your love and family life, your career takes up the majority of your time. If you’re like me, it also causes a large portion of the stress in your life. Thankfully, an experienced medium will be able to give you the answers you need regarding your professional life.

Clairvoyants, Clairaudients, and Clairsentients

Certain people are gifted with the ability to unlock information about your past, present, and future through their enhanced sensory perception.

You’re probably familiar with clairvoyants. These are the type of psychics who can “see” into your life to provide you with inferences into the future, or insight for your questions or problems.

Clairaudients and clairsentients are closely related to clairvoyants. Clairaudients are gifted with an enhanced ability to hear things which are not perceived by normal people like you or I. Clairsentients derive their gifts from their ability to feel things which aren’t felt by regular people.

Contacting these types of advisors for psychic readings online is a great way to communicate with the spirit world, or any angels or demons you may have following you through your life.


An intuitive empath can tap into the underlying emotions of those they are reading, and the people closest to them. Empaths can provide insight regarding your life, the emotions you're feeling and how they’re affecting situations of conflict or stress in your life. These types of readings are perfect for those who are going through a tough time emotionally and are looking to resolves external conflicts or stressors in their life.

Pet Psychics

Have you ever wished you could talk with your pet? Or, maybe you’re hoping to communicate with a pet who has passed on, or been lost? I know I have. Fortunately, there are certain readers who are gifted with an ability to communicate with the pets in our lives, both past, and present, that we love so deeply. 

Sizing Up Their Top Psychic Advisors

In my opinion, based on my own experience, and reviews left by our readers, these are the 10 best psychics on Psychic Source:

In my experience the readers at Psychic Source are ok but not great. However, the readers at Kasamba are excellent! Why? Because they are the most accurate and the cheapest! Here's Kasamba's current promo offer, check it out:

1) Kristine - Their #1 psychic


My top pick, Kristine is a direct reader who uses crystals to reveal deep insights into your life.

She'll give you clear and honest answers, with a profound and thorough analysis.

If you have questions about a current flame, an ex, or want to know when you'll meet someone, contact Kristine.

2) Bridgette - Money and pet psychic specialist

Bridgette-Money and Pet Psychic

Using her clairvoyant capabilities, Bridgette offers detailed readings about your money and career.

Not only that, she can also give you readings for your pets!

If you need help with money troubles, or have any animals that you feel need assistance, Bridgette can help.

3) Mandy - Gives it to you straight


A medium with over ten years’ experience, Mandy is a true professional who will connect with your spirit guides to get the answers you seek.

4) Sammie - Senses truth


Sammie is an intuitive empath with divine guidance.

She will give you answers to questions about your life, spirituality or otherwise.

5) Eliza - Honest and caring


Eliza is a Clairvoyant who is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

She gives you insight into issues dealing with love by using the Tarot. Other areas of focus include career, life, and destiny.

As a child Eliza saw visions and pictures as well as hearing premonitions which would later come true.

6) Ricky - Divines your path

Ricky - Divines your path

A medium who’s also a Clairvoyant, Ricky has a compassionate style.

He also possesses a special connection to the Spirit World, allowing him to share messages with you from the other side.

Realizing at an early age that he was gifted, he’s since been honing his craft to help those who are dealing with grief and loss.

7) Elijah - Brings love, light and healing into your life


Using crystals and Reiki for healing as well as providing answers to your spiritual questions, Elijah is a renowned Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient with true wisdom and compassion.

A 32nd generation psychic, Elijah has extensive experience in classical psychology and parapsychology.

He dedicates his life to the mystic arts and helping those who seek the truth. Ask him about life, spirituality, and destiny.

8) Sasha - Direct and hopeful


Sasha offers advice on career, life and other spiritual issues via her Tarot deck.

For over ten years she has delivered answers by using a unique deck that allows her to see all aspects of your life.

If Tarot calls to you, let Sasha help you.

9) Therese - Possesses amazing intuition


A third-generation Tarot reader with a wise style, Therese has the gift of Clairsentience.

She is gifted at answering questions about your career. But you can also ask her about life, destiny, loss and grieving.

If you want dream interpretations or need a spiritual path analysis, reach out to her.

10) Moira - Transpersonal Healer


Moira's is an astrologer, healer, and past life regression therapist.  

She is compassionate, wise, and non-judgemental.

Are you  looking to understand and heal a  situation in your life? Do you want help from someone who truly understands you? If so, talk with Moira.

Two Things I Really Like About Their Website

Giving a fair and balanced view are required to create an in-depth analysis of spiritual services, especially when your future happiness can be affected.

Giving a fair and balanced view are required to create an in-depth analysis of spiritual services, especially when your future happiness can be affected.

Here’s a couple things that impressed me:

  • Daily Horoscope
  • Blog and Multimedia

Daily Horoscope

One of my favorite things is their daily horoscopes. Each day, new horoscopes for each zodiac sign are provided on their website, free of charge. Your horoscope can give you an idea of what type of energy is surrounding us each day.

Blog and Multimedia

They also run one of the best blogs on the internet for those interested in all there is to know about psychic readings. The blog is regularly updated with news, helpful information and informative infographics about all things related to supernatural gifts.

In addition to the blog, their website is a great source for videos, podcasts and other media that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Investigating Their Unique Points

Here’s a quick list followed by more details:

  • Membership Rewards and Bonuses
  • Detailed Profiles
  • Charity Donations

Membership Rewards and Bonuses

As you create your account, you’ll have the option of enrolling in membership rewards for free.

The membership rewards program will provide you with at least a 3% bonus for every dollar you add to your account.

Plus, you’ll receive a $5 bonus when you opt in for the rewards program as well.

Detailed Profiles

They go out of their way to make sure you have a full sense of the reader you’re going to be working with before you select them (Unlike some networks who don’t provide you with much information at all). Each profile includes detailed information about the person, tons of testimonials from people who have received a reading from that advisor, and availability information.

Charity Donations

They have a pretty cool charity program, donating 1% of the money you add to your account to the charity you’ve chosen. When you sign up, you can choose from 3 different charities to participate with.  This is a great way to give back while also getting the answers and clarity you need in your life.

Considering the Negative Reviews and Complaints

Most of the time my readings with their advisors has been great.

But there are a couple negative issues I’ve had. For instance:

  1. One time I felt like I was rushed through the reading, as if they just wanted to get it over with. That was frustrating. Fortunately, their satisfaction guarantee is really good so I was able to get my money back.
  2. Another time, the reading seemed really vague. Of course, sometimes that’s just the nature of a reading, as free will and fate come into play, but this time it was overly vague – if that makes any sense, lol!

Some customer complaints left on PissedConsumer and TrustPilot mention similar things. Although, from what I’ve found, those sites typically attract people who are upset to begin with so you see far more negative comments there than you’d expect. But this is my honest review so it’s only fair to talk about both the good and the bad.

To sum it up: The juice is worth the squeeze. The two negative things I experienced with Psychic Source aren’t deal-breakers by any stretch, as I’ve had many really great readings with them, far more positive than negative.

Inspecting How Much it Costs to Get a Reading

Pricing is determined by the experience level of the psychic, and the duration of your reading. Many are available for as low as $1 per minute. However, some charge upwards of $10 per minute for each reading.

Special Offer

Free Time for New Customers

If you’re looking to try out their service with very little obligation, then you’re in luck! For new customers, you’ll receive three free minutes when you create an account and purchase any amount of time for readings.


Another unique benefit is their $1/minute offer. For new customers, you can purchase up to 30 minutes of time for $30. You can purchase smaller amounts of time if you’d like, too, but the $30/30-minute deal is the best value available.

By taking advantage of this deal, and the three free minutes of reading time I mentioned above, you could get started for the very low price of 91 cents per minute.

Do They Accept PayPal?

Yes, they do accept PayPal for payment.

In my experience Psychic Source is ok but they aren't the best, nor the most affordable. Kasamba is the best. Why? Because they are the most accurate and the cheapest! Here's Kasamba's current promo offer, check it out:

Taking a Look at Their Money Back Guarantee

Nothing shows that a company stands behind their service like a guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your advisor or the reading you’re receiving, just terminate the reading and contact customer service. They’ll add the money back to your account right away.

Does They Give Your Money Back If You Have No Connection?

Yes. They stand by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any time during your reading you feel that the Advisor is not connecting to you, you can end the reading by pressing *. Then simply contact their customer service about your concerns. If you’re not happy with the reading they will refund your money.

Looking for Psychic Source Reviews Around the Web

To give you the clearest picture of what you can expect, I scoured the internet looking for users who have provided a review. Fortunately, there are plenty of people who have left feedback.

Psychic Source User Review and Rating 1
Psychic Source User Review and Rating 2
Psychic Source User Review and Rating 3
Psychic Source User Review and Rating 4

Comparison to Other Psychic Services

To give you a complete picture, I'll quickly compare a few sites similar to Psychic Source:

Psychic Source vs. AskNow

AskNow has a large number of psychics who have been gifted with a broad range of different psychic abilities. They offer readings by phone or web chat. In my experience, AskNow is accurate more often.

Psychic Source vs. California Psychics

Another popular service is California Psychics, which may be the most popular psychic network there is. However, they only offer a phone psychic reading. Psychic Source offers readings via web chat, phone, and video, and usually has more available advisors at any given time.

Psychic Source vs. Keen

Keen might not be as comprehensive, but they’re another reputable source. They have fewer advisors available, and readings tend to be a bit more expensive than what you usually expect. However, they do give you 3 free minutes to start.

Concluding My Psychic Source Review - Are They Legit?

Updated 2/9/2020 - You have questions. You’re desperate for answers. There are some things that just can’t wait, and you’re searching for accurate answers, right this second.

Well, after getting multiple readings from them, and really taking a close look at their positive and negative points, I've determined that they provide real deal psychic readings on the broadest range of different topics and subjects.

Once in a while their advisors might might miss the mark on their predictions, but the majority of the time they are pretty accurate. Plus they offer a great discount for new customers.

In my experience Psychic Source is ok but they aren't the best, nor the most affordable. Kasamba is the best. Why? Because they are the most accurate and the cheapest! Here's Kasamba's current promo offer, check it out:

17 Ratings and Customer Reviews on Psychic Source from Our Readers

In my experience Psychic Source is ok but they aren't the best, nor the most affordable. Kasamba is the best. Why? Because they are the most accurate and the cheapest! Here's Kasamba's current promo offer, check it out:

Eased me into dating

After divorcing my husband of five years, I was lost in the dating world. Elijah offered more than advice, he offered visions of the future that reassured me of my readiness to step back into the dating world.
- Chrissy P.

Excellent readingg

I've never had a psychic understand me so well- she told me things I didn't even know about myself until I heard them out loud. Thanks for helping me understand myself.
- Sophia S.

What is a psycic

While nothing was blatantly inaccurate about my reading, nothing stood out either. I thought I would feel enlightened at the end of my reading- not so much.
- Samantha T.

we shall see

ive never been one to call a psychic hotline but my reading felt personal...hope it comes true...time will tell.
- Lexie B.

Who's that cutie

I had been looking for love in all the wrong places until I met Brian, who was bartending at the bar across from my house. Thank you Kristine for pointing me in the right direction!
- Sally N.

He proposed!

Valentime's Day was amazing and my psychic was right! We were both busy for work but he proposed the very next week when we were having our make-up dinner!
- Vicky S.

Am I too old

I spoke with a psychic about a month ago who assured me I hadn't missed my gap for starting a family after so much focus on my career. I've yet to see any chnages.
- Ruth K.

Sad, but true.

Couldn't shake the awful feeling that something was wrong with my relationship. Spoke with Kristine who told me that he was cheating. His phone rang not long after I got of the phone- it was her :(
- Elena G.

Faith In The Future

I spoke with Pixie x8117 when I was unsure of my future. After her reassurance, I found my faith. She reminded me of my grandmother in a comforting way and encouraged me to keep pursuing my dreams.
- Kristina P.

Getting a dog

My psychic reassured me that love was in my future but it has been months. So tired of waiting. Dog pound here I come.
- Megan P.

We will see!

Talked to my regular advisor today who predicts big changes in my career and love life this year! Seemed overwhelmingly positive, but Will be back to update!
- Helena P.

Excited for my upcoming date!

I was nervous about spending Valentine's day alone once gain but Elijah assured me that wasn't the case. A cute coworker asked me out today!
- Terry S.

My future laid out

Was thoroughly satisfied with my tarot reading. Was shocked by how closely I identified with what my psychic said of my past life, as well as some unknown facts about my present. On the bright side, the future is looking better.
- Mealnie R.

Thanks Pearl!

My husband and I had decided to take a break at the suggesiton of our marrage counseler. Pearl told me that we would be reunited soon with a newfound love for each other. It was our absence that made us realize how muc hwe loved each other.
- Chelsea A.

Learned the hard way

I was told my boyfriend was cheating. This is the third time this has happened to me. Swearing of men for a while.
- Cassandra B.

Why even date

I've been waiting for years to start a family. My reader told me that ship has sailed for me and to look into adoption. Maybe I'll just go it alone.
- Adeline C.

Working on being better together

I spoke with Emily x3092 and she helped me uncover some of the problems with my relationship. We are happier than ever now- Thanks a ton Emily!
- Aleisha S.

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