The Ghost of a Serial Killer Lurks Within This Abandoned Farmhouse

As a Ghost Hunter who predominantly collects EVP’s (recordings) this case tipped the scales in many ways for me.

I usually follow guides created by other paranormal investigators, but this case seemed to fall right in my lap, or so it seemed.

Updated 2/9/2020 – Travelling on my way to another haunted location, my “spidey senses” went off as I passed a run-down farmhouse.

When I reversed and stopped in front of the property, I could almost hear screams and growls in my head.

Strangely enough, there were no signs blocking the entrance to the property, so I grabbed my equipment and went in.

I found it odd that the majority of the trees and plants surrounding the old house were either dead or dying.

The house itself also looked like it was decaying from the inside out, along with the surrounding buildings and sheds.

As I crept up to the front porch, I saw that it was crumbling around the concrete steps that lead up to the front door.

Stepping slowly and lightly, I noticed the cracks in the concrete and then the old boards nailed across the door.

The disembodied voices started before I even got into the house

I switched one of my EVP recorders on, then I pulled on the boards, finding them flimsy and easy to rip down.

The door opened on its own – creepy enough – but I had to remember that the dangers were more than structural.

I walked slowly, testing the floorboards as I went, but the familiar pricking up of my hairs and the chills hit me fast.

Surprisingly, the center of the house was sturdy, so I walked freely into the kitchen and then froze in my tracks.

A woman was slumped on the floor under the sink, with a large knife stuck in her chest and trickling blood.

I was able to see through her and I realized that I was in the middle of a residual haunting, but then she looked up.

The pain in her face was horrible, but she managed to raise her hand and point upwards.

Then she screamed.

I looked around but no one was there, so I turned back as I trembled in fear, to see the woman standing up.

Still screaming, she pointed up again.

Her head began to twitch and shake uncontrollably with her mouth open wide.

I knew that I had to investigate, even though I was nearly peeing in my pants, so I went out and ran up the stairs.

When I got to the top, I heard the boards behind me creaking with slow footsteps.

I spun around – nobody was there.

I felt like I was being stalked but I had to push on, going to the bedroom at the front of the crumbling house.

Again, the door opened on its own, making my flesh crawl.

Then I saw a small boy lying in a pool of his own blood.

I couldn’t help the tears falling down my face, but I was distracted by a nasty growl close to my right ear.

Angry now, I turned around and yelled, “Who are you?!” but I didn’t get a response, so I looked back at the little boy.

He lifted his head and pointed to the back of the house.

My head was spinning as I didn’t know what to do.

Then the boy sat up and yelled in his tiny voice, “Help us!” while he continued to point emphatically and cry.

I ran over to the room on the other side, feeling like someone was controlling me, while a chill ran through my body.

When I got to the room, that door opened – violently this time – smashing against the wall, while the handle rattled.

A teenage girl was flung across the old bed, with slashes all over her body.

A river of blood ran under the bed.

Then I heard menacing laughter in the distance, which fueled my anger.

The girl slowly sat up and pointed to the left.

Her pretty face was littered with gashes and bruises

I was weeping angry tears for this ghostly family, who had obviously been viciously attacked by a sadistic killer.

I could still hear the screams from the mother and the little boy, along with the gurgling from the girl on the bed.

It was clear that she had her throat slashed but she was trying to speak as she pointed to the back of the house.

Feeling that I might find the killer there, it took some time for me to build up the nerve to keep moving.

I was annoyed with myself for stepping into this nightmare without backup, as I’d never faced anything like it before.

Then I remembered my video camera, so I activated it and pointed it all over the place while I continued on my way.

The gurgling, crying and screaming went on as I crept down the landing to the room at the back, shivering in fear.

Before I even got to the room, I heard the slow creaking of the door, which made me shudder and move slower.

My body shook as I made it to the door, where I expected to face the killer responsible for the death of this family.

Instead, I saw a grown man in a chair with an axe deep in his head! There was a pool of blood under the chair.

Somehow I knew that this was the father and that he couldn’t speak, but he slowly lifted his hand and began to point.

A chill swept through my soul as I realized that his finger was pointing directly at me.

Was I the killer?!

As I thought that, the father pointed more emphatically at me and the screams and noises from his family increased.

While I stood there dumbstruck, wondering what he meant, I felt a blast of evil hit my back – freezing my body.

Then a putrid stench wafted over me and the father continued to point anxiously – to the space behind me.

Finally I was able to turn around, as an unholy growling began to filter through the screams of the whole family.

This time I did pee my pants, as I realized that I was face to face with the most evil entity I had ever encountered.

Keep in mind that until that day, I had only ever captured voices on my EVP recorder.

I’d never seen a ghost! Now I was only centimeters away from a murderous monster who had slaughtered an innocent family in cold blood.

At first, I had no idea what I had to do and it was obvious that the sinister specter found this fact amusing.

He looked like a big gorilla of a man who had escaped an insane asylum, with huge black eyes and an awful sneer.

Then I remembered that I had a mini-bible on my keychain, which my mother had given me before she’d passed away.

I whipped my keys out and with trembling fingers, I flipped the bible open and shoved it in his ghostly face.

It was all I could think of but it worked!



He screamed like a demon splashed with Holy water.

As I raged along with the family’s screams, he disappeared.

I turned around and the father was gone.

When I raced through the house, I saw that the whole family was gone.

The house was now empty but free from evil.

When I got back in my car, I finally broke down and cried happy tears.

I wasn’t even mad when I got back home and discovered that my equipment had malfunctioned, with no evidence.