Walking the Chilling Path to the Portal to Hell

I nearly didn’t share this story as I’m concerned about the effects in those who might be in the same position I was.

Having isolated myself from friends and family after losing my job many years ago, I morphed into an angry woman.

Slowly and surely, I descended into a mental state where fury and hatred colored my interactions with other people.

Walking the Chilling Path to the Portal to Hell

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Updated 2/9/2020 – What I am about to share is more real than any of the haunted stories you might hear – it’s much worse!

Some might say that it was a hallucination, others might say that I’m insane. Maybe it’s both, but it did happen.

It started when I had another argument with my neighbor, where I blew my stack and threatened to “deal” with him.

I felt like I’d been possessed by a demon as I’m usually quite mild mannered, so I left the house and went for a walk.

There’s a greenway close to where we live and I soon found myself storming along the path as I swore and fumed.

I didn’t notice that the path wasn’t gradually curving like it was supposed to.

I was preoccupied with venomous hate.

Every step filled my mind with obsessive, murderous thoughts, like a mental hit-list about who I wanted to hurt.

I looked ahead and saw a fiery portal at the end of the path

Normally I would’ve stopped in shock or thought that it was the sunset, but my frame of mind propelled me forward.

It was like I was being drawn into the pit of Hell as terrifying images of torture, horror and murder filled my head.

As I got closer, I began to see balls of fire shooting out of the portal, landing several yards in front of me.

They suddenly formed into flaming demons who encouraged me to keep going by waving and gesturing with glee.

Usually I would turn and run at top speed, but I welcomed their presence as their evil energy fueled my fury.

Passing each demon and feeling them fall in behind me gave me an incredible sense of power and righteousness.

Getting closer to the fiery portal, I had images in my mind of all the people I wanted to inflict serious pain onto.

I saw my neighbor scream in terror as the flames consumed him and my boss crying and writhing in torturous agony.

Laughing like a psychotic mad woman, I saw all the people in my life being picked off one by one – howling loudly.

I could feel my slathering mouth hanging agape at all the hellish imagery and my hands rubbing together excitedly.

Haunted stories were created as I killed my enemies in my mind

I looked into the portal and felt the blistering heat on my face as millions of screaming souls became visible.

One face stood out.

It was my mother – crying and pleading with me to stop – before being dragged into the void.

Suddenly it was as though a bolt of lightning shot through my body, as my mother had passed away years before.

I realized that I was allowing my twisted and angry thoughts to deliver me into the hands of the Devil himself!

Trying to pull away, I felt scorching hands pushing me forward as the demons screamed, “YOU MUST ENTER!

Then I saw the most horrifying face I’d ever seen.

It was the Devil!

He laughed as I struggled to pull back.

The demons continued yelling and pushing me forward as I frantically dug my heels in – screaming and crying.

In my mind, I screamed to the heavens, pleading for help and forgiveness – promising to change my ways.

I knew that I had to make amends and forgive those who trespassed and hurt me.

Then I saw them covered in light.

Imagining them lifting up and out of my murderous thoughts, I felt a cool breeze rush through my body and soul.

Slumping to the ground, I heard the final, deafening screams from the Devil and his demons as I fainted away.

When I came to, I realized that I’d barely escaped Hell and was granted Heavenly reprieve as I wept tears of joy!

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