I Was Excited To Meet My New Neighbor But The Terrifying Memories Of That Night Still Haunt Me

When I was growing up we had a neighbor who was very mysterious to the neighborhood, due to his odd behavior.

It wasn’t just his behavior.

His house exuded a somewhat sinister atmosphere, with the curtains perpetually drawn.

For the most part, I ignored the house and even the stories about different people coming and going at all hours.

I Was Excited To Meet My New Neighbor But The Terrifying Memories Of That Night Still Haunt Me

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Updated 2/9/2020 – One story that intrigued me was that no one ever saw more than one person at a time – in or around the house.

I wondered if the neighbor was a shapeshifter – even shifting into female form – maybe even animal form.

He always seemed to be very nervous when he went out to his car and when he arrived home as he let himself in.

Come to think of it, all the different people who came and went acted suspiciously – looking this way and that way.

Some people said that there were black masses being held there or that it was a strange cult with stranger practices.

One night, when I was eighteen, I had some girlfriends around for a movie night, complete with snacks and wine.

We were distracted by eerie sounds and chanting.

One of my friends grabbed the remote and turned the volume down, motioning for the rest of us to be quiet.

We all stopped talking and strained our ears, becoming increasingly anxious at what appeared to be ritual singing.

It sounded like either something Middle Eastern, Egyptian or Indian – but it was difficult to figure out.

Something about the music told me that it was far more ancient – but also – it had an evil tinge, almost unearthly.

We looked out the window and saw the neighbor’s house lit up from inside – with red and orange, flickering lights.

My friends started to dare me to go over and knock on the door, but I was far too afraid to do anything foolish.

After a while, we ignored the music and chanting and turned the volume back up, finishing the movie and the wine.

Some of my friends passed out and others fell asleep, while I dragged myself up the stairs to my own bed.

I couldn’t fall asleep and I wasn’t sure if it was the music and chanting, so I got up and looked out the window.

The pulsing, colorful lights were mesmerizing and I soon felt myself becoming intoxicated – even entranced.

I barely noticed that I’d started swaying like a cobra, in tune with the music and slipping into a dream-like state.

My eyes were focused on the neighbor’s window that was closest to mine, on the other side of the low fence.

I felt like the music was infiltrating my soul, affecting me from the inside out, taking over my thoughts and actions.

The orange light was bright in the window, almost a golden yellow – but what I saw next nearly blew my mind.

It was a shadow of a tall man slowly walking towards the window, like he was positioning himself to watch me.

I concentrated on the window and barely flinched when I started to see many arms behind his shadow.

There were six arms in total, now waving up and down, in time with the music, as the chanting became more fervent.

I couldn’t discern what the words were saying but it didn’t matter, as somehow I understood on another level.

What happened next seems so shocking to me now, but at the time it was the most natural thing in the world.

In a trance, I walked down the stairs and out the front door, making my way slowly to the neighbor’s house.

I was greeted at his door by an unholy being.

Not even flinching at the unearthly sight before me, I followed the six-armed creature as it backed into the room.

Seemingly male and female at the same time, it gave me an unsettling smile while beckoning with all six hands.

I don’t remember anyone or anything else in the room and the flickering lights, music and chanting washed over me.

My body was still swaying like a snake and I continued to follow the entity as it backed further into the endless room.

The uncontrollable desire in me was growing stronger by the minute as I realized I could now understand the chants.

I could hear words such as, “Come”, “Further”, “Deeper” and “We are waiting!” along with grunts, snorts and sighs.

By this stage, all I wanted was to become “one” with the entity and soon found myself in his/her arms – swooning.

I felt each arm and hand clamp around me, holding me tight against the warm flesh of the large torso next to mine.

I wasn’t alarmed when I noticed strange vibrations all around and inside me, feeling like my cells were dividing.

My consciousness seemed to be switching back and forth, from my body to the body of the bizarre entity.

It’s not like I disappeared, but rather – I was immersed in and occupying the six armed entity’s body, like possession.

When I opened my eyes, it was like looking through a thousand eyes simultaneously – at a thousand lives, or more.

What I saw varied from ultimate horror to incredible beauty, like a bird’s eye view into many lives through the ages.

Then the chanting changed into many languages and I could understand them all as the visions continued.

I marveled at the fact I could feel each finger on each hand and each arm while the sensations of wonder took over.

At first, I thought that I was becoming God, but then I realized that something sinister was happening.

Due to the fact that I was “at one” with the entity, I suddenly realized that I knew its thoughts and the implications.

It was I who was possessed and I saw a flash of an image that showed my supposedly lifeless body at the door!

The entity – or whatever it was – had tricked me into seeing the being with the six arms, in order to lure me in.

There were many people, or what I thought were demons, humming and chanting, naked and intoxicated.

They were playing strange instruments, drumming, blowing tin whistles and strumming sitars – discordant and evil.

I began to scream when I saw a large ceremonial knife in one of the hands – which was now my hand!

Stomping towards my own body in the doorway, I felt like my soul was swirling uncontrollably – in a dark vortex.

All I could think of was, “Call to God!” Then I began doing my own chanting and praying – for God to save me.

I screamed and cried as I pleaded as earnestly as I could for God to save me, while the demons laughed and pointed.

Suddenly everything blacked out and it seemed like an eon before I woke up whimpering in bed, covered with sweat.

My friends woke me up, telling me that I was screaming in my sleep and it took ages for them to kick open my door.

I know that I was possessed by the evil shapeshifter and that I hadn’t dreamed its six arms or the terrible visions it revealed.

I’m lucky to be alive!

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