The Best Online Relationship Psychic Readings of 2020 – Real Answers by Phone or Chat

best love psychics online

If you contact the best love psychics online, you too may find the happiness you deserve.

Updated 2/9/2020 – If you’re in a hurry I’ll tell you right now, Kasamba psychics are my favorite relationship psychics because they are the most accurate and cheapest! Here’s their current promo offer:

Get 3 FREE Minutes + 70% Off your first session

The Best Online Psychic Love Readings of 2020

When you’ve hit a wall in your personal life and are struggling to figure out what the future holds, there’s nothing more reassuring than hearing what’s to come.

Fortunately, you can receive answers from an honest and trusted psychic, someone who can offer spiritual advice and insight when it comes to dating, relationships, and true love.

Of course, it’s not easy to find the best relationship psychics online.

Though there are many reputable psychics who want to help you, there are just as many who are dishonest and will lie to scam you out of your money.

That’s why it’s important to know who you can trust.

You’ll wonder who you can trust with your personal life and your future, and it’s a daunting task when you hop online and find tons of information on psychics all over the world.

relationship psychic

Hey there, I’m Sarah, and I want to help you get the happiness you deserve.

My name is Sarah Baker and after 13 years of seeking psychic advice on my own life and relationships, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to determine who’s for real and who’s not worth my time.

Of course, I want to share with you what I’ve learned and how you can get the same successful results.

Here are my honest reviews on the top relationship psychics who will reassure your worries about authenticity in a world full of clairvoyant scams.

These experts will also work hard to give you an honest and accurate reading.

In the end, their advice might just help you answer life’s biggest questions about love, your potential soulmate, and your future together!

Comparing The Best Love and Relationship Psychics for Phone Readings and Online Chat

RankPsychic NetworkOnline Chat ReadingsPhone ReadingsVideo ReadingsRatingWebsite
1KasambaYesYesNoA+Visit Site
2Psychic SourceYesYesNoA-
3AskNow PsychicsYesYesNoB+
4Keen Online PsychicsYesYesNoB
6California PsychicsNoYesNoC+
7Hollywood PsychicsYesYesNoC

Real Love Psychics Reviews: My Favorite Places to Get the Best Relationship Readings in 2020

Throughout many successful and ultimately unrewarding relationships, I’ve consulted countless psychics with readings via phone and online.

And while many experiences left me shaking my head, there were also many that were absolutely stellar.

While the disappointments overall cost me a pretty penny, the value in the readings that were good and authentic was totally worth the investment. That’s why I can’t wait to share with you the gems I’ve found over the years.

If you’re struggling to figure out where you’re at in a relationship, whether your partner is true to you, or if you’ll ever meet Mr. Right, you just might find the answers here.

Here are my reviews on the best relationship psychics of 2020:


Kasamba offers the best relationship readings online and by phone

The most accurate psychics on love.

  • Price: Starts at $1.99 per minute and ranges up to $30 per minute
  • Charge per-minute or flat rate: Per-minute rate
  • Introductory Offer: Three free minutes + 70% off

Kasamba has been around since 1999 giving excellent love and relationship advice, plus services like dream analysis, fortune telling, astrology, and more. As a whole, the company has earned a 93 percent top rating via reviews.

The psychic directory lets you search professionals by screen name, which is great if you’ve used a psychic before or gotten a recommendation from a friend or family member.

Each psychic profile lists the advisor’s experience level, fees, reviews, specialties, languages, and current status. Even if your chosen psychic is marked as “away,” you can often send an email to connect later. And, Kasamba reviews are transparent and easy to navigate so you can choose the best professional for your needs.

Alternatively, you can select a topic from the site’s drop-down menu and find a professional that way. For example, clicking on “Cheating & Affairs” takes you to a page of chat and phone advisors with expertise in that area. Then, you can sort the psychics by price, rank, and more.

I like that I can reach out via email to my favorite psychic, and then only get billed for those specific concerns that I ask about. Of course, rates vary based on the psychic you choose, but there’s a comfortable price point for every user.

What I love most about Kasamba is that they consistently give highly accurate love readings; more often than other services. Personally, I really appreciated this when I was faced with evidence that my partner was cheating. I feel that Kasamba has some of the best love psychics online.

It’s such an emotionally draining situation to be in but getting advice from a professional helped me to realize that my ex wasn’t going to change his ways. By the end of our chat, I knew it wasn’t worth hanging onto that relationship when better things were coming my way.

More details:

  • Reading Methods: Phone and chat available, also email function within their site
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Up to $50 refund per reading if you are dissatisfied
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Most credit cards and PayPal accepted
  • Additional Benefits: Mobile apps for iOS and Android for on-the-go chats

Visit Kasamba Website

Psychic Source

Psychic source is another very good choice for love and relationship readings

Affordable psychic love readings.

  • Price: Starts at $1 per minute
  • Charge per-minute or flat rate: Per-minute rate
  • Introductory Offer: First three minutes free, also a 25 percent discount on new advisors

Psychic Source has advisors who are available for phone, video, and online chat readings, and their expertise spans a variety of topics. In addition to up-to-date availability listings, each psychic also has a span of hours listed for when they will accept calls or chat sessions, which makes it easier to see how long your session can last when you log on.

You can sort by cost, availability, subject or expertise, and reading style. I also like to read client-posted psychic source reviews to find out more about customers’ readings and the accuracy each advisor offers. After all, it’s important that I connect with my advisor, so I don’t choose any random person.

Of course, Psychic Source follows a specific code of ethics, as detailed on their site, which is one of the reasons why they top my list of recommendations.

Another feature I like is that they offer return calls, so I can connect to my favorite advisor without having to wait around online for her. I just enter how long I’ll be available and get a call back within 24 hours—ideal for those pressing matters that come up while I’m trying to take care of daily life!

More details:

  • Reading Methods: Phone, video, and chat readings available
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re unhappy with your most recent reading, it’s free in the form of Psychic Source Bonus Dollars. The policy applies to each advisor, so you can get your money back until you find the right one!
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Most credit cards accepted, money orders and checks can be applied to account credit
  • Additional Benefits: Video readings available, membership rewards (Psychic Source Membership Rewards Program) allows you to earn bonus minutes


AskNow Psychics have Psychics that cast love spells

Psychics that cast love spells.

  • Price: Starts at $1 per minute, higher-level psychics up to $13 per minute
  • Charge per-minute or flat rate: Per-minute rate
  • Introductory Offer: New customers get 15 minutes for $10

AskNow Psychics has psychic advisors all over the country who are available 24/7.

Not only do they have experts with years of experience, but they also offer specialties in areas such as casting love spells, romance, careers, and more. Each psychic also has a ranking ranging from Top Rated to Elite to Master.

All of the psychics at AskNow are fully vetted, and the company has stringent guidelines for those wishing to join their site. You can also filter the psychics based on their abilities and availability, which makes it easy to find the professional advice you need.

Simply click “CALL” or “CHAT” and connect with someone immediately to have your relationship questions answered.

More details:

  • Reading Methods: Phone and chat available
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you decide your first psychic isn’t a good match, you can end the reading and receive a credit for up to five minutes toward another advisor.
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Most credit cards accepted
  • Additional Benefits: Full profiles per psychic


Keen has a reputation for giving great relationship readings.

Best love tarot readings.

  • Price: Starts at $1.99 per minute, higher-level psychics range over $10 per minute
  • Charge per-minute or flat rate: Per-minute rate
  • Introductory Offer: First three minutes free

Keen Psychics have been around since 1999, which means they have plenty of experience delivering love readings to clients. They primarily offer love and relationship advice, but also tarot readings and astrological-focused information. They cover other life questions, too.

Advisors are available at all hours, and you just need to create an account to get in touch with a psychic. You can use a payment method to “add funds” to your account, which allows you to set personal limits on how much you spend in a specific period.

Keen psychic reviews are easy to see, as each advisor has a profile that lists their experience level, cumulative feedback, and specialty. They also have the option of leaving a personal “Advisor Statement” for potential clients to read, which gives you a sense of their personality.

You can sort professionals by their price per minute, availability, and rating. One of the best features of Keen Psychics is that their customers can leave reviews after a chat or call session. Of course, I left a positive review for the psychic that gave me spot-on advice about a new love that I almost passed up!

More details:

  • Reading Methods: Phone and chat available
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: The 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll receive Keen Dollars toward another reading, up to $25 worth Accepted
  • Payment Methods: Most credit cards and PayPal accepted, also Seamless Pay option
  • Additional Benefits: Keen Psychics also has an app for Google Play and the Apple App Store, so you can get psychic advice on the go


Oranum is our favorite relationship psychics for video

Top online relationship psychic video readings

  • Price: Credits-per-minute vary depending on your advisor’s ranking
  • Charge per-minute or flat rate: Per-minute rates
  • Introductory Offer: Automatically get $9.99 in free credits after registering an account

Oranum is more casual and personal than other sites, which I like a lot because I always feel like a genuine connection is made between myself and the psychic.

Payment is in the form of pre-purchased credits, so as long as you have a balance on your account, you can start a consult with any psychic on the site.

Oranum reviews ensure professionalism and client satisfaction through a rating system. That means your advisor will be eager to give an honest and accurate reading, rather than keeping you in a live video chat for a specific number of minutes.

They offer online relationship psychic video readings, which is the closest you’ll get to an in-person reading via remote means. Psychics offer live-stream videos to their subscribers, and you can initiate a private reading during any live-stream session.

Being able to see each other creates a genuine, personal connection. Although, you don’t have to turn on the video if you don’t want. You can just do regular chat and get a reading that way too.

You can also check out an advisor’s live-stream before requesting a private reading, which gives you a glimpse into their personality before you jump into a credit-spending session.

I really like that I can get online and within a couple of minutes be chatting live with an advisor. Each psychic has a full profile that includes information on their specialties, any credentials they possess, and their experience level.

More details:

  • Reading Methods: Live-stream video sessions, private video readings, online chat, private messages
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re dissatisfied with a reading, you can contact Oranum within 24 hours to request a refund. The amount and scope of the refund depend on each individual case, however.
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Oranum uses a credit system, so you must purchase credits via credit card or another payment method
  • Additional Benefits: Free Content plus Premium Content as part of a psychic’s Fan Club, iTunes app for on-the-go readings

California Psychics

California psychics only offers love and relationship readings over the phone but they are reputable

Best strictly over-the-phone love psychics.

  • Price: Starts at $1 per minute
  • Charge per-minute or flat rate: Per-minute rate
  • Introductory Offer: New customer packages at lower rates available (must buy 20 minutes)

California Psychics is another of my favorites because of their user-friendly site and the wide availability of advisors. Of course, it also helps that they’ve been delivering psychic relationship readings since 1955! Therefore, California Psychics understands the benefits of phone consultations, and it’s all they offer.

If your selected psychic isn’t currently available, the website offers a callback system, plus you can schedule an advance appointment at your convenience. With the site’s Psychic Selector, though, you can get information on each psychic’s rating, abilities, topics, tools, total readings, wait time, and more.

If you’re the type of person who likes to connect on the phone rather than in a chat room, California Psychics might be the best option for you. I personally enjoy chatting with my advisor when I need reassurance about my relationship, rather than for forecasting predictions.

After all, talking on the phone lets a bit more emotion get through, making for a deeper connection with my advisor. Of course, talking to an unbiased party is always great for making those all-important life decisions.

More details:

  • Reading Methods: Phone only
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: First-time callers can request a refund if they’re dissatisfied with a reading. Otherwise, you can hang up and choose another available psychic within the first few minutes
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Most credit cards and PayPal accepted
  • Additional Benefits: Available app for iOS and Android for on-the-go readings, birthday discounts available in your birthday month, Karma Rewards program for earning points toward free readings

Hollywood Psychics

Hollywood psychics isn't as popular as the other relationship psychics networks, but they are legit

Great money back guarantee.

  • Price: Starts at $1 per minute and up to $5 per minute
  • Charge per-minute or flat rate: Per-minute rate
  • Introductory Offer: Three minutes free with your first paid reading

If you’re baffled by the process of selecting a psychic based on their areas of expertise and rates, Hollywood Psychics will be a refreshing change. New customers receive $1 per minute calls, while regular rates are $5 per minute. But either way, you pay per minute based on the package you select, not the psychic you connect with.

All the advisors at Hollywood Psychics are rigorously screened, so you can be assured that they’re professional and effective. Each advisor has their own profile page and reviews. There are also phone recordings on their automated phone line, so you can get a feel for an advisor’s tone before connecting with them live.

I also like that as a member, I earn special bonuses and email offers. It’s nice to know that not only do I have an expert psychic available anytime but also that the company values my business enough that they extend special offers to keep me coming back!

More details:

  • Reading Methods: Phone and chat available
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not happy with a live, paid reading, it’s free—you’ll receive a full refund of your money, not credits toward another reading
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Most credit cards, Western Union, and Money Orders are accepted to add credit to your account
  • Additional Benefits: You can earn Bonus Minutes during promotions and special email offers

Buyers Guide – Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Psychic Relationship Readings

If it’s your first time seeking out an online psychic, you likely feel intimidated and a bit lost. But don’t worry—I’ve been there, and it’s not as daunting as you might think!

Fortunately, my experiences of trial and error have helped me to figure out what to look for to find the best relationship psychics online, and I’m passing that information on to you. Here’s what to consider when looking for powerful guidance from an expert.

Accurate Love Psychic Readings

Because our relationships often feel like they’re on the line by the time we consult with a psychic, accuracy is key! But like any other service, there are psychics who don’t quite meet the mark when it comes to accuracy and transparency.

While it’s possible that your psychic could just be having an “off” day, their experience level, natural skill, and level of comfort with you can all affect your love reading. But the pressure isn’t solely on your professional. In fact, your level of comfort can also affect their ability to give an accurate reading.

Of course, experience levels and natural abilities also play a part. It’s nearly impossible to tell what someone’s true skill level is without having a reading first. However, the psychic services listed above are the ones that I’ve found to be the most accurate psychics on love.

If you feel like you’re not getting an accurate or true love psychic reding, you can always say so and opt out of continuing. Many services, such as the ones listed above, offer guarantees or at least refund protection if you’re not happy with the reading.

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Company Reputation

Because the companies listed connect you with multiple psychics under one “umbrella,” there is something to be said for the company’s reputation. I’ve only selected highly-rated and well-respected experts who give accurate insights into your love-life, and their reputations speak for themselves.

When looking at which psychic to choose, you’ll want to consider not only their general reputation among friends and family (or trusted bloggers!) but also their online presence. Consider the following:

  • Whether they have a strong online reputation via reviews, endorsements, or other details
  • The professionalism of the website, or lack thereof
  • Any online ratings such as on TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau, or others
  • Any social media presence and/or feedback
  • How long they’ve been in business

Ratings and Reviews

Even if a psychic has a professional looking website and a history in the business, that doesn’t guarantee that they’re your best bet. Rather, you should seek out online reviews and only consult with psychics who have met past clients’ expectations.

Overall, it’s difficult to judge the quality of a relationship psychic based on their claims alone. No matter how much experience they claim to have, or how well-done their website is, that doesn’t make up for low ratings from actual clients.

Rating systems vary based on what website you check out, whether it’s Yelp, Google, Facebook, or another service. So ideally, you should skim reviews to see what most clients are saying. Of course, in this instance, the work is done for you, as I only recommend professionals with overall positive reviews.

Satisfaction Guarantee

top love advisors - 100% satisfaction guarantee

When you talk to one of the top love advisors in this article, you’re safe – they all offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you seek out a psychic based on their positive reviews and professionalism, there shouldn’t be any need for a satisfaction guarantee—the proof is in the positive feedback. However, many psychic services offer guarantees that promise to fulfill your expectations for the reading.

While no psychic can guarantee a positive result or good news for your future, their predictions and insight should match your unique circumstances. That’s why a satisfaction guarantee is one of the marks of a professional and reliable service: they’re promising that you’ll get an accurate and helpful reading.

Often, satisfaction promises come with money-back guarantees, though the limitations of such policies depend on each psychic and his or her organizational affiliation.

Price and Affordability

While low prices are an attractive feature, keep in mind that the old saying “you get what you pay for” is usually true of psychic services. Someone who is confident in their abilities will not offer free readings or even low-cost ones, because they know their services are valuable.

Though a love reading can have a high cost, pricing varies based on where you’re located, how experienced your psychic is, whether they’re having a deal or promotion, and how long your session lasts.

Pricing often depends on:

  • Price per minute or flat rate
  • Discounts or deals for new clients
  • Free initial consultations before the actual reading
  • Discounts for repeat clients

Although free readings sound intriguing, they’re not usually worth the lack of payment. However, a reading that seems exorbitantly expensive might not be worth it, either. In the end, you need to balance the cost versus value of the reading to determine how much you’re willing to pay.

And remember, just because your reading may involve bad news, that doesn’t mean you haven’t gotten a quality reading. Honest psychics are valuable because they give insights on what we can expect in the future, rather than filling us with false hope.

Comparing Relationship Psychics

When it comes to selecting a relationship psychic for your unique scenario, there’s a lot to think about. And with so many choices of online psychic services, I thought it would be helpful to compare my top two picks—Oranum and Psychic Source.

Here we’ll look at the similarities and differences, and I’ll explain which the clear winner for me is. I’ve got my own ideas about who the top-rated clairvoyant love experts are. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way!

Oranum Vs Psychic Source

Oranum is a great option because it allows you to freely chat with a psychic before purchasing anything. That means you can get a feel for the reading before spending money. Not only that, but you get 9.99 in free credits just for signing up. This flexibility is great—you can choose the price point that works for you and still select from plenty of experienced and available psychics. Psychic Source also starts at a low price point (but not free), with some advisors spanning higher rate ranges.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Both services offer money-back satisfaction guarantees that refund you either cash or psychic reading credit toward future readings. This is helpful because sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m connecting well with a psychic. In those cases, I can respectfully end the conversation and apply my credits elsewhere to get a better and more natural fit with a psychic.

Reading Formats

Oranum offers live video readings, private video reading, and various chat and messaging options, which fulfills all my needs quite well.

Psychic Source is primarily chat and phone. They also offer video chatting but it’s not as good as Oranum.

Love Reading Accuracy

I might be biased, of course, but overall, my readings with Oranum have been more accurate and detailed than those of Psychic Source. And in the end, your compatibility with the advisor you pick has more to do with the reading than you might assume.

The accuracy of my readings may have something to do with the fact that I like to pick the more highly-ranked advisors. If it’s your first foray into psychic relationship readings, you may feel okay going with a lower-cost and less experienced psychic.

However, if you want the most accurate predictions and advice, sometimes it pays to go with the higher-level experts. Affordability doesn’t always equal high value, so I don’t mind paying a bit more for a quality reading.

Reputation and Ranking

Both Oranum and Psychic Source have positive reputations online. They both follow a vetting process when onboarding their advisors, and both companies have maintained high feedback.

On Oranum, they rank their experts in tiers, so you can tell who has the most experience and positive feedback overall. With so many choices for psychic professionals, I appreciate this ranking feature, and I trust Oranum’s designation on their experts.

The Bottom Line

I’d choose Oranum first when it comes to advice on my love life because they are more accurate! However, if you specifically want a relationship reading by phone, go with Psychic Source.

Is a Love-life Reading Right for You?

Real online psychic relationship readings

Real online psychic relationship readings can have a profound impact on your love-life.

Most people are at least a little bit curious about psychic powers. And even the non-believers among us would love to know their futures! But a love-life reading isn’t for everyone. The question is, is it right for you?

Women seek love-life readings for many reasons; here are a few:

  • Just met someone new and want to know if there’s a future there
  • Suspect a partner of cheating and want to know the truth
  • Hoping to meet your soulmate but it hasn’t happened yet
  • Unsure whether you should make a move with someone you’re interested in
  • Hope to plan for your relationship future with a special someone

Although no psychic should recommend a specific course of action, their insight can often reveal truths about your relationship and future. Whether you’re with someone and suspect that they’re unfaithful or you’ve yet to meet your soulmate, the future is truly up to your course of action following the reading.

But in order to make pivotal decisions in life, it helps to have relationship guidance from someone who’s knowledgeable and has your best interests at heart. What you do with that information is up to you—so if you’re expecting a quick fix of sorts from speaking with a psychic, you may come away disappointed.

Consulting with a relationship psychic also requires that you are honest and keep an open mind. Your psychic will know if you’re not fully invested in the reading, and it could affect their ability to give you accurate information.

Above all, chatting with a psychic requires that you’re receptive to their abilities and guidance—otherwise, there’s no point.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Getting a Psychic Relationship Reading Online or by Phone

While chatting with a psychic remotely often feels a bit awkward, there are benefits to the process. Of course, there are also a few drawbacks. Many people who feel more timid about psychic services may want to try an online session to maintain their anonymity.

Of course, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about seeking psychic guidance, but if you feel wary at first, a remote session is often the first step in getting more comfortable with the process. However, there are limitations to both types of sessions. Consider the pluses and minuses before scheduling your first psychic consultation.

Getting a Love Reading Online or by Phone

Getting a “remote” love reading is more accessible than visiting a psychic in person, but that’s only one perk. Here are my opinions on the benefits versus the drawbacks of online readings.


  • Readings are more accessible
  • Readings are often less expensive than in-person sessions
  • Your session remains discreet
  • The psychic cannot use your physical appearance to “judge” or “read” you
  • You can do research beforehand on the psychic(s)
  • Many online services offer transcriptions post-chat, so you don’t need to record the session or take notes
  • Your background, behavior, appearance, and religious beliefs are not as easily shown, maintaining anonymity without affecting the reading
  • Availability of video chat/webcam sessions accommodate people who are more visual or want eye contact/a more personal experience
  • More convenient, as you can hop online for a session without traveling anywhere


  • Unable to use eye contact and body language to communicate

Getting a Love Reading in Person

If you’ve ever walked past a psychic’s booth or shop and been tempted to step inside, you’re not alone! There are perks to getting an in-person love reading—however, there are also a number of drawbacks.


  • Can use eye contact and body language to connect with the psychic
  • Can gauge reliability by their physical presence and ability


  • The psychic can “read” your behavior and emotions more easily, potentially influencing the accuracy of the reading
  • Often more expensive than remote sessions
  • You can’t “check out” the psychic beforehand if you just stop in somewhere
  • The psychic may judge you by physical appearance, beliefs, or behaviors
  • Sessions are not discreet since people may see you go inside the shop/booth
  • The presence of another person can affect your results

Whatever type of consultation you ultimately choose, the most important part of the session is your connection with the psychic. Keep that in mind for the best results no matter how you communicate with your psychic professional.

Love Solutions by Phone, Online Chat, Video, or Email – Which Method Is Best for You?

In the digital age, we have more options than ever when it comes to accessing psychic guidance. Between phone calls, online chat options, video chatting, and email communication, it’s easy to connect with the professional advice you need.

Of course, each method has its own perks and pitfalls. Also, your unique needs will ultimately determine which method is best for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the different love reading methods.

Phone Relationship Psychic Readings

You may have seen TV commercials about psychic relationship readings, along with an 800 number to call. That’s because getting a love physic reading is surprisingly common these days, as people are shying away from traveling to brick-and-mortar locations for their confidential readings.

Phone chats with a psychic are often easily accessible because you don’t need an internet connection, email, or chat service to connect. All you need is a phone and typically a credit card for payment.

Communicating with your psychic via phone enables a connection between you, achieving the same accuracy as an in-person reading. Of course, chatting on the phone is simpler than traveling to meet a psychic, but it also removes certain elements from the equation.

Via phone, all the psychic has to go on is your voice; your tone, emotion, and speech patterns give away less than your physical appearance. Of course, this is a positive benefit if you feel as though a psychic may judge you based on appearances otherwise.

Speaking remotely not only enables the psychic to connect with you, but it also removes distractions such as other people present in the reading, any nervous or habitual behaviors you exhibit, and telltale signs about your relationship and love life.

Via phone, your psychic can’t see your wedding ring (or lack thereof), the fact that you’re pregnant, or any other signs about where you are in a relationship. Receiving an accurate reading via phone can also prove the reliability of psychic predictions because the psychic isn’t reading you, they’re reading your future.

Phone chats are ideal for people who would prefer not to venture out to receive a love reading, those who prefer anonymity, and people who want to avoid judgment based on appearance or behavior.

Online Psychic Relationship Readings Via Chat

Another easily accessible love reading method is via chat. Most digitally connected psychics offer readings via a chat session, where you communicate almost instantly via a messaging service or app. This way, the conversation can flow naturally, much the way it would in person or on the phone.

Other benefits mimic that of phone conversations; a psychic can’t judge you based on your accent, speech patterns, periods of silence, or emotions. And unlike email, chat is a quick and responsive way to communicate.

Chat is superior to email in that you don’t have to wait for the psychic to receive your email—instead, you initiate a chat session to begin receiving your reading. This method is faster and can be more accurate than emailing a paragraphs-long message to your psychic!

Love readings via chat are ideal for people who are uncomfortable speaking on the phone or meeting a psychic in person. It’s also helpful for people who enjoy fast-paced communication without the drawback of feeling judged for their speech, accent, or background.

Of course, the more comfortable you become with a psychic and the more readings you have, the more likely you are to maintain an email correspondence outside of regular chat sessions. It’s great to find a true connection with a psychic you like and trust, so don’t discount email entirely if you strike up a good working relationship with a psychic.

Live Video Relationship Readings by Webcam

The final way to receive a remote love reading is via webcam or video chat. Whether you use a computer with a webcam or a cell phone with video chatting, you can connect face-to-face with your psychic.

This method of reading is ideal for people who enjoy the feeling of in-person chats and who rely on eye contact and body language to engage with another person. Having a video reading can mimic the benefits of an in-person reading, but with the same drawbacks.

If you’re a visual person who’s not concerned about being judged by appearances, using a webcam can be a great way to receive psychic advice. You may also feel reassured by seeing the actual person you’re speaking with in person!

For many people who are a bit skeptic about psychic services, seeing your psychic in real time can help reduce discomfort and make the process more enjoyable. You may also seek a combination of reading methods, and possibly even with the same psychic as you grow a working relationship.

11 Good Questions to Ask an Online Spiritual Advisor About Love

So you’re ready to schedule your first online psychic reading! But you may be wondering, what should I say? What should I ask to get the best information and most accurate results? Here are eleven great questions to start off with when connecting with your online spiritual advisor.

1) “Will he cheat on me again?”

If you’re in a relationship where a partner has been unfaithful, it could be the primary reason you’re seeking psychic advice. Asking whether your boyfriend or husband will cheat again is a clear question that your psychic should be able to answer.

2) “Will I find love?”

If you’re single or in a dead-end relationship, this can be the burning question in the back of your mind. Don’t be afraid to ask it! Your psychic may even be able to give you a timeline for when, where, and how you’ll meet a new love.

3) “Will my marriage last?”

Being in a rocky marriage is such a trial, so this question can be telling. With the “will we, won’t we” question, plus the legal aspect of going through a divorce and dividing up belongings, property, and even time with the children, this question is crucial.

4) “Will I ever find love again after divorce?”

Post-divorce, most women’s top concern is whether they’ll ever find love again. Of course, your psychic may just have the answer to this pressing question.

5) “Should I marry him?”

Of course, making this life-changing decision is a big deal. Which is why consulting your psychic about the choice is a must—and it can also reveal more about your relationship than you thought possible.

6) “Is he ‘the one’?”

Unlike the way Hollywood portrays it, not every woman knows for sure when she’s met “the one.” But a psychic can shed light on just how perfect your partner is (or isn’t) for you.

7) “Is he using me?”

If you have doubts about your relationship with a guy based on some odd behaviors and signs, ask your psychic if the guy is using you. This way, you can get in-depth information about his intentions.

8) “Will my relationship last?”

Relationships are hard work, but also very rewarding. The answer to this question may help you decide how much effort to invest based on the longevity of the relationship.

9) “Should I stay in my relationship or should I go?”

This age-old question often has women flip-flopping all over the place. But a psychic’s insight can help make the right decision clearer, regardless of your feelings about it.

10) “Is he serious about me?”

Do you want to know whether your man is going to propose? Or maybe you’re unsure if he’s considering a breakup. This is the question to ask to know where your relationship is headed.

11) “Am I ready for a relationship?”

Maybe you’ve met a charming stranger, or maybe you’ve just left a long and emotionally difficult relationship. Ask your psychic this question to help you decide whether it’s time to seek out someone new.

What Can a Real Relationship Psychic Tell You?

If you’re expecting to connect with a relationship psychic and receive all the answers to the universe, that’s quite a lofty goal! Unfortunately, they can’t predict every event and moment in your love-life.

But a genuine relationship psychic can tell you where your relationship is headed, how others feel about you, and more. Here are the details on what you can expect a love expert to predict and confirm for you.

“Can a psychic tell if someone is in love with you?”

Depending on their abilities, a psychic should be able to tell you whether someone is in love with you. After all, we know that love is about more than just the stars in our partner’s eyes. And true soulmates have a connection that extends beyond our visible world—so why wouldn’t a psychic see that?

“Can a psychic reunite lovers?”

best relationship psychics

The best relationship psychics can predict many things, and can even help reunite lovers.

If you ask the right questions to track down a past love, it’s entirely possible that you could be reunited with a lover. Of course, it depends on their feelings for you and the abilities of your psychic. After all, if that lover has moved on, it doesn’t matter how you feel about them.

At the same time, your psychic likely won’t be able to pinpoint an ex’s exact location or whereabouts. For that reason, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to reconnect with a past love.

“Can a relationship psychic tell me if my ex is coming back?”

Because psychics are able to sense and perceive information that we can’t, it’s possible that your love reading could predict that an ex will come back to you. But you also have to consider the impact of free will when it comes to predictions of the future.

If you’re open to it and your ex still has feelings for you, the act of reaching out to him could change both of your futures. Conversely, if your psychic says your ex will come back but it doesn’t happen, it may be because you’re not open to it.

“Can a relationship psychic tell if a couple is twin flames?”

Like soul mates, twin flames are two halves of a whole. But in contrast with the concept of soulmates, the twin flames phenomenon isn’t the harmonious reuniting of the two halves. Instead, it’s often a passionate and potentially painful relationship that doesn’t always end well.

A relationship psychic should be able to tell if a couple is twin flames, but it will depend on your honesty and accuracy when discussing the relationship.

Whether or not your relationship is a true twin flame occurrence or just a good relationship gone south will affect your psychic’s love predictions for you. But overall, know that there’s a purpose behind the twin flame coupling, whether you’re meant to be together forever or not.

“What can a psychic tell me about a current relationship?”

A psychic can give you endless information about a current relationship. Part of the reading involves the information that you provide to the psychic, so they can judge how you feel about a partner based on your responses.

However, an online or phone chat with a relationship psychic relies more on the psychic’s intuition and abilities rather than your gushing about your spouse or partner. The calmer and more neutral you are, the more your psychic’s natural abilities will come through, enabling you to learn more about your relationship than what appearances suggest.

How to Get a Real Love Reading and Not Get Scammed

Plenty of self-proclaimed psychics are actually scammers. And while you should feel confident in choosing a psychic on this list, there are some signs to look out for if you’re picking your own psychic elsewhere. Here’s what to look for to ensure that you get an accurate reading instead of a psychic scam.

Recognize Cold Reading Techniques

“Cold reading” is one of the primary methods that scammers use to convince people that they’re true psychics. In fact, it’s one of the tactics that many TV personalities use to bolster their reputations. But cold reading techniques are easy to spot.

If a psychic asks a lot of “reaching” questions when getting to know you, this is a red flag and a surefire sign of cold reading. They may ask things like “did someone close to you recently pass?” or “are you concerned about your partner’s fidelity?”

This fake psychic will keep asking vague questions until they touch upon something that you respond to. Then, they’ll form a “love reading” that fits what you’ve already told them. In contrast, a true psychic won’t need to ask leading questions—they’ll encourage you to ask the questions.

Getting What You Pay For

Although I previously mentioned that free readings aren’t always worth the cost—and that’s saying something—it’s worth covering again here. If you find a website or independent psychic who offers a free reading, tread carefully.

A free reading is usually a fishing method to attract people who are reluctant to spend money on a real psychic. But the “reading” you’ll get often comes from a script and will likely be vague enough to apply to many people regardless of their relationship situation.

While it’s nice to get things for free or at a discount sometimes, a psychic reading isn’t one of those items. Unless you’re speaking with a reputable psychic who is running a special or has a first-time customer deal, your “free love reading” is likely as valuable as the amount you paid for it.

Be Wary of Payment Processes

With many psychic relationship readings taking place remotely, psychics have established billing methods to accommodate. You can expect to pay via credit card or another online payment service—such as PayPal—for your reading. But be wary of any other solicitation for cash.

For example, transferring money via Western Union or another type of wire transfer is often a bad sign. True psychics who operate their love reading services as a business will have their tax forms and maintain income records—they won’t expect cash transfers or other sketchy payment methods.

Also, with credit card or PayPal payment, you’re getting another level of scam prevention protection. If the psychic you use attempts to overcharge you or bill unauthorized payments, you can contact your credit card company or service provider for assistance.

PayPal operates its own money-back service, so if you use that method of payment, settling such issues is much easier than trying to get money back from Western Union.

Be Careful Who You Trust

Updated 2/9/2020 – If you speak with a psychic for the first time and they claim you’ll need multiple readings to achieve the results you want, that’s a negative sign. Psychics should focus on delivering accurate and insightful information per session, not trying to sign you up for long-term services.

An honest and reliable psychic will also encourage you to make your own decisions rather than coming to them for advice constantly. Accurate psychic insight can help guide you, but you shouldn’t become dependent on it to live your life. Consequently, your psychic shouldn’t encourage such a dependence, either. Rather, they should encourage your autonomy and independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about receiving an online psychic relationship reading.

“How does an online psychic love reading work?”

With an online psychic love reading, you typically give the psychic your name and then begin asking questions about your love life. That’s it!

“What should I expect?”

You can expect specific advice to your unique situation, with predictions just as accurate as those you’d receive in person.

“Are love readings really accurate?”

With the right psychic, an open mind, and a good connection, yes, love readings can be surprisingly accurate. However, you have to be open to the information, whether it’s positive or negative.

And in the end, free will also plays a role, and the future is always changing. These factors can mean there’s some unpredictability in terms of accuracy of psychic predictions.

“How do I choose a good psychic?”

The best way to choose a good psychic is by reading their online reviews and learning more about them. It also helps to speak with them briefly before your reading. Fortunately, most services let you bail out of a call within the first few minutes if there’s no connection or any other issues.

“Can their relationship predictions sometimes be wrong?”

Any psychic can be wrong about a love prediction, and it’s usually due to a poor connection with the client, an “off” day, or a lack of ability or insight. This is why it’s crucial to find a reputable and trustworthy psychic.

“How much does a good love reading cost?”

Although most love readings start at around $1 per minute, purchasing a reading at the lowest price point possible may not always be a good idea. After all, higher-priced readings are more costly because they’re often more valuable.

“How do relationship psychics get their information?”

Psychics get their information through intuition and natural abilities. Depending on their area of expertise, a relationship psychic may also use some tools to help make predictions. For example, many psychics use tarot cards or other predictive tools.

But in general, psychics use Extrasensory Perception (ESP) in the form of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. These are innate abilities that don’t require outside tools or “tricks” to utilize.

“When is the best time to get a psychic relationship reading?”

Any time you need guidance in your relationship is a good time for a reading. For example, if you’re facing divorce, just got in a new relationship, or are looking to meet someone, a psychic can offer helpful guidance and insight as you navigate these situations.

“How often should I talk to a psychic?”

You can talk to a psychic as often as you’d like. However, it’s important not to become dependent on a psychic’s advice to make everyday decisions. If you find yourself wanting to check in with a psychic around every turn, dial it back a bit and cut down on your sessions. After all, free will and your own intuition should be your primary motivators.

“Is it okay to get an online psychic reading about love and relationships when you have a live psychic advisor?”

Yes—there’s never a scenario in which less information is a good thing! Even if you see a live psychic regularly, getting an online reading may supplement what you’ve already learned. It may also confirm what your live psychic has been telling you—the ultimate in subliminal messages from the universe.

“Is it sacrilegious for a Christian to talk to a psychic?”

If you’re Christian and worried about consulting with a psychic, don’t be! It’s not witchcraft or anything of the sort—in fact, many psychics note that their gifts are natural and ingrained. There are no curses or bad luck with psychics either, just intuition and an aptitude for reading situations and the universe.

“Three different relationship psychics I’ve talked to have told me the same thing. Are they truthful?”

If you’re receiving the same message through three different psychics, odds are, there’s at least some truth in the predictions. After all, it’s highly unlikely for three separate psychics to erroneously predict the same events.

“What does it mean when a psychic says, “He will contact you soon.”?

In many cases, psychics avoid giving specific timelines for their predictions. It could be that the timeline is unclear to them as well, or it could be that they don’t want to fill you full of expectations unnecessarily. A prediction could take mere days to come true, or it could be much longer—it’s all up to the universe.

“Can an online psychic be wrong when they say someone isn’t your twin flame if they only asked first names?”

However disappointing it may be, a psychic always has the potential to be wrong. If you don’t have a strong connection with your advisor, or if they’re inexperienced, they may read signs incorrectly. However, an experienced psychic from this list will not likely be wrong about your twin flame status.

That said, make sure you’re not questioning the psychic when what you really should be questioning is your relationship. After all, love reading psychics are professional soulmate advisors—they know a true match when they see one.

“Are psychic readings dangerous spiritually?”

Unlike some less savory psychic activities, psychic readings are not dangerous spiritually. While summoning spirits through seances is an entirely different ballgame, most psychics only want to pick up messages here in our universe to help people.

“Is it safe to give an online psychic your credit card info?”

Yes, it is safe to give an online psychic your credit card information! However, the key is properly vetting your psychic organization beforehand. For example, the psychics listed here are all reputable companies that have been doing business for years.

However, you should be wary of individual psychics who bill via their personal websites. Always do your research before submitting an online payment, just in case.

“What can I do if I’m not happy with the reading?”

Most psychic services offer satisfaction guarantees, so you can take your money elsewhere if you’re dissatisfied. However, keep in mind that even the best love psychics in the world can have off days or may not fit well with every personality.