Possession of the Innocent

From an early age, I participated in weekend getaways and camps conducted by our church.

I always looked forward to them as they were not your typical religious events fueled by fear and repression.

We shared stories, sang hymns and re-enacted many plays based on our Biblical studies.

Ghost Stories: Possession of the Innocent

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Updated 2/9/2020 – Ghost stories were forbidden, but that didn’t stop me and my friends when we were alone in our tents.

On this particular weekend, I had just turned twelve and my friends and I were having a great time.

I didn’t think much of it then, but it was the Dark of the Moon and the play on that night was about the Devil.

Even though our group leader had made it a “lite” version, we were all a little chilled by the idea of evil.

Once we retired to our tents, we resorted to our usual telling of scary stories, even though one girl protested.

She was a typical, prim and proper daughter of a minister and at thirteen years of age – seemed a lot older.

She told us that even though we thought that these stories were harmless, we were inadvertently letting Satan in.

After a lot of teasing, we finally decided to go to sleep and turned off our lamps and flashlights.

I was awoken by a foul stench and an icy breath

When I woke up – several hours later – the horrible smell and freezing pockets of air made my hair stand up on end.

As I scrambled to find my flashlight, the sound of a ghastly growl started to come from the prim and proper girl.

For the sake of privacy, let me call her “Nancy.”

I whispered to her, “Nancy – is that you?”

I finally found my flashlight but my hands were shaking so hard I couldn’t find the button.

She didn’t respond.

The other two girls were still fast asleep and the cold blasts of air and stench were growing stronger.

What was also growing stronger was the deep, guttural growls coming from Nancy.

I wondered if a wolf had somehow made it into the tent, but when the flashlight finally shone – my blood froze.

Nancy was on all fours and her face was only inches from mine – twisted in a horrifying grimace – snarling viciously!

I fell back against the tent but my screams were stifled by sheer terror.

It was like my throat was seized up.

Her blond hair was now dirty and plastered with sweat against her misshapen head, which had sprouted horns!

This is the last time I’ll tell any stories about evil things

Her eyes were white with no pupils and there were many areas on her skin where pus-filled sores had erupted.

I saw that her teeth were large and jagged – dripping with blood and what looked like pieces of flesh.

When she suddenly lunged and twisted herself into a monstrous demon, I finally screamed blue murder.

This woke up my friends who also saw Nancy – now possessed by some kind of terrifying monster.

We all continued to scream while Nancy howled – deafening us all until the group leader burst into the tent.

When she turned the lamp on and yelled, “Be quiet!” – we saw that Nancy was now herself again, crying in the corner.

It took a long time for us to calm down.

I can only warn you to be careful when sharing your stories about evil things – unless your faith is strong and you love the thrill.

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