10 Paranormal Things To Do In Orlando This Weekend (No Theme Parks!)

Do you need to get out of the house?

Are you looking for things to do in Orlando this weekend besides theme parks?

Look no further than these ten amazing locations scattered throughout the city.

Updated 2/10/2020 – Not only are these places fun…they’re haunted.

So if you’re feeling bored this weekend, and you have a penchant for the paranormal, you don’t want to miss out on any of these amazing places.

Enjoy the spooks!

Ten Paranormal Things To Do In Orlando This Weekend Besides Theme Parks

10) Rouse Cemetery

If you’re looking for things to do in Orlando at night, be sure to check out the Rouse Cemetery.

This memorial park is a beautiful place to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Be sure to be on the lookout for a misty apparition.

It has been known to follow people and push them through the cemetery gates.

9) Artegon Marketplace

Looking for a place to spend the afternoon with family?

Artegon offers up some unique boutique shops, a movie theater, and a giant chess board.

If your kids want to play on the ropes course, be sure to keep a sharp eye on them.

It’s been said that a dead girl haunts the area and attempts to lure children away from their parents and out of the marketplace.

8) Lakeside Hospital

The Lakeside Hospital in Orlando is haunted, but if you don't have a reason to go there, maybe you could offer to volunteer?


It may surprise you, but Lakeside Hospital offers some amazing programs and events for families and couples who are looking for a fun way to strengthen personal relationships and social skills.

Learn personal growth skills such as meditation.

Feeling brave?

Try to hunt down a ghostly man seen in an antiquated hospital gown.

It’s said his eyes are all black, and he’s been known to try to bite anyone who ventures too close to him.

7) Market on South

Feeling hungry and looking for a new place to delight your taste buds?

Look no further than Market on South.

This cozy and refreshing restaurant offers up freshly baked goods and gourmet sandwiches, all made with vegan ingredients.

If you visit in the evening hours you may want to use the buddy system when using the bathroom.

Some folks have reported seeing a dark shadow stand behind them when they looked at their reflections in the mirror.

6) The Escape Game Orlando

Ready for a fast paced adventure?

Challenge yourself and your family to solve a series of puzzles as you race against the clock to free yourself from a locked room.

Those who are interested in the supernatural will especially enjoy this activity.

Rumor has it that a poltergeist haunts the locked room and likes to move objects and clues around the moment participants look the other way.

5) Madame Tussauds Orlando

At a loss as to what to do in Orlando for adults?

Madame Tussauds is a museum comprised of wax figures of famous celebrities and historical figures.

If you’re into the paranormal, you definitely won’t want to miss this place.

Some say that the soul of Abraham Lincoln is trapped inside his wax figure.

Folks have said that the figure moves by itself around eight PM.

4) Gatorland

Gatorland is a great place for a date or a day with friends.

Take a turn on their zip line course, or visit one of the various gator swamps.

Heading on the train?

Keep your eyes peeled for a ghostly apparition that appears in the last car.

The ghostly woman is known for coughing up blood if you attempt to make eye contact with her.

3) Orlando Science Center

Get your nerd on at the Orlando Science Center.

There are a ton of hands on exhibits that are fun for the entire family.

Like to hunt ghosts?

Be sure to check out the Mindbender Mansion during the summer months.

Some people have reported hearing disembodied voices threatening to kill them while they walked through this particular exhibit.

2) Fat One’s Hot Dogs & Italian Ice

Hungry and looking for someplace casual?

Fat One’s offers up gourmet style hot dogs and a variety of gourmet Italian ices—a perfect treat on warm days.

If you’ve got a thing for ghosts, you may want to keep your eyes peeled on the kitchen as you eat your meal.

Rumor has it that a strange mist has been seen hovering behind the cooks.

Occasionally an employee will accidentally run into the apparition and will become violently ill immediately afterwards.

1) Cinemark

Rainy day?

Cinemark is a great place to enjoy the newest flick, and it’s right inside the Artegon Marketplace, so that’s two paranormal experiences in one.

Enjoy an array of snack foods and comfortable seats—they even have their own footrests.

Rumor has it that a demonic entity likes to linger in the backseat of one of the theaters.

When one young man attempted to communicate with the spirit, he felt the demon possessed him.

It took three sessions with a priest before he felt free of the malevolent force.