10 Haunted Places in Florida Perfect for A Paranormal First Date

When most people think about the components needed for the perfect first date, a fancy meal and candlelight often come to mind.

But what about those nontraditional folk out there?

What if your crush’s idea of a good time is watching The Exorcist for the 1000th time?

These Florida paranormal hotspots are ideal locations for a first date with someone who enjoys being a touch unorthodox.

10 Haunted Places in Florida Perfect for A Paranormal First Date


Ten Haunted Places in Florida Perfect for Your Paranormal First Date

10) Long Farms Warehouse – Apopka, FL

This creepy old warehouse in Apopka is a good place for an adventurous couple, just be careful if you decide to trespass. We recommend against doing that.


Updated 2/10/2020 – This bright green warehouse was once used for produce but now sits abandoned.

This warehouse is said to be home to unseen ghosts, who like to whisper to each other in the corners of the room.

The wide room and open floor plan make it an ideal place for dancing with your date.

Who knows?

Maybe the resident ghosts will enjoy the music and will come out to join you and your date.

9) Abandoned Fletcher House – Melbourne, FL

This creepy old abandoned house in Melbourne isn't necessarily empty...


This once pristine white house is slowly being taken over by the surrounding foliage.

Several Melbourne residents have claimed to have seen a shadowy apparition wandering around on the premises late at night.

Despite the graffiti and the rusty roof, this house would be a terrific place to take your date on a picnic.

The spooky house and paranormal activity could serve as the perfect backdrop when the two of you cozily touch hands playing with a Ouija board after dessert.

8) Boarded-up Auto Repair Shop – Panama City, FL

This old gas station in Panada City used to be a decent little business, now it's a paranormal hotspot.

karsun designs/flickr

This abandoned repair shop may not seem romantic, but your date is sure to think so…

According to a local legend, a young man once fell in love with a woman who worked at the shop.

Wanting to get to know her, he would purposefully wreck his car to see her.

One day the wreck was too much, and he died shortly after.

According to a medium who gave the man a love psychic reding before his death, he haunted the repair shop, and his love remained loyal to him until her own death many years later.

Nothing says romance like communicating with a dead couple in love.

7) Mysterious Unknown Structure – Gainesville, FL

Do you find this old structure in Gainesville, FL, or does it find you?


This structure may have been abandoned for so long that it is impossible to tell what it once was.

But the spirits who haunt it haven’t forgotten.

A handful of photographers who have visited the structure have said that they would hear disembodied footsteps, walking around in the perimeter of the area.

This paranormal pocket of wilderness could be the ideal place to cozy up on a blanket and watch a horror movie.

Maybe the wandering ghost will pay you a visit as well.

6) Tall Old Abandoned Hotel – Tampa, FL

This old Tampa hotel had its name stripped away.


This beautiful skyscraper has sat abandoned for some time.

Many believe the hotel went out of business because of the poltergeist who called it home.

The spirit often turned the lights on and off, and became known for shoving guests in the back.

A perfect and paranormal first date could involve entering the hotel and playing truth or dare inside the building.

Perhaps the poltergeist will trip you into falling into your date’s arms.

5) Hawthorne Nursery – Ocoee, FL

Nothing grows at this Ocoee nursery anymore.


This charming nursery is said to have once belonged to an elderly woman who enjoyed nothing more than her flowers.

When the woman passed away, it’s believed her spirit remained and can sometimes be seen moving plants around inside the nursery.

Hawthorne could be the ideal place to explore various plant life with your date and get to know them better through their selections.

The ghost of the elderly woman could very well appear and help you select a flower for your crush.

4) Abandoned Flagler Railroad Bridge – West Summerland Key, FL

West Summerland Keys is home to a dangerous old bridge, but could true love still bloom here?


This abandoned bridge may be a hunk of concrete and metal, but it is surrounded by beautiful blue waters.

Many claim the bridge was abandoned due to structural issues, but others believe it became a place where locals committed suicide.

A few visitors are said to have witnessed seeing misty apparitions, leaping off the side of the bridge and into the water.

Whether you see these spirits or not, taking a romantic swim with your date around this structure would be enjoyable to anyone.

3) Belleview Biltmore Hotel – Belleair, FL

Be careful if you try to peek inside the Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Belleair


Nothing screams romantic atmosphere like this beautiful dilapidated hotel, laden with intricate woodwork and Tiffany glass.

According to a local legend, a man murdered his wife at the hotel after discovering that she had had an affair.

Those who have visited the hotel claim they have heard phantom gun shots and a woman shrieking in pain from the third floor.

Your date will take delight in the atmosphere as you tell him or her this gruesome story over a tour of the building, accompanied by a delicious bottle of wine (or two).

2) The Saltzman House – Crescent City, FL



This quaint little home is said to be where a former family of occultists used to live.

Surrounded by nature, it is said that the family would perform bloody rituals and offer themselves up to demons around a large fire.

Those who have found this abandoned house have witnessed seeing figures in black robes chanting eerily to themselves in the surrounding woodlands.

You and your date might search for these masked figures as you take a romantic hike near the house where they once lived.

1) Honky Ranch – Brooksville, FL

The old treehouse at Honky Ranch in Brooksville is the stuff of legends. Or maybe nightmares. Maybe both.


This magnificent treehouse, located at Honky Ranch, is the ideal place for a paranormal and playful date.

Once built for James Walker’s grandchildren, the kids are now said to haunt the treehouse, running and laughing through the house and touching the hands of visitors.

This charming treehouse is the perfect setting to play a childhood game with your date or ready each other sinister fairy tales.

Chances are, the ghost children will want to join in as well.


Who needs an overly expensive meal or a cheesy romantic comedy film when these abandoned buildings provide the perfect landscape for a first date?

Nothing screams memorable like hunting down ghosts and spirits with your new beloved.

Just be careful, be aware of your surroundings, and accept the fact that you might experience something paranormal while you’re there.