The Demonic Force that Resides at Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University was established in Saint Leo, Florida in 1889.

Associated with two monasteries and a Benedictine convent, Saint Leo is the oldest Catholic college in the state of Florida.

The Demonic Force that Resides at Saint Leo University

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Steeped in religious history as it is, when rumors began to spread about an unholy visitor on campus, it is said that many students avoided traveling outside of their dorms at night.

Saint Leo University is Haunted by Something Extraordinarily Evil

However, one student found the idea of a campus spirit to be quite a ridiculous notion.

He attends Saint Leo on a prestigious scholarship and has therefore asked us to keep his identity anonymous.

“When people started speaking about this supposed entity, many of my fellow students began to wear crosses on a daily basis,” he said.

“They attended more services, frequented prayer groups…

“I had half a mind to believe that staff members fabricated the story of a demonic presence just to see a renewal of faith from the student body,” our source said, seemingly annoyed at the thought.

“Nobody was more ready to refute the rumors than I was…

“…Which is probably why things played out as they did.”

One Thing Leads to Another…

“Well, oddly enough, it started with a phone call.

“I started getting several calls a day on my cell, each from an ‘unknown caller.’

“The first time it happened, I answered the call.

“After saying hello a few times, all I could hear on the other end was a woman humming a melody.

“When I received the second and third calls, it was the same voice, always humming, never speaking to me.

“After that, I stopped answering them.

“I got about fifty of them per day.

“It got worse though, because after about a week of that, I started being woken up in the middle of the night by a loud knocking on my dorm room door.

“It was always three loud knocks, and always around three in the morning.

“Much like the phone calls, the first couple of times it happened, I went to answer it.

“But nobody was ever there,” the student said, shaking his head.

“When that started happening every single night, I realized this was more than just some twisted prank.

“I was starting to get frightened, when the haunting kicked up a notch.”

What do you mean?

“I started seeing the entity in the flesh, around campus,” he whispered.

“It always had its back to me, so I couldn’t see its face.

You couldn't see the face of the creature at St Leo's University.

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“But it wore a sheer, long black cloak that fanned out all around it.

“I would see it on the lawn in between classes…

Standing at the end of hallways

“Standing at the back of the bleachers on the football field.

“I was utterly creeped out and frightened of the thing, but at the same time I had to know what it wanted, what its presence even meant.

“A month or two went by, until one evening I saw it in the library, standing with its back to me at the end of one of the rows.

“I slowly approached it, trying to guess what I would even say to the thing.

“It stayed completely still until I was about a foot away.

“I reached a shaky hand out to touch it, and it turned to face me.

“But that’s the thing…,” he said, his voice quivering.

“There was no face—it was an empty hole where its face should have been.

“Afterward, some of my classmates told me that my nose started to bleed and I had a seizure on the floor.

“I’ve been having weekly seizures ever since.”

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