The Freaky Dimmit County Courthouse Poltergeist in Carrizo Springs

On January 5, 1991, a horrible crime took place in Carrizo Springs, Texas.

Two men charged into Sherriff Ben “Doc” Murray’s home, attacked him and wound up shooting him in the face.

Both men were convicted and will each remain in prison for the rest of their lives.

The Freaky Dimmit County Courthouse Poltergeist in Carrizo Springs

Photo credit: Ken Erfurth

Updated 2/11/2020 – But ever since the murder, Carrizo Springs has not been the same…

In more ways than one.

Is Doc Back in Carrizo Springs?

Shortly after Doc’s death, paranormal activity started to take place at the Dimmit County Courthouse.

Many reports of disembodied noises, such as the rattling of keys and footsteps, have occurred for over a decade.

Rumor has it that most people who have heard these phantom noises believe the courthouse is now home to Doc’s spirit.

That he was a hardworking man in life, and was not ready to quit his service to the community.

But one former Dimmit County employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, is convinced that something else haunts the courthouse.

“I didn’t know Doc very well before he passed away, but he was a good man and everyone in the community still misses him every day,” they informed us, with evident emotion.

“I get why people may think the spirit that is in the courthouse could be Doc…especially the strange key ring noises.

“But I know it isn’t him.

“Doc is in heaven somewhere, having a good time,” they laughed.

Then what do you think is haunting the courthouse?

At that, they shook their head.

“I don’t think, I KNOW.

“I’ve encountered the entity—I’ve seen it.”

The Elusive Trickster

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Please share with us what happened.

“It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon, and I was filing out some paperwork at the courthouse.

“The pen I was using had died, so I went to retrieve another one from an office.

“When I returned there were staples scattered all over my forms, and pen ink smeared all over the desk in peculiar patterns,” they gestured.

“Now, I couldn’t have been gone for more than 30 seconds, but even if I had, I knew there was no way Doc would have done that to any of us.

“The following week I overheard a conversation between two employees who said that they had walked into a meeting room to find the chairs stacked in a way that seemed to defy gravity.

“Maybe it sounds crazy, but I started to think the courthouse wasn’t haunted by a ghost, but by a poltergeist,” the former employee admitted.

“After that, I began working late hours.

“I wanted to investigate what was happening, but I didn’t want anyone to really know what I was trying to accomplish.

“Those with an open mind would have said the activity was just from good, ol’ Doc, while the diehard skeptics would have just told me I was crazy.

“I began investigating a couple times of week, and I borrowed my friend’s thermal camera as well.

“Each night I would hear the sounds of objects being moved in offices, but when I would go to look, everything would appear normal.

“I would have started to agree with those skeptics, if it wasn’t for the fact that all the furniture really WOULD be moved in strange ways come morning.

“The poltergeist was definitely playing with me,” they said with a grim nod.

“On one particular night, I finally saw the entity.

“It wasn’t at all like a human, with a dark shapeless body and weird eyes.

“And that’s the proof I needed…that it wasn’t Doc after all, but something trying to pretend like it was.

“Despite the fact that the hauntings still continue, I’m glad Doc is far away from Carrizo Springs…he deserves to be at peace.”


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