Black Eyed Spirits Haunt Lakeside Hospital in Orlando

In 1962, Mercy Hospital opened in Orlando, Florida.

This psychiatric hospital was run by the Roman Catholic Church at the time.

It operated successfully for many years, until it was sold to American Medical International in 1981.

Black Eyed Spirits Haunt Lakeside Hospital in Orlando

Financial Strife for the Orlando Based Facility

Updated 2/10/2020 – A decade later, the hospital switched hands again and was purchased by Resource Housing of America.

The company renamed the facility Princeton Hospital and had bought the hospital with a bond issue.

However, many staff members believed the buyout pushed the hospital into bankruptcy.

In 1997, RHA left the hospital and it became an independent facility.

The next company that was selected to run it, NewCare, was disorganized and the hospital quickly realized it would not be able to afford its own payroll.

By 1999 the hospital was forced to close its doors.

The facility was put up for auction, and was sold to a company who renamed it Lakeside Hospital and reopened its doors as a psychiatric center.

After Lakeside was purchased, some renovations and repairs had been carried out.

And many speculate whether that is when the haunting began.

The construction work awakened old spirits, and now some patients and employees have claimed to have seen the apparitions of a nun roaming throughout the hospital.

Those who haven’t seen these apparitions have reported other experiences, such as disembodied voices emanating from empty rooms, and wheelchairs that seem to move by themselves.

The Man in the Hall

But what's she looking at?


When fifteen year old Breanne discovered her grandmother’s impending medical evaluation would be at Lakeside, she asked if she could accompany her mother on the trip.

“I’m really and truly not trying to be insensitive,” she prefaced.

“But I had heard that Lakeside was hospital, and I was eager to scope things out for myself.

“When we arrived, I asked my mother if I could look around, and she said I could if I didn’t go too far.

So, I remained on the same floor, but went to the opposite side of the hospital, looking out for any wheelchairs or empty rooms.

That’s when I came upon a little waiting room area that was void of any people.

“’Spirits, if you are here…please give me a sign,’ I said out loud.

‘I just want to know if you walk on this Earth or not.’

And then I stood there for several moments, listening for any strange voices or sounds,” Breanne said.

“I was really disappointed when nothing happened.

I remember sighing and then walking slowly out of the little room.

But when I turned into the hall, I was a terrifying figure several feet away,” she shivered.

“It was a man who wore a dingy hospital gown.

He was standing at the other end of the hall, looking right at me.

Everything about him seemed so ordinary…but his eyes looked as black as night.

“I backed up into the wall, feeling goosebumps break out all over my body.

Then a cluster of doctors and nurses walked between us.

When they had cleared the way, I couldn’t see the man anymore.

“I went crying to my mother, and told her what I saw.

She told me it had just been a trick of the overhead light or something, and that I shouldn’t have gone to Orlando with her.

But I’m grateful for my experience…

I asked for proof and I got it.”