Face The Chaotic Evil That Lurks Outside This Gainesville Church If You’re Pure of Heart

The modern churches in Florida might have all the flair and grandeur, but the jury is still out on their divine power.

On the other hand, there is a small church near Gainesville that has stood abandoned for more than half a century.

The abandoned church, Trinity M.E. Church, used to be the place where locals from a citrus community went to pray.

Updated 2/9/2020 – But, in the 1950s, it was abandoned.

Today, the church might not be in mint condition.

The church’s walls are dilapidated, its roof looks as if it might fall any moment now, but it might just be more sacred than all other Florida churches combined.

Because evil keeps trying to get in.

Could you face the evil in Gainesville Florida if the road takes you there?

“My car broke down on the road, just after sunset,” our source told us, who preferred to remain anonymous.

“I was headed to Gainesville to visit family,” he said.

“But I wasn’t familiar with the area.”

Thinking he might come across a gas station, the man walked for a little while, when he noticed the building in the distance.

Walking closer, he began to see that the air changed.

“It was as if something malicious lurked just ahead of me.”

When he reached the church, he saw that it was bathed in darkness.

The moon overhead did not seem to cast its light on its outer walls.

“That’s when I heard the screaming,” he said.

“But it did not come from inside the walls.

The screams were in my face, but there was no one standing in front of me.”

He could not tell if the voice was a man or a woman.

“Then I felt my face burning,” he said.

“I wanted to fight it, whatever it was, but I how could I?”

There was no foe that he could see.

He dropped to his knees when he felt the first hit on his face.

The hits continued on his arms, and on his back when he faced the ground, covering his head.

Then, he grabbed fistfuls of dirt.

“I threw them blindly, not knowing what I was fighting.”

Not who, but what.

“I didn’t even want to go inside the church.

I was just an innocent bystander.”

Ghost of a devoted woman prevents entrance to the church

Ghost of a devoted woman prevents entrance to the church


Legend says that once upon a time, a woman lived near Gainesville, even before there was a citrus community nearby.

She was so devoted, that when her daughter got pregnant with a married man, she cast her away, never to see her again.

But the daughter might have held a grudge.

One day, she returned in the middle of the night.

She took her mother from her bed.

Legend says the daughter lashed her mother near the church.

The woman, now quite old, could not take much.

When she died, the daughter burned her body before dumping it in a nearby lake.

Today, the senior woman’s ghost roams near the church.

Her spirit, a twisted, wretched entity, prevents anyone who has committed what she considers to be a sin entrance.

Moreover, she attacks anyone who comes close to the church near Gainesville, Florida.

Locals have ventured to explore the church.

Even within the same group of friends, some had horrible experiences, others had nothing happen at all.

It could be a result of a guilty conscience that attracts retribution from the afterlife, maybe the mother actually felt guilt and the daughter could sense it… once it was too late, and when she senses guilt and remorse on others, she lashes out again.