Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum (True Paranormal Horror)

Several of Lorraine and Ed Warren’s cases have been made into successful books and films, including the infamous Amityville Horror story, where an innocent family were plagued by demonic spirits.

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum (Hollywood’s True Horror Inspiration)

Updated 2/10/2020 – The Warrens have also been called on by many paranormal investigators to assist with their own haunted cases, bringing their vast knowledge of demonic possession and ghost hunting skills.

The Warren’s Occult Museum is a repository for many spooky items, which are considered to be touchstones or triggers for hauntings and keys or portals to demonic possessions.

These have been garnered from the Warren’s many investigations over the past few decades.

One of these items is the famous, demonically possessed doll called ‘Annabelle’ – which was featured in its own movie.

When Hollywood needs ideas, props, or some advice on their movies – they can rely on the life’s work of the Warrens.

Warren Occult Museum: Hollywood’s Real-Life Terror Inspiration

A fascinating career leads to a museum of horrors

We age as the years pass, but Annabelle stays the same.


Lorraine and Ed Warren started researching haunted cases in 1952, then opened their occult museum in the early 1980’s to house their growing collection of paranormal items.

Many pictures taken during their investigations and artifacts collected from their many cases are contained within the walls of the basement, which lies underneath the Warren’s home in Monroe, Connecticut.

Due to their respected position in paranormal circles, many of the objects were donated to the museum.

The Warrens consider it to be the “oldest and only museum of its kind” and go on to state that the museum houses the largest assortment of haunted and occult objects – many of which they claim to be evil and dangerous – some of them are displayed out in the open and some have their own protective cases.

Creepy Demonic Dolls – itching to meet and possess you

Annabelle doll at Warren museum


Annabelle – the aforementioned demonically possessed, Raggedy-Ann doll – was depicted differently in the movie.

She has her own secured case which is lit by a creepy red light and is protected by a crucifix, believed to be keeping the inherent evil at bay.

The sign underneath the case states “Warning – Positively Do Not Open!”

One death attributed to Annabelle, according to the Warrens, was a visitor to the museum who apparently dared the haunted doll to harm him.

He was reported to have been involved in a fatal crash – a motorcycle accident – after leaving the museum.

The doll is not the only malevolent item in the museum.

The scary ‘Shadow Doll’ apparently visits people in their dreams – much like Freddy Krueger – stopping their hearts!

Here's the notorious Shadowdoll, just right there out in the open.


Only a few feet tall, the Shadow Doll wears a black cloak and has a strange head of hair, seemingly made of something like feathers.

The mouth of the doll stays perpetually open, like a never-ending scream.

The doll stares with tiny, creepy eyes that seem to be able to penetrate any soul that dares to touch it or go near it.

Unlike Annabelle, the Shadow Doll looks much more terrifying and is out in the open.

The museum’s entrance is decorated with many things, such as a conjuring mirror and is filled with shelving containing many candles and skulls.

The mirror is apparently used for conjuring spirits – good and evil alike.

The dark room contains voodoo dolls and shrunken heads along with a skeleton sitting on a chair, holding an Ouija board on its lap.

Ed Warren’s creepy paintings also decorate the walls, showing imagery such as demonic possessions.

It hangs over a tall Satanic idol with horns on its head and a gangly body.

It was found in the nearby Connecticut woods.

Then there’s the remains of “Ghost Flight 401” which was a plane that crashed in 1972, discovered in the Florida Everglades where over a hundred people died.

Some say that a ghost caused the crash, but investigators state that a mechanical problem was the culprit.

Raw Footage Video: Inside Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum

Other items in the museum include African artifacts and Egyptian mummies that are considered to be cursed – some of them death curses – along with a coffin belonging to a vampire and a self-playing haunted organ.

There are many signs throughout the museum, warning visitors not to touch the objects, maybe to prevent the infliction of their own possessions or hauntings?

A look at just one wall of artifacts at the Warren's occult museum.


The Warren’s home and museum are open to visitors during special events, where they can be guided through to view the haunted objects as well as the articles and history behind them.

Visitors can also take a look at the many case files gleaned from the Warren’s investigations.

Visit at Your Own Risk

Several of the museum’s supernatural items have been collected from many haunted and paranormal cases from around the globe.

Visitors note the evil and terrifying energy in the museum, advising that you must understand that you will be entering at your own risk, if you dare to do so!