Haunted Orlando: Suicidal Girl Haunts the Evans High School Auditorium

In 1955 Maynard Evans High School was built in Orlando.

This public high school served the local community, in particular students from Pine Hills.

Comprised of 2,500 students, from the outside Evans would appear like an ordinary public institution for education.

Haunted Orlando: Suicidal Girl Haunts the Evans High School Auditorium

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They Can Try to Change the Past in Orlando…

Updated 2/10/2020 – But this school has a dark side.

Starting in 2010, the school was temporarily shut down and demolished in its entirety.

Students were relocated to a makeshift center which was primarily used by 9th graders before construction.

Construction was completed in December, 2011, and classes resumed in the new campus when students returned from winter break.

The school board claimed that the school was in dire need of improvements, so vast that a new building seemed most prudent.

But some students believe the reason is much more sinister.

Rumor has it that a girl who attended Evans was the subject of harsh ridicule and bullying by her peers.

Quiet and unassuming, the girl was perpetually mocked for being socially awkward and for having very little money.

After a few years of enduring this sort of treatment, the girl had finally reached her limit.

Rather than attack her bullies, or report them to the administration, she blamed herself.

One morning, when classes were in session, the girl went to the school auditorium.

She grabbed the rope used to tie back the stage curtains, and climbed onto the catwalk above.

Here’s where it gets really creepy.

The local legend says that when the principal discovered her hanging there shortly after, he was faced with a dilemma.

The school was already having problems with funding, so this would all but guarantee additional costs that would result in the doors closing much sooner.

The rumor says that the principal at the time hid the body, in order to keep the doors of the school open and to keep some stability in the lives of the student body, who were already struggling.

And that is when students at Evans began to witness a ghostly figure wandering around the auditorium.

Indeed, the school remained open for some time, but was it really worth the girl’s family never knowing what happened to her?

The Rumored Cover Up

The ghostly physique of a strange apparition can be seen at Evans High School in Orlando Florida.


Aleesha, a former student, recalls a terrifying encounter she had in the school’s new and improved auditorium.

An encounter that changed her life forever.

“I was part of many different clubs,” she said.

“We were going to have a meeting in the auditorium that evening, and I was asked to set up a couple of tables.

I was setting one up when, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw the silhouette of a person running across the back of the room.

“’Anybody there?’ I called out, but nobody answered.

I figured it was just the strange lighting or somebody adjusting something, and resumed setting up.

And that’s when I began to hear faint, eerie humming coming from the other side of the room,” Aleesha said, getting goosebumps at the memory.

“It could have been from the ventilation system, but it was so clear, it was as if someone was seated in the shadows, watching me work.

When I turned my back to the room to grab a banner, I could feel eyes piercing into me.

It was the creepiest thing I ever experienced.

“When I saw another shadow move across the room, I had enough.

I abandoned my task and quickly ran out of the auditorium.

“I made sure to never, ever set foot in there again by myself, and eventually started losing interest in the various clubs and extra curricular activities.”


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