These 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California Are An Absolute Must-Do

Adventure vacations in California is a lot more than just beaches and movie stars.

So much to do and so little time is what comes to mind!

Exhilarating adventure vacations in red-hot California that you just can’t pass up!

These 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California Are An Absolute Must-Do

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Updated 2/9/2020 – There’s stunning natural attractions, Disneyland and adventure parks, majestic mountains, wineries, and of course the hustle and bustle that comes with the cities.

FACT – You are guaranteed to have the time of your life when you embark on all the hidden adventure treasures California has to offer.

All you’ve got to do is open your mind and go for it!

And one of the great things about beautiful California for travel is there’s such a diverse range of things to do you can’t help but please the whole family.

Even if you’ve got a van full of kids ages 3-17, I promise you’ll keep everyone happy when you visit California!

Mom and dad can go to the theater and cultural sites while the kids have fun in the club kid’s adventures, after you’ve had a full day out and about and are ready to settle down at the hotel.

It never stops!

It’s time for you to live the adventure of visiting California for your next adventure vacation!

10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California

1) Catalina Island

1) Catalina Island - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California

If you want to discover adventures on Catalina Island you’re going to have to get wet, or at least hop on a ferry, boat, helicopter, or small plane!

Once you’re on this small island your best choice is to bike it.

There are taxis and golf carts but they’re limited.

A tiny island getaway that’s yours to discover!

The under-water Sea Trek’s are a must-do!

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2) San Francisco

2) San Francisco - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California

Here’s where you’ll find the number one attraction in northern California – the Golden Gate Bridge.

You can choose to drive, bike, walk, or rollerblade across this famous suspension bridge.

Don’t forget to bring your camera or video recorder because it’s one awesome view.

One of the best adventures vacations in California!

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3) Napa Valley

3) Napa Valley - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California

Calling all wine lovers!

Adventure vacations in wine valley leave no stone unturned.

Right in the valley you have your pick of a diverse range of accommodation, restaurants, and boutiques to keep you busy when you aren’t experimenting with the infamous wines of Napa Valley.

Memories that will last a lifetime.

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4) Palm Springs

4) Palm Springs - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California

Adventure vacations is exactly what you’re going to get in spectacular Palm Springs, California.

You get amazing sunshine 350 days a year and even during the winter months you’re still sitting at a comfy 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meandering the city, checking out the plane zoo, testing out the golf courses, shopping, and of course the food, puts adventure into action!

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5) Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

5) Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California

These adventure vacation parks are side by side!

Located smack dab in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains

…you can get up close and personal with the unbelievable sequoia trees; climbing up to 300 feet tall, and boasting 100 feet wide.

Are you kidding me? And that’s only the beginning!

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6) Death Valley

6) Death Valley - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California

Regardless of the fact this valley is stamped one of the driest places in all of North America, it’s still loaded with outdoor activities and plenty of nature’s treasures.

You’ll see amazing sand dunes, spectacular snow-capped mountain peaks, and landscapes that will take your breath away.


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7) San Diego

7) San Diego - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California
Family attractions and beaches are prime in this adventure vacation destination.

Close to the Mexican border, this small town vibe is host to America’s #1 zoo, SeaWorld, and the Birch Aquarium.

Whether you’re looking to chill or have some adventure, guaranteed there’s oodles for everyone is amazing San Diego.

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8) Santa Barbara

8) Santa Barbara - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California
Here’s where your adventure vacations are waiting.

Unsurpassed opportunities for mountain biking, surfing, paddleboarding, and more.

There are activities for all ages and ability in Santa Barbara.

Trails down the coastline are unbelievable; there’s downhill riding, and group tours of the city.

You can hit the trails all year long. What are you waiting for?

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9) Los Angeles

9) Los Angeles - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California

Ahhh…I get all fuzzy inside just thinking about Los Angeles California and all the adventure vacations to be found!

The second largest city in the US is surrounded by mountains, valleys, and the beautiful Pacific Coast.

A hot spot for movie stars and posh houses.

And don’t forget about Disneyland and Universal Studies. Bravo!

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10) Yosemite National Park

10) Yosemite National Park - 10 Exhilarating Adventure Vacations In California

This is where you get to experience nature at its best!

Stunning granite cliffs, spectacular waterfalls, and enormous Sequoia groves, with an abundance of plant life and animals is what you get.

Hiking is beyond words here so bring your boots!

Nothing short of the adventure of a lifetime is what you get in Yosemite National Park.

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Your Next Step

Adventure vacations are everywhere you turn in exciting and alive California.

It doesn’t matter what your tolerances and preferences are because this is where you get it all and then some.

Fast pace or slow and steady is yours to decide.

The only thing you’ve got to figure out is where you’re going to start!

And when you’ve had enough adventure on your trip you can just chill on one of the many tranquil and relaxing beaches, sipping your favorite beverage while you count the rays of sunshine.

The perfect mix of adventure and fun is yours to discover, here in sensational California!