The Best EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting (Detects Real Spirits)

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If you’re interested in the best EMF meter for ghost hunting, you’re in the right place.

Ghost hunting used to be a very inexact science.

Wannabe paranormal investigators would use whatever techniques seemed right to them at the time, and there was very little agreement or standardization of the tools used on ghost adventures.

Things are a little different these days.

It’s still an inexact science and maybe it always will be, but the internet and the rise of ghost hunting in popular culture means that everyone has an opinion and everyone is happy to discuss it.

– Updated 2/9/2020

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Our Recommended EMF Meters:

Every investigator has their preferred kit, and everyone loves to swap tips on the hottest new camera or the best EMF meter for ghost hunting.

EMF meters, speaking of, really are a crucial item in any ghost hunter’s backpack.

The name stands for electromagnetic field meter, and the device has its roots in the electrician’s trade.

An EMF meter is able to detect subtle variations in the field emitted by every electrically charged object.

Traditionally, they are used to diagnose problems in wiring and power cabling, but the most sensitive meters are thought to be capable of detecting the electromagnetic emissions of a disembodied soul.

The best EMF meter for ghost hunting, therefore, is one that is as sensitive as possible.

An EMF meter is meant to detect power spikes in appliances and cables.

If it detects a spike, even a tiny one, where there should be no electricity, then it may indicate the presence of a paranormal entity.

Selecting The Best EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting

The EMF meter is one of the cornerstones of any ghost hunter’s toolkit, and it pays to do a little research.

There’s a wide variance in price, and for ghost hunting, the standard features advertised by the manufacturers aren’t always the ones you need.

Remember that this device wasn’t really invented for finding spooks, so the best EMF meter for ghost hunting might not be the one they’re pushing at the hardware store!

EMF meters are available in single axis and tri-axis models.

The primary difference is literally the direction in which the meter will detect electromagnetic fields.

A single axis meter has to be physically turned to measure the entire field, while a tri-axis meter can see in all directions at once.

Single axis EMF meters are typically considered the more user-friendly, entry level models.

They have more bells and whistles such as digital displays, and they are usually just easier to use.

Check below for our rundown on a variety of meters, but of course in the end the best EMF meter for ghost hunting is one that you can both afford and figure out how to use!

Ghost Hunting Kits

Of course, even the best EMF meter for ghost hunting isn’t a be-all, end-all solution.

Any investigator is only as good as their wits and their tools, and most are perfectly willing to compare notes on what’s in their pack.

After all, it’s not a competition.

Any ghost hunter would be absolutely delighted to learn of concrete evidence of the beyond, no matter who actually made the find.

Readings on an EMF Meter
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There’s no shame in a newbie ghost hunter seeking a little help in assembling their gear or getting a pre-packaged ghost hunting kit.

After all, us mere mortals have to stick together! Therefore, here is a sort of ghost hunting equipment list.

Use this as shopping list when gearing up for your first paranormal endeavor, or use it as a loose guide to give yourself some new ideas.

Or if you’re a seasoned pro at this, please feel free to knock some holes in it! Everyone can always benefit from the experience of others, and comparing ideas and thoughts is the best way to advance any field of study.

And if you have recommendations on specific brands or models of any of this stuff, from the hottest thermal camera to the best EMF meter for ghost hunting, please chime in!

Putting together useful knowledge for enthusiasts of all kinds is what this site is all about.

Ghost Hunting Equipment for Beginners

Without further ado, here’s our short list.

Ghost hunting is a very new field of study, and almost all of these items are repurposed from other disciplines.

Many of them don’t come from research at all! After all, even the best EMF meter for ghost hunting was originally destined for an electrician’s tool belt.

There’s a certain romance in piecing together your ghost hunting tools from treasures, instruments, and even what some would call “junk”.

After all, we’ve all seen the classic film Ghostbusters.

It turns out Drs. Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore weren’t too far off from reality!

Or maybe the old saying “Life Follows Art” contains a kernel of truth.

  • Thermal Camera and/or Thermal Camcorder– Typically used to detect warm moving objects such as living bodies, a thermal camera serves the opposite function just as well. Cold spots are one of the most common manifestations of the supernatural, and they’ll show up nice and blue on any good infrared camera. Ironic? Maybe just a bit.
  • EMF Meter – The best EMF meter for ghost hunting is a professional grade one, the sort of kit that an electrical contractor might use. Smartphone apps are available that approximate the effect using the phone’s magnetometer, but if you’re serious about paranormal investigations, it pays to make the upfront investment. You don’t necessarily need the absolute top of the line, but keep in mind that the EMF meter is one of your primary tools. The best EMF meter for ghost hunting might not be the best one for diagnosing a household appliance, but it’s also probably not the one you can pick up for $9.99 at a big box store.
  • EVP Recorder – The one thing we know for sure about ghosts is that when they do influence the physical world, it’s in very small and subtle ways. A highly sensitive digital recorder is often the only way to hear the noises and sounds that come to us from beyond. A person working with unaided senses will commonly get the “heebie-jeebies” in a haunted location, but equipment is almost always needed to meaningfully analyze what you’re experiencing.

Best-Selling EMF Meters for Ghost Hunting

Updated 2/9/2020 – Another way of determining the best EMF meter for you is to check out the best sellers on Amazon.

These are, after all, the meters that your ghost hunting peers are getting…meaning they are great quality for the price.

Here are the Amazon top-rated and best-selling EMF meters as determined by the ghost hunting community: