Don’t Stroll On These 10 Haunted Beaches In Florida Or You May Regret It

When looking for great locations for a vacation, the beaches in Florida should be high up on your list of places to take into consideration.

There’s much to do and see, whether you’re an avid shell collector, a lover of water sports or looking for a relaxing spot to recharge your batteries.

Updated 2/10/2020 – Little known to the public are stories about certain beaches with paranormal activity that might give you a reason to avoid them.

Unless you’re a ghost hunting buff, these hauntings could prove to be too much for the faint-hearted.

Read on to discover which beaches made our list.

Haunted Beaches In Florida

10) Okaloosa Island – Fort Walton Beach

Okaloosa Island has convenient beach entries and bathroom facilities, with soft sand, surf shops as well as jet-ski, pontoon boats and parasailing rentals.

During winter, a sad wind whips up sandstorms and coaxes those who are close to the water to drown themselves.

Some people have reported feeling a sudden onset of depression and overwhelming sadness, with lonely voices begging them to dive into the waves and end it all – especially at night time.

9) South Beach – Miami Beach

Like a lot of the beaches in Florida, South Beach is one of the most popular.

Close to the sidewalk, the beach has great parking, bars, restaurants and scooters to rent for tours.

However, there are areas where night brings a horde of cats – like the Devil’s army on the prowl.

It’s believed that if you’re on the beach at night on the dark of the moon, your soul could be at risk.

If a stray cat crosses your path, pray that it doesn’t take your soul with it.

Even just hearing one of their eerie caterwauls can trigger an attack.

8) Clearwater Beach – Clearwater

With Tampa Bay close by, Clearwater Beach has great shopping, dolphins near the pier, live music and good restaurants.

After dark, the park comes alive, but beware the apparition of the drowned woman, who appears randomly all over the beach – disappearing and then seen screaming in the water.

Many people have swum out to save her, only to find she’s not there.

Standing still on the sand with her long, blonde hair over her face and sopping nightdress, her chattering teeth are often heard – chilling the flesh of anyone close by.

7) Pensacola Beach – Pensacola Beach

Soft sand, pristine beaches, water sports, pier fishing, camping, snorkeling and much more is on offer at Pensacola Beach.

Shell collecting is also a fun activity, but if you hold one to your ear, be prepared for the occasional message from beyond the watery grave.

People have reported all kinds of voices and words, from soft pleads for help to angry and sometimes evil taunts and threats.

One visitor advised that she heard a creepy message which had a premonition about a miscarriage that came true.

In an old woman’s voice it apparently said, “Bye Bye Baby!”

6) Dania Beach – Dania Beach

Dania beach is small but beautiful, with access to restaurants, BBQ areas and a reef for snorkeling.

At twilight, the mood changes from fun in the sun to creepy apparitions – appearing in the sand.

Visitors advised that horrific faces start to appear randomly and move about.

What’s worse is if you’re the type of family who enjoys digging for sandcastles or burying each other for fun photos, sandy hands with sharp nails reach out and grab unwitting diggers.

As for those buried – they reported feeling many hands snatching and grabbing at their flesh and trying to drag them down.

5) Beach at Panama City, Panama City Beach

One of the most fun of Florida beaches, you can see dolphins, take a jet-ski tour, go crab hunting and visit Shell Island, where the spirit of something demonic waits to chase you into the water when the jellyfish are crowding.

It’s a shame that such a beautiful place can house such horror.

Visitors have reported a small man with black eyes who darts out of the bushes and trees – if you venture that far.

His presence is preceded by an unholy howl, which means he is ready to chase you into the water to drown.

4) Hollywood Beach – Hollywood

Hollywood beach is clean, surprisingly not overly crowded, has a playground for kids and there’s a bicycle and rollerblade trail.

There’s also an open-air theater which hosts live bands – as well as the ghost of a woman who likes to sing out around midnight to anyone present.

Some believe that to ignore her is to incur her wrath, as she was supposedly unsuccessful in her life and died tragically on the beach after an overdose.

If you happen to be near the theater at midnight and hear her singing, stop and clap – otherwise she’ll inflict a terrible curse on you.

3) City of Sunny Isles Beach – Sunny Isles Beach

Considered one of the best beaches in Florida, Sunny Isles has beautiful, crystal blue waters, no crowds, great restaurants and is free of seaweed.

However, keep your wits about you while walking along the alleyway, where an angry, hateful, Russian ghost likes to pull hair and scratch people.

Some visitors have reported hearing a guttural, female voice admonishing them in Russian, before lashing out and attacking unsuspecting victims.

What’s worse is she particularly likes to prey on children.

Watch out for an apparition of a woman with hunched shoulders and a white veil over her face.

2) Haulover Nude Beach – Bal Harbour

Remembering that clothes are optional at this secluded beach, it has a lot to boast about, with concession stands, fishing and kite flying.

Keep your eye on the bushes, which provide privacy – but not from the red eyes you’ll see at night.

It’s not your body they’re interested in though.

Everywhere you go, you’ll feel their eyes watching and waiting for a chance to jump out as you pass.

Some say they are the ghosts of people involved in a boating accident, while others believe them to be puritanical spirits who are hell-bent on punishing the wicked.

1) Saint Pete Beach – St. Pete Beach

Known originally as St. Petersburg Beach, there’s great food, amenities and beach chairs for rent.

There’s even a supermarket and drugstore close by.

One thing to avoid is the pier – especially if you’re swimming.

It’s been reported that the spirit of a dark haired boy resides there.

Some say that his bobbing head is often mistaken for one of the wooden poles, but when he swims up behind you, it’s time to say your prayers.

He’s lonely for company and only wants a companion to join him under the pier.

Get out quick before he drags you under.