Devilish Ghosts Grasp For The Living At This Haunted Astor Car Camping Site

Lots of folks enjoy taking camping trips but are unable to afford lavish RVs and trailer homes.

As a result, car camping has become fairly popular, and Gobbler Road Campsites offers the best car camping in Florida.

Dominic, who loves to spend practically every weekend living out of a tent, figured car camping was the best way to get his new girlfriend into roughing it in the wilderness.

Astor, Florida is filled with ghosts and haunted places to camp.

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The Best Car Camping in Florida

Updated 2/9/2020 – “Morgan is kind of a girly girl,” he said with a laugh.

“I knew tossing her into a tent would make her forever swear off camping, but if we could stretch out in the back of her SUV, and sleep on the plush leather seats, she might be more open minded.

We spent the evening cooking pasta and making s’mores over the firepit and I could tell that she was having a good time, despite all her trepidation.

“Something about the trip put her in a romantic mood, and we spent an hour in the backseat, uh, not sleeping.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I fell asleep almost immediately afterwards.

I couldn’t have been asleep for more than an hour or two when someone was shaking me awake.

“I looked up to see Morgan staring down at me with wide eyes.

‘Dominic, wake up! There’s something outside the car!’ One look at her face and I knew she wasn’t joking.

“I bent over the seat to grab one of my golf clubs from the trunk and sprung out of the car.

I did a couple loops of our campsite, but everything seemed normal.

Everything looked just as we had left it after making s’mores.

“Puzzled, I climbed back into her SUV and asked her about what she had seen.

‘I didn’t see anything,’ she admitted.

‘But I kept hearing this strange pounding noise as though someone were ramming their fist against glass.

It scared me.’

“I pulled her to me and held her as we cuddled on the backseat.

I stroked her hair until she fell asleep.

Once I knew she was out, I allowed myself to fall back asleep.

“I woke up a little while later, but this time, Morgan was still asleep next to me.

I heard this faint gasping sound coming outside the vehicle.

It didn’t sound like an animal, it sounded like a child.

The Gasping Ghost

Ghost of a boy outside the window.


“I sat up, wondering if some little boy or girl needed help.

I craned my neck to see out of the window by our heads, and was suddenly overcome with heart stopping, paralyzing fear.

There was the ghost of a boy outside the window, pounding his fist on the glass, his mouth bobbing open and closed as though he couldn’t breathe.

“The ghost was only there for a few seconds, but I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.

I refused to tell Morgan, knowing that if I told her what I had seen, she would never go camping again.

And Florida really does have the best car camping…you know, apart from the ghost boy,” he joked nervously.