7 Small Towns in Florida With Outdoor Activities & Paranormal Events

Most people move to small towns for the solitude, the slower lifestyle and the charm.

Some just want to spend a bit less for property and get a bit more.

But what about moving to a town that is known for both it’s outdoor activities AND its paranormal activity?

Hiking, camping, fishing with a healthy dose of phantom footsteps, disembodied voices, apparitions, and more.

7 Small Towns in Florida With Outdoor Activities & Paranormal Events


Updated 2/10/2020 – So many things you expect to encounter in a big city also occur in the quieter corners of the world.

Sometimes, exclusively.

Below are the most paranormal small towns located in the state of Florida (where you’ll also enjoy a myriad of outdoor fun).

Move to These Seven Small Towns in Florida If You Love the Outdoors and the Paranormal

7) Cedar Key, FL

A Cedar Key resident heard a ghostly song, and foolishly went to investigate...


Cedar Key is home to kayaking, fishing boats and a cemetery that is said to be haunted.

Many locals once enjoyed taking recreational walks through Cemetery Point Park, however things have changed in the last year.

It is said that when the sun slips below the horizon, an unseen female ghost can be heard singing lullabies as she meanders through the headstones and around the perimeter of the park.

When a Cedar Key resident dares to enter the cemetery at night, the ghost is creepily known for choosing to sing the exact lullaby they used to love most as a small child.

6) Dunedin, FL

Some claim they can still hear the sounds of a young couple of died here in Dunedin.


This quirky little town contains two islands, Caladesi and Honeymoon.

According to local legend, Honeymoon Island got its name when two teenaged lovers eloped and fled from their families to the island.

When the bride’s family disowned her, she grew so upset that she drowned herself.

Distraught by his loss, her young groom decided he did not want to live without her.

He carried her body to her family’s home, and killed himself by their front door.

Now, many residents claim that when it is windy in town, you can hear a young woman’s giggles in the air, and a young man’s voice whispering affectionately to his ghostly bride.

5) Grayton Beach, FL

How would you react if you encountered a spirit in Grayton Beach?


This northern town is best known for its charming fishing boats, and the Point Washington State Forest.

Recently, a local townsmen said he had a paranormal experience while jogging through the forest.

He had stopped to stretch his muscles when something moved in his peripheral vision.

He saw a pale white mist, floating behind the trees as if it were following him on his route.

The Grayton resident did not believe that the spirit wished him any harm, but he did find it fairly unnerving watching it follow in his wake, as if it were a sentient spirit.

4) Mount Dora, FL

Mount Dora, FL, is a hotbed of paranormal and extraterrestrial events.


Interested in extraterrestrials?

Then this little lake town might be the place for you.

For a number of years, many townsfolk have claimed that Mount Dora is the site of some of the most UFO sightings in the country.

Mysterious lights and strange, quiet aircraft are often seen hovering over sections of the town then quickly zooming out of sight.

Many residents find this a unique and extraordinary aspect of the town, but a handful of locals fear the worst.

Among those few, a couple have come forward to say that they have developed a profound fear of visiting doctors, and have been experiencing chronic nightmares of being on an unfamiliar examination table in a cold, metal room.

3) Punta Gorda, FL

Mysterious orbs of light have been witnessed, hovering over Peace River during late hours of the night.


This adventurous little town is full of swamp lands, river exploration, and skydiving.

However, a recent phenomenon has been spotted in town, scaring many local residents.

Mysterious orbs of light have been witnessed, hovering over Peace River during late hours of the night.

It’s been said that when seen from a distance, the orbs are strange but relatively safe.

However, if you get too close to them, it has been said that blackouts have occurred.

One witness claims that he touched one of the orbs and when he opened his eyes he was in the exact same place, but it was around five hours later than it had been.

2) High Springs, FL

Many sources say that High Springs is home to a cryptid that lives in the Ginnie Springs.

michael fromholt/flickr

Much as the name indicates, High Springs is a town best known for its beautiful, natural springs.

A majority of the town is made up adventurous locals who enjoy aquatic-related recreational activities.

However, the town is also home to a bizarre local legend.

Many sources say that High Springs is home to a cryptid that lives in the Ginnie Springs.

Said to have purple colored skin, and sharp claws as fingernails, the creature has been spotted lurking in the water, grabbing people’s legs as they swim around the springs.

Many fear that the strange animal has been the cause of drownings over the last couple of decades.

1) Crystal River, FL

Are there still remnants from the satanic cult in Crystal River, Florida?


Crystal River is town with historic charm and appeal.

Set on the river, it is known for its small fishing boats and an endless amount of surrounding wildlife.

But the town is known to have a bit of a dark side.

Many years ago, it is believed that Crystal River was home to a Satanic cult.

This organization would gather down by the river and perform rituals in an attempt to raise a demon out of Hell.

Several locals believe the story is nothing but a myth…But a few residents have claimed to have felt an evil, supernatural force pressing in on them when by the water.

One local has even tried to get a local church to perform a cleansing ritual in the area, after claiming to have seen a shadowy figure standing in the river.


Whether you’re a ghost chaser, a UFO enthusiast, or interested in the occult, these quaint Florida towns are more than just a charming destination.

Explore them if you absolutely dare.

But don’t say that we didn’t warn you…