The Dead Whisper To You In The Shower At The Tarpon Inn

In 1886, the city of Port Aransas found they had a surplus of lumber that had been intended for use in the Civil War barracks.

With the gruesome war finally over, town officials wondered what to do with the extra materials.

It was decided that a housing facility was needed for individuals who worked on the jetty in town.

The Tarpon Inn: Most Haunted Hotel in Port Aransas

Updated 2/11/2020 – A large, beautiful building was constructed out of the extra timber, and the workers piled in.

The south jetty was completed in a few short years, and the building was then converted into a hotel.

It has remained a hotel, the Tarpon Inn, ever since.

Over the last century, the Tarpon developed a reputation for being haunted.

However, Tamara had not heard anything about it when she came into town.

“I was in Port Aransas for an interview,” she shrugged.

“I didn’t know anything about the town at the time, I just asked Siri for a local hotel and the Tarpon was the first thing on the list.

Had I known its reputation, I never would have checked into a room there,” she involuntarily shuddered.

“Anyway, my interview was set for 6 AM the following morning, so I planned for an early night…only I was so incredibly nervous I couldn’t sleep.”

Dead Voices Underwater

What's that over there?


“It was around three in the morning when I finally decided to get up and take a shower…that usually helps calm me down when I’m anxious,” Tamara explained.

“I kept dipping my head under the hot water, and as I did so I began to notice something odd.

You know how when your head is underwater you can still hear people speak around you, but it’s warbled?

“I kept hearing a voice, a male voice…but when I brought my head back out, I only heard silence,” she shrugged, puzzled.

“I pushed my head back under the stream of the shower-head and I listened very intently.

The voice seemed to be repeating the same sentence over and over again and as I listened, I picked up a few words.

“I heard ‘water,’ ‘watch,’ and then finally, ‘death.’

Needless to say, it was not the relaxing shower I had hoped it would be,” she laughed without really smiling.

“I quickly got out and crawled back into bed, still wrapped in a towel.

“I finally, finally started to drift off when I thought I heard a loud noise that dragged me back from unconsciousness.

I looked all around my hotel room and then I noticed that the bathroom door was closed.

I was almost certain that I had left the door wide open though,” Tamara frowned.

“I sat up and stared at the door, feeling a sort of dread bubble up from deep in my stomach.

All of the sudden I saw this faint, pinkish light begin to glow from underneath the bathroom door, and a deep male voice whispering from within.

I was so frightened I ran out into the hallway, heedless of the fact that I was only wearing a towel.”