The 10 Best Florida Restaurants To Eat At And Spot A Ghost

Do ghosts and quality cuisine interest you equally?

Want a little spook to go with your spoon this season?

Then be sure to check out these ten best restaurants in Florida that are most certainly haunted.

The 10 Best Florida Restaurants To Eat At And Spot A Ghost

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Not only does each provide a fresh and fabulous take on dishes, new and old…but each of these restaurants also happen to be filled with paranormal activity.

So read on, plan a visit (or maybe seven) and watch for ghouls as you tantalize your taste buds.

10) The Burger Factory – Pensacola, FL

The Burger Factory in Pensacola is a tasty little joint for grabbing a great burg, but watch out for the hidden entities.

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This family-owned restaurant makes everything on their menu from scratch, making everything superbly delicious.

Order a meal to go at the counter, or snag a table and enjoy the quirky art on the walls.

To top it off, folks at the Burger Factory are proud supporters of our troops—and provide a constant military discount to those who have served or are serving.

Rumor has it that a few locals in Pensacola are convinced the men’s bathroom in the restaurant is haunted.

A man said he had his legs scratched while in the restroom, but he didn’t hear anyone else enter or leave the room.

9) The Crum Box Gastgarden – Tallahassee, FL

The Crum Box Gastgarden in Tallahassee is a unique spot, but it has one thing in common with every other restaurant on this list...

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This unique restaurant is interesting both inside and out.

The kitchen is in fact within a train car, and the exterior design allows for a lot of outdoor seating.

Many locals swear by their cucumber salad and macaroni and cheese.

Others visit on a regular basis not only for the delicious food, but because the train car is, in fact, haunted.

It’s been said that objects are often found far from where people leave them, especially the kitchen knives.

8) The French Pantry – Jacksonville, FL

The French Pantry has line ups down the street for their food. For their ghosts? Not so much.

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The French Pantry has amazing, classic French foods to devour.

The large menu also includes a variety of delicious cakes and bread baked daily.

This place is so well regarded; it doesn’t even need to be open on the weekends to stay in business.

Don’t be surprised if you see strange shadows moving out of the corners of your eyes if you get a chance to dine here…

A few people in Jacksonville believe that the restaurant is the home to the spirit of a deformed man.

It may sound a little frightening, but The French Pantry is still considered one of the best restaurants in Florida.

7) Market on South – Orlando, FL

Market on South is located in Orlando Florida, where else would you find ghosts like these?

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Are you on the hunt for a quality restaurant that has multiple vegan options?

Be sure to visit Market on South, a delicious and surprising all vegan restaurant.

Even diehard carnivores sing the praises of this always casual and always busy restaurant.

Let the friendly wait staff make a suggestion, or go all out and try their BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwich.

Honestly, the only thing is not always pleasant about Market on South is the invisible entity that sometimes hangs out there in the evenings.

While the spirit has never attacked anyone, some guests have heard phantom footsteps, and staff sometimes find the artwork on the walls turned upside down.

6) Bay Bay’s Chicken & Waffles – West Palm Beach, FL

Bay Bay's is a soul-food staple in West Palm Beach, Florida... even the ghosts like to take a plate every now and then.

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Every once in a while, you just gotta have some chicken and waffles.

But Bay Bay’s goes beyond your traditional chicken and waffle fare.

Select from a variety of batter flavors, including lemon, red velvet and pumpkin.

To top it all off, they have killer macaroni and cheese.

Sometimes a diner will speak about feeling the sensation of being watched from above as they eat their meal.

When multiple people started saying this, word has it that a manager brought in a medium one day.

The medium said that the spirit of a child liked to crawl on the ceiling and watch people below.

5) The Cellar Restaurant – Daytona Beach, FL

The Cellar is worth checking out if you're in Daytona Beach, especially if you like scary stories in real life.

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If you are looking for a place to have a romantic date, then look no further than The Cellar.

Amongst standard beach fair, this Italian style restaurant holds itself in a class above.

Be sure not to wear flip flops here…it’s against their dress code!

The restaurant itself is in the former home of US President Harding, and he and his family are seen in many portraits inside.

So, schedule a date, and woo your partner with wine by candlelight at The Cellar.

And if you happen to hear someone whispering in your ear as you dine, pay it no mind.

Daytona residents say it is the spirit of a dead mother, asking if you have seen her children.

4) Clove Mediterranean Kitchen – Miami, FL

Miami's Clove is one of the most haunted restaurants in Florida.

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Despite the fact that Clove is a new restaurant, it is already being considered one of the best restaurants in Florida.

This modern style restaurant offers up authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Explore not only a delicious and health conscious menu, but a selection of natural sodas and signature teas.

Feel like letting loose? Clove also has beers on tap.

Recently a family has said that someone—or something—had been pulling on their son’s feet all throughout dinner.

No logical explanation was ever made, but the family looked incredibly frightened, and kept crossing themselves and their son over and over again.

3) Reuben’s Smokehouse – Fort Myers, FL

Reuben's Smokehouse is serving up delicious food in Fort Myers, but they're not responsible for the hauntings.

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Hankering for tried and true southern BBQ?

Look no further than Reuben’s Smokehouse.

The moment you walk through the doors, you are ambushed with delicious smells, from slightly charred brisket to their praise-worthy homemade jam.

Enjoy some tender meat and chocolate caramel bread pudding as you sign your name to the signature-ridden walls.

This BBQ joint is not at all assuming…just authentic and friendly.

Try to stop by whenever there is a full moon out…some folks say that they have seen a misty white apparition walking around outside the restaurant whenever there’s a full moon, and the sky is clear of clouds.

2) Yah Mon – Tampa, FL

Yah Mon has some delicious Jamaican food, but the ghosts are all from America.

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The exterior of this Jamaican style restaurant may not be anything to write home about, but the very classy interior is sure to impress, especially if you are on a date.

While the décor gives off a regal vibe, the wait staff is incredibly laid back and friendly, adding to the delightful quirkiness of the restaurant.

Both owners are known for walking around and speaking with everyone during their meal.

In need of a paranormal encounter to go with your food?

Pay close attention to every reflective surface at Yah Mon…it’s been said that the apparition of a woman will appear in some of them from time to time.

1)    Gary’s Oyster Shack – Panama City, FL

Gary's Oyster Shack in Panama City is a favorite among locals, mostly because the ghosts rarely appear to them.

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Gary’s Oyster Shack in Panama City is definitely one of the best restaurants in Florida.


Oysters, of course!

This rustic restaurant is everything sea-oriented, even down to the seafood themed paintings on the walls.

Not big on oysters?

Order the ever flavorful seafood gumbo instead.

Or perhaps order a side of grits as you enjoy their outdoor seating, and laid back atmosphere.

And if you hear the sound of a little boy crying, do not fret…

Rumor has it that a little boy once hung fell from the roof of the building before it was Gary’s.

Now, his ghost haunts the restaurant and can be heard crying on the roof a couple times a year.

Have you visited any of these restaurants? What did you experience? Tell us in the comments below.