These 10 Evil-Infested Lakes In Florida Are Absolutely Terrifying

Sick of battling the crowds along the beach shorelines?

There are plenty of lakes in Florida that offer a variety of recreational activities.

Are you or someone in your family interested in the paranormal?

Updated 2/10/2020 – We have compiled ten best Florida lakes that are notoriously haunted.

So, grab the sunblock, your bathing suits and your crucifix, and check out these supernatural hotspots.

They are sure to terrify – and thrill – you

10) Lake Okeechobee – Okeechobee, FL

This historic lake is the perfect place for a casual afternoon spent on a boat.

It also has some very scenic hiking trails that surround the perimeter for anybody wanting to get out and stretch their legs.

As you walk, keep an eye on the marsh lands surrounding the lake…

Lately people have spotted the apparition of a young man walking around in the water.

As he walks, he suddenly stands still and his head is sliced off his body.

A respected psychic visited the area and stated that the man was once involved in a horrific boating accident and his spirit remains at the lake to this day.

9) Lake Eola – Orlando, FL

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of downtown Orlando, then Lake Eola is right for you.

Located right in the center of the city, the lake and surrounding park are the perfect place to get away for some peace and quiet.

Take a stroll here at night so you can see the fountain lit up.

Just try your best to avoid the water around 3 AM.

Visitors have reported hearing disembodied singing emanating from the water.

For those who have heard it, the voice seemed to cause temporary blindness.

8) Lake Manatee – Bradenton, FL

Of all the lakes in Florida, Lake Manatee is known for its pristine condition.

Those who are interested in flowers will enjoy the wide variety of wild flowers around this lake.

Camping is also available for extended trips.

Some people have reported being touched by human hands while swimming around in the water.

The phantom hands are known for grabbing onto bathing suits, and attempting to drag unsuspecting swimmers deep into the depths of the lake.

7) Lake Louisa – Clermont, FL

Lake Louisa is an ideal place for those looking to spend an extended weekend on a lake.

Numerous cabins are available for rent and include pits for campfires to enjoy.

Occasionally, visitors report seeing a strange black mass hovering over the surface of the water in the early hours of the morning.

When this mass is approached, it has been known to run through people’s bodies and cause immediate seizures.

Upon waking nobody seems to remember what happened to them.

6) Lake Kissimmee – Lake Wales, FL

Lake Kissimmee is a great place to spend time with family.

Picnic tables are available for casual lunches, and there are three major trails around the lake for those family members who are health conscious.

Just be sure to keep a close eye on your children while here.

Rumor has it that the ghost of a little girl lurks around the water’s edge and tries to befriend visitors.

While she seems friendly enough to fellow children, she has been known to attack any adult who attempts to speak with her.

5) Lake Morton – Lakeland, FL

Morton is one of the lakes in Florida that is great for enjoying various wildlife, especially ducks and geese.

Since these birds are using to being hand fed, it’s not against the rules to bring bread and handfeed them.

While Lake Morton is great during the day, avoid the area after sundown.

Rumor has it that the ghost of an elderly woman has been spotted walking along the shore

Those who have seen her claim that she coughs up maggots as she walks.

4) Lake Ella – Tallahassee, FL

Feel like immersing yourself in nature?

Look no further than Lake Ella.

This lake is great for bird watching, or taking a casual stroll with your dog.

Avoid the shoreline after midnight…

Some locals report that they have seen a beautiful woman emerge from the lake and try to lure people into the water.

Many suspect she is a siren, as those who follow her seem hypnotized and unaware that they are about to drown.

3) Lake Baldwin – Winter Park, FL

Unlike most lakes within the state, Lake Baldwin is free from the development of playgrounds and various monuments, so one can get into touch with nature.

There are numerous trails around the lake for walking, cycling and jogging.

If you see a robed figure along the trail, be advised to turn and walk in the opposite direction.

This entity is said to emerge from the lake in the evenings and chase people who use the trail around sundown.

2) Lake Lily – Maitland, FL

Need a fun (and free) place to take the kids?

Scope out Lake Lily this upcoming weekend.

Not only are there scenic trails surrounding the lake, but there is a large playground for children as well.

Keep a sharp eye on the opposite side of the lake, however.

Some locals have reported seeing three yellow apparitions walking into the water in the later afternoon.

While the figures are not frightening in form, children have been known to say that they heard the ghosts’ voices in their heads and want to follow them into the water.

1) Lake Hollingsworth – Lakeland, FL

Lake Hollingsworth is considered one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in the area.

Many people flock to the area to enjoy the 2.8 mile trail around the water.

Avoid the lake after midnight…

Rumor has it that ghostly orbs have been seen hovering over the surface of the water.

Those who have dared to approach the orbs have stated that they suffered from chronic nightmares every night for a month afterward.

Have you visited any of these lakes?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.